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Big Brother 22- Tuesday Recap for 9/15/20

September 16, 2020 | 29 Comments
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Author: Mel

Good morning everyone! Yesterday was another long night in the BB house. Ian and Dani had an argument, Cody and Nicole arn’t happy with each other and Kevin and David are soooo close to putting things together. Don’t get too excited. Dani mostly drank a bit too much and Ian was only mad he’s otb. Cody and Nicole will make up and move past Ian leaving. It won’t matter what Kevin and David figure out because they’d have to win out for the rest of the season for it to matter. It’s already too late as far as the numbers.


Before I forget, I may not be able to recap over the weekend or if I do, it will be minimal because my daughter’s getting married on Saturday. They have a big wedding planned for May (originally supposed to be this month-covid) which they’re still going to do but have spontaneously decided they want to have a tiny wedding at the lake this weekend. After 13 years together, 2 kids, 4 businesses and 3 pets, they’ve decided ‘oh yeah, maybe we should get married too.’  They’ve actually been engaged for about 10 years. We used to joke that every time they ‘d start to plan the wedding, they’d have to postpone it, because they started a business or had a baby. I just want to give a shout out to my daughter Amanda and my new son-in-law Matt, who isn’t really so new.  Congratulations on….continuing to do what you already do, I suppose?

Watching BB on a Tuesday evening was a little different. Here are my unimportant takeaways from the show:

  • David crying on demand was impressive but I didn’t need all that time spent on his dumb move of trying to find out who saved him with a power. (I’ve been really annoyed by David the season but I’m not gonna lie, there is something entertaining and funny about him)
  • It’s always been weird that Core 4 isn’t  talked about on the show but for Dani to do a DR and claim she isn’t in an alliance with Enzo was too crazy. Dani and Nicole even laughed about it recently. Dani asked her if she ever got asked about Core 4 in the DR and Nicole told her no.
  • I saw alot of complaints about the veto comp but I liked it. It was something different and anyone could’ve been good at it. Since the tweezers were huge, it wasn’t really a comp for only small hands either. Besides, who wouldn’t think those tiny beers are adorable?  It’s like Barbie sized beer, I mean, if Barbie wasn’t for kids. (Boozer Barbie?  Blitzed Barbie?  Bombed Barbie?) Nevermind, a rabbit hole I shouldn’t be going down…
  • Although Days veto was cute, can’t we get this woman a full sized one? Don’t they know how long she’s waited for this win? (and some of us too!)
  • There was also some surprise from people over Ian’s dairy room at the end of the show. (when he was so mad)  I actually loved it because it was authentic. (something we don’t get much of anymore) For anyone wondering or surprised, Ian has a temper, this wasn’t new and he’s shown it before. (Who remembers when Brittney was evicted in BB14? The way he went after Frank while Frank was in a carrot costume was great! ) Ian can’t stand it when things don’t go his way and he’s admitted it himself.
  • Nicole had those sunglasses on at the veto meeting (and all morning) because she was hungover, not because of Ian. I’m not saying she doesn’t want him to stay or that she doesn’t really like him because I think she does like him. I just hope no one is falling for the ‘that’s my best friend’ crap. It wasn’t too many days ago, Nicole wanted Ian gone and at one point, wanted him out before jury. She’s also the person who wanted to yell at him to intentionally make him nervous and upset him before an hoh comp but Cody talked her out of it. One of Nicole’s strategies for the game is having to be adjusted plus she’s worried about recent events that might show up on an episode. Those are her two biggest issues this week. (I don’t blame her for wanting him to stay and she shouldn’t be giving him up without a fight)
  • I wish some of the episode time (it could’ve came from Nicole jumping in the pool and David’s detective work) could’ve been spent on the middle of the night meeting with the Committee or more of the talk Day had with Dani. (Day shut down every argument Dani tried to make and there were many of them) I’d at least have liked them to show how much and how many people Day was up against with this decision. Whether you think she should’ve used it or not, how can anyone deny she had almost an entire house coming at her and strategically planning how they were doing it? How many players (todays players especially) would’ve gotten scared and caved? I’d say, most of them.

I don’t know how long DaVonne will last. I do know a lot of us complain about players ‘doing what the house wants.’ We get sick of people making safe moves that benefit other people. It’s new school BB to have a majority alliance telling one person ‘you better not or you’ll be next.’  In older seasons, players would’ve been mad they lost, mad they were in a bad spot but not mad because someone was doing something to benefit their own game.  Now, they sit around acting offended that someone other than their alliance would dare to play the game. DaVonne is a new school player but she threw down some old school BB attitude when she used that veto. I don’t just applauded it, I give it a standing ovation.

Yesterday involved a lot of people trying to blindside the other group while possibly wanting to keep the same person without knowing it.  Other than voting drama and Dani possibly having to break a tie, it doesn’t really matter for David, Kevin and Day. Neither Tyler nor Ian is on their side.

Dani and Nicole planning once more to keep Ian if possible.


  • Christmas and Memphis debated if Nicole was trying to save Ian this week. Christmas said she is and Memphis said she’s only trying to save face with Ian (These two have become quite the duo, they’re quite the something anyway) They talked about forming something with Enzo but Memphis said not too early. He said they may need him as a pawn soon. Out of David, Kevin and Day, they’re both only worried about David. Memphis said Day owes him and Christmas said she owes her too. Wtf? (No idea what Day would owe Memphis for and does Christmas think Day owes her because she’s the one who stayed when Bay left?) Memphis is a little concerned Ian could get the votes to stay.
  •  Memphis told Enzo he wants to make two different F3’s with him, Enzo and then the two other people. He said they could offer the same F3 deal to both people and could even name both alliances the same thing. (So much for not doing it too early) Memphis said they should wait a couple weeks before doing it tho. He also told him Ian acted completely different when he campaigned to him. He said he thinks Ian has been overdoing it this whole time or playing it up. (He’s such a jackass)

David finally enjoying himself since he’s safe for a few days

  • Dani lightly floated the idea to Memphis of keeping Ian. (She’d told Nicole she would) Memphis said they needed Tyler for a shield (they do) but acted like he’d consider it and would ask Christmas her thoughts too.
  • Dani asked Tyler about his noms if he won hoh. (Day, Kevin, David) They went over things Day has said recently. They think she’s still trying to pit them against each other. (She is but so is Dani)
  • Christmas, Dani and Nicole met up for some Day bashing: ‘She’s too comfortable, she thinks she has everyone in the house, thinks Enzo likes her but he doesn’t, she’s  sitting in the best spot in the game, can’t believe she kicked my dog.’ (Ok, I made up the last one) Christmas told Dani that Days demeanor has changed since she won the veto and said “welcome to big brother….for the third time.” (Says the woman who spent her season on a scooter, heavily medicated) Dani told Nicole she’s mad because Day hasn’t even apologized to her. (for using the veto)

To avoid repeating so many conversations, I’ll just summarize the situation:  We all lied to Day about keeping Kevin safe. Day didn’t believe our lies. How dare Day not believe our lies? This means, Day must be untrustworthy.

Ken brought back his alter ego, Anita Veto. (I-Need-A-Veto)

  • There was lots of ‘he said, she said’ and ‘who told who’ they were voting for Ian or Tyler. It mostly doesn’t matter except Cody is mad that Kevin is telling people Cody will vote to keep Tyler. Day is convinced Cody won’t vote that way because she doesn’t think he’ll go against Nicole.
  • Cody and Enzo said they didn’t like the way Dani and Nicole were wanting to act like Ian leaving wasn’t a plan by all of them. They said they’ll take the fall for it. Cody said he still wants Day or Kevin out next.
  • Nicole tried with Cody and Enzo to see if they’d keep Ian. She said she’s afraid Tyler will go after her but knows Ian won’t go after them. Whey said they didn’t want to blow up the group, she went back to working out the vote count. (Steve’s already covered this. It’s soooooo completely stupid. She maybe could’ve saved Ian if she’d give this up and worked it another way. Crying because your plus 1 is leaving is NOT the same as explaining to Dani why putting Ian otb was stupid for Danis own game. Nicole went at it from ‘this hurts my game.’)

Cody figured he’d have one conversation with Day, ignore the rest of the time and they’d be all good.

For anyone doubting Nicole’s priorities or thinking this pity vote is sincere, look at what’s actually going on. She only wants to vote for or pretend she voted for him for his jury vote, not their friendship or his feelings. Even if Ian doesn’t find out in jury, (which is possible) he’ll find out after the show ends….you know, AFTER they’ve given someone the money.

Nicole doesn’t want Ian to know until after the season that she’s known all week he was leaving. If she casts a vote for him to stay on tv, it looks better too. She’s told Dani and Cody, she’ll be seen as “a monster” if she votes to evict him. (She won’t be and how often do people working together tell someone not to risk their game with a pity vote if it will hurt their own game? Very often. If they weren’t blindsiding him, this wouldn’t be necessary)

Ian was pissed when he got put otb. He’s told most everyone that he won’t award the money to people who helped get him out. Not only is threatening your jury vote petty game play, it also isn’t very smart. You know how to avoid a players ability to play that game? Evict him 8-0. Yeah, Dani could still be his target but everyone else could be off the hook. I like Ian but let’s face it, we arn’t losing amazing game skills this season if he goes. He’s refused to work with anyone other than Nicole and when he does talk game with other people, he’s usually telling them that he’s completly loyal to Nicole. When it comes down to Ian vs Tyler, I really don’t care. They’ve both tried to self evict already and both said they won’t stay in jury but at least Tyler won’t fall on a sword for Nicole. (I think Ian’s jury vote threat was only anger and don’t think he would actually do it)

More recap:

  • Nicole pitched to Memphis and said how much it would hurt her if it wasn’t a split vote. Memphis said something about being able to make it happen if she wanted to hang out with Ian that bad….in jury. (Crying won’t work on Memphis)
  • Day and Kevin see that Tyler isn’t campaigning so figure he knows he has the votes. They discuss (if the win hoh) putting up Dani and Cody with Nicole as a renom if needed.
  •  David keeps trying to fake work with Christmas and thinks he almost has her reeled in. Christmas has already told Dani, she knows what David is doing.

Dani and Nicole plotting

  • Alcohol delivery Feeds down
  •  Dani continued (as she has all day) to try and make Kevin the next target.
  •  Nicole cried over not wanting to send Ian out… front of Tyler……one of her alliance members. The only positive, since Nicole has never put any time into getting Tyler  to trust her, she probably didn’t lose anything.
  • Nicole got mad and called Cody to talk. She said it wasn’t fair he got to keep Enzo and she had to lose Ian. She said putting up Enzo didn’t even seem to be considered. (Cody told all this to Enzo later)
  • Ian said something about Dani not feeling bad or not wanting her to feel bad and said she took it wrong and got mad. He said when he apologized, it made Dani more angry. He said he thought it was mostly alcohol. Other people said things about Ian going off so I don’t know who said what or how much of an argument this caused. Ian did talk like there was one and said he was mad. He also said it would be blown over by morning.
  • Nicole cried to Christmas over Cody not showing her any empathy. She said she was used to Victor being considerate of her feeling and Cody wasn’t.
  • Christmas does well with Nicole in these moments.  She’s pretty practiced from dealing with Josh and all his emotions on BB19.
  • Day, David and Kevin agreed it took very little alcohol for things to start coming out. Kevin said BB needs more of it and more often.
  • Kevin and David talked about who to keep this week and who was working with who. They’re realizing there are overlapping alliances. Day asked David why keeping Tyler would be better for them. David said he’s a bigger shield and Ian is in a core alliance. Day didn’t agree and felt Ian is just a plus 1. Kevin thinks Ian is just now seeing he’s on the outside. David said Nicole being close to Ian hides that she’s close to Cody.
  • Dani camera talked and studied. She’s feeling pretty good about her game, thinks she’d have the votes to stay if she ends up otb. She’s mostly just worried about David.
  • Once Dani realized Cody was still up, she practically forced him to hang out with her. (She was pretty wired up last night and not sleepy) He kept coming up with reasons he needed to leave and she kept asking him to hang out with her. ( I really thought he might decide to evict Tyler just to escape) They agree to get out Christmas as soon as her power expires. She also told Cody, if Nicole didnt vote correctly, Nicole would be on her hit list. She also mentioned wanting to make Day a have not because Day said something about have nots that annoyed her. (Day is a have not right now)
  • David camera talked and named the Committee. He tried to place Ian somewhere and started to see Tyler and Cody must be working together. He also thinks maybe Dani and Nicole have a F2, plus Ian and Nicole with a F2 and knows Nicole protects Cody too.

Today should include pushing for whatever the hell these people may have decided they want to happen. I don’t even know what that is anymore. Hopefully, it will involve lots of campaigning and Ian realizing he’ll need more than a tie vote to stay. I could actually see anything happening this week. Even tho the Committee still had the numbers, they’re freaking out.  It’s because this is the 1st time in the game, they’ve had to make a tough decision.  Day and her veto caused it to happen so thanks DaVonne!

Have a great Wednesday.


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