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Big Brother 22- Tuesday Recap for 9/29/20

September 30, 2020 | 26 Comments
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Author: Mel

Good morning! First, I need to say welcome back NK!! We arn’t complete when you’re away! (I liked the story about your Sis thinking we’re all nuts) We have a great group who pitches in late at night but you are irreplaceable!

I’m going to admit that I’m more than a little irritated by Dr. Wills video and the hint at the upcoming week that production gave to the houseguests. They were shown a video of Dr. Will telling them to stay 3 steps ahead and something about needing to get more of them out of the house. It was meant to be a clue about the upcoming week but it may as well have been a road map. This caused them to think there would be a live eviction last night followed by a double on Thursday. I think Tyler was the first person to think the ‘3 steps’ could mean 3 people would go home this week. It was super annoying that they were given a hint at all. (Ya, I know they don’t have it figured out but they’re close enough) They’ve been expecting a double every week but not a triple and catching them off guard is part of the fun.  There’s also the issue of doing a double/triple so late in the season, which has never made any sense to me. I’m starting to worry that even with a 2 hour show, they’ll find a way to screw it up and do a BB Canada style triple eviction. Why do they hate us? (Even Memphis thought it was stupid to give them a heads up)

Kevin has the nicest eyes, even when he’s making frustrated expressions!

Ok, now for the positive…One upside to giving them a hint was seeing them scramble and pick up the game talk. They were thinking they only had a few hours before an eviction so everything picked up a little. Kevin started campaigning harder and David did some too. Nothing seems to have changed but at least the house was more active. They got themselves dressed for a surprise live show that never happened. Last night, I heard a few of them thinking it will happen tonight so we may watch them do this all again. Here’s the game talk from yesterday:

  • Kevin made his pitch to multiple people and most of it involved ‘David took money but I tried to win Veto, I can’t win anything, I won’t nom you if I do win hoh and what else can I offer you to keep me 1 more week.’ I’m not putting it this was to make fun of Kevin. He’s trying and after so many weeks otb, I’m surprised he’s got anything left. The pitch was just almost the same to everyone and it didn’t work.
  • Kevin actually did a good job with Nicole. She’s wanted him out for a while and she actually went to Cody to kick around the idea of keeping him after she talked to him.
  • Cody and Memphis complained to each other about everyone they’re working with wanting them to do all the work.
  • David campaigned to Dani. (She wants him to go) They talked about why she thought it would be a double and they discussed the Ian vote. David said he thought Tyler would want him out since he’d voted against him that week. (He’s lying) He said he’d like to “go over ideas” if he was still there after Thursday. (The way he talks either frustrating or funny, depending on my mood that day)
  • David let Tyler know what he said to Dani about thinking Tyler would come after him. Tyler told him it was good if she thought it was true. Tyler mentioned Day getting closer to Dani after he told her Dani was trying to get them to go after each other. He told David the info he’d given Day was true. David said her fact checking really hurt his own game. (Tyler’s been working on getting David back on his side and I think it’s working a little. The misunderstanding over Bay is when David stopped trusting Tyler. Talking out the stuff that happened may lead to a convo that would clear it up but David is so hard to communicate with, I’m not sure it will happen)
  • Dani and Tyler talked about the upcoming double or whatever it could be. She told Tyler something similar to what she said to Nicole earlier in the day. She talked about the alliance not talking about targets as much anymore. She said she felt out of the loop and was nervous. (She should be, if people arn’t talking targets with you, you are the target) They joked about their F2 which Tyler said he had with her “by default.” (This entire convo was fake on both sides but there’s something about the two of them, when they talk that’s fun to watch) It’s been that way all season for me. I don’t know if it’s because they’ve been after each other or because they both have a sense of humor. I don’t know what it is but part of me wishes they’d worked together and part of me likes them in there, going after each other.
  • Nicole worried about the double or whatever was about to happen. She was with Cody and Enzo going over scenarios. Nicole said she was trying to find the best way to get through the next week.  Cody (who is often a smart ass to Nicole) told her to win hoh. (Cody is actually hateful to Nicole at times and really condescending) I agree with his point, I just hate his delivery.
  • Nicole was also feeling guilty for being one of the people who told Christmas that Dani wanted her out. Cody told her not to feel bad and basically, to keep her head in the game.

Enzo continues changing targets depending on who is talking with him. He’s told Cody he’s fully on board with Nicole but he can’t be, can he? You can decide for yourself what Enzo really wants because I’m not sure anymore:

  • The plan with Tyler is to target Dani and Nicole. He wants to work with Cody, Christmas and David.
  • The plan with Cody is to target Dani, David and Memphis but sometimes involves keeping Memphis and taking out Christmas. As of last night, Cody and Enzo may keep Memphis and get Nicole to target Tyler instead.
  • Sometimes, Enzo says Nicole and Dani both have to go.

Dani is paranoid but she has no idea just how much trouble she’s in tomorrow.

  • Enzo told Tyler he knows Dani, Nicole and Cody are close and said they “need to clip one of them.” Tyler suggested they needed to clip both of them. Enzo went on to say Nicole needed to win hoh because she hasn’t done anything. (?? I think a lot of it is just Enzo parroting again) He also said Memphis thought he was running the house. (I genuinely think this one annoys Enzo)
  • Dani told Nicole she couldn’t get anything out of anyone anymore. Nicole just said “mmhhmmm” a lot.
  • Enzo told Cody he want to see if Dani or Nicole “get cute” with the next vote. (He may be getting ready to frame one of them)
  • Enzo and Cody had a convo about starting to trust Memphis more than Tyler. (I mentioned it above) Cody is the one who said it and Ezo agreed but did he really? They know Tyler and Christmas are close and they’d have her if Tyler was evicted. (Nope, Memphis would) Cody talked about the timing for when to tell Nicole things to get her to switch her target if she wins the next hoh. (They’re convinced they can manipulate her into taking out who they want) They agreed Nicole never gets her way each week but keeps trying to persuade them.
  • Kevin (talking to himself) said it was hard listening to everyone talk about how fun the season has been. He said it’s been a terrible experience for him. He wondered if he should have done it again since he had a really good experience the last time. He said this time on the block feels different than the other times and he knows hes probably leaving.
  • Memphis, Cody and Enzo had a Wiseguys meeting.  They talked about how they had Christmas with them for sure. Memphis said he’d be pissed if David made it to the final 3. They talked about putting pressure on whoever won the next hoh to try and make them take out David.
  •  Enzo and Kevin talked late into the night in the have not room. They talked about growing up, their families and past jobs. Enzo told stories about boxing on his lunch break when he was younger and going back to work bloody and cut up.  Kevin joked and said “you’re so butch, you would go fight on your lunch break and I’d go get a pedicure on mine.” (I know some people feel like Enzo isn’t doing enough but this is where he puts in his most work.  It’s these kinds of conversations and the time he takes having them)

Tonight’s the veto comp and possibly more preparation for a live show that won’t come on the feeds. (That could be interesting) I respect Kevin for continuing to try even though he has to be miserable. He’s also tried to have a good attitude since Cody put him otb and tried to enjoy what may be his last days in the house.

As for who is in the most danger heading into tomorrow, it may have changed a little but not much. The way I see it, Dani is still in the most danger of leaving.  Before last night’s conversations, I felt Memphis and Christmas would be right behind her on the target list. I’d put Tyler and Nicole below those two but if Cody and Enzo keep taking like they’d rather have Tyler leave over Memphis, that could change. Tyler may be in more trouble than I’d originally thought. If Memphis wins one of the hoh’s. David jumps up alot too.

Here’s something else to factor into it.  The way production decides to do the triple could definitely change who’s more likely to go home in my opinion. For example, If this plays out with 2 seperate hoh’s, I think David is much safer.  People may be more likely to put their top 2 targets otb together. If it’s 1 hoh, who nominates 3 people at once, I think it’s much more likely David is evicted.

Have a great Wednesday!

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