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Big Brother 22 – Veto Competition Spoilers

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Good evening, everyone!


I’m going to be straight up, this veto really isn’t important. So, I don’t really imagine people rushing to the site to see the results because it’s unlikely going to have any impact on the longterm aspect of the game.

Great way to start a post, I know. As a blogger, I should be doing all sorts of clickbait and hype to get people to read this, but why lie? I’m not going to trick people into coming here just for some cheap clicks. Barring some miracle HoH win or some random argument which gets people to hate each other, the next three weeks are already mapped out. The only chance for a switch-up is if someone decides that David is too valuable to lose so they start sniping at each other sooner rather than later.


David valuable? What?  Yes. He is valuable to one of the people in The Committee if they actually want a chance at winning this game.  The list of people I’d want sitting next to me in the final 2 at this moment are:

  • David
  • Memphis
  • Nicole

Pretty small list and one is about to get picked off if Memphis has his way – which is probably the reason he is aiming in that direction.  There are others who are tossups like Christmas and Dani, but Cody, Tyler, Da’Vonne, Kevin, or Enzo are winning this game if they make it to the final 2.  If I were to rank them, it would go:

  1. Enzo
  2. Cody
  3. Da’Vonne
  4. Kevin
  5. Tyler
  6. Dani
  7. Christmas

I’d put Da’Vonne at the top, but Enzo and Cody are the ‘boys’ of each other and Tyler. That’s basically 2 guaranteed votes unless the two are sitting next to each other. Then Da’Vonne and Kevin are locks for Enzo. Dani and Nicole are locks for Cody. Memphis would vote for either Cody or Enzo. That is 4 nearly guaranteed votes for either Enzo or Cody (again, unless they’re sitting next to each other).

The point is, It’s pretty stupid to get David out now but considering Memphis is also on the shit list of the house, it’s probably why that’s his target. Gotta eliminate your competition.


Enough rambling, the winner of the veto is: Tyler

I mentioned it briefly yesterday, but the day was a blur. RBG hit me pretty hard I’m not going to lie. So I want to once again thank Jessica for her generous donation!  Without me pushing the live feeds this year (because they suck), I lost a stream of revenue so these donations help. But know this, they in no way impact my blogging. I love doing this and will do it with or without donations. I am not begging for any and would still blog just as much if I were to receive nothing the rest of the season.

  • 4:30 pm – Feeds back
    • Tyler won.  Memphis tells Kevin and Da’Vonne that the plan to backdoor David is still on. But it depends on if Tyler goes along with it
    • He leaves, Da’Vonne says ‘bullshit’
    • Memphis pulls Tyler aside in the room and says Dani wasn’t throwing it like she was supposed to. Obviously Tyler didn’t throw it
    • Memphis says ‘if I don’t get rid of David, I should have just put him on the block’.  Tyler points out that David is on an island right now (see my point about keeping him above)
    • Tyler says to ask Cody, and Memphis says Cody will want to keep David.
    • They don’t want to talk to Christmas because they know she’s going to push for Da’Vonne out
    • Who knows, maybe this veto competition will fracture the alliance a bit so the next two evictions aren’t so predictable.
  • Meanwhile, Christmas and Cody are whispering in another room. I suffer listening to Christmas so you don’t need to
    • Xmas is telling Cody about how she told Nicole something Kevin said about ‘too juicy of an opportunity’ to which she told Ian and that set him off
    • She tested Nicole to see if she told Ian and Nicole didn’t even blink
    • Dani comes in and Cody mentions how bad she wanted the veto. Dani gets worked up and leaves
    • He doesn’t understand what he said
    • Memphis comes in and Cody says Dani is pissed. Memphis agrees.  The conversation moves to who they’re going to vote out
    • Cody wants to sit together and Memphis says that ship may have sailed. Sounds like fractures in the alliance


  • 5:00 pm – The conversation moves upstairs
    • Memphis tells the two that he wanted to backdoor David but that plan is probably out the window now
    • Tyler enters
    • Memphis is wondering why Dani or Nicole didn’t really try to throw it
    • Up in the room, Memphis wants David gone. Cody wants Kevin gone. Christmas wants Da’Vonne gone
  • Everyone but Xmas leaves
    • She tells Memphis she thinks there is a girls alliance thing with Day, Dani, and Nicole
  • She leaves, Da’Vonne comes in
    • Memphis says that he really wants her to stay and really wants David to go
    • And down in the bedroom, Memphis makes his rounds to Dani. Dani says she didn’t think he (Memphis) would be that slow
    • Dani mentions Christmas sulking over zingbot, so perhaps this was the zingbot competition and that will likely be the neighbor

  • 6:00 pm – Cody and Nicole are in the bedroom talking about figure out a way to keep Nicole
    • Dani told Cody that Memphis’ order to go as Nicole then Tyler then probably Cody
    • Cody tells Nicole about the final 3 with Enzo and Memphis
    • Nicole says they have to get rid of Da’Vonne this week because she doesn’t want to be in the house with her when she eventually finds out about the votegate (her stealing David’s vote)
  • 8:30 pm – Not much going on in the house. There has been basically a confirmation that it’ll be Da’Vonne leaving this week
  • 9:00 pm – Christmas is sucking up to Memphis in the HoH room. She is always on and always gaming
    • They are preparing for the double eviction
  • 10:30 pm – House has been playing hide-n-seek.
    • In the bedroom, Dani is talking to Nicole. She is going to try and convince Tyler to use the veto so they can get David out and then work on getting out Tyler next
    • Dani wants to vote out Kevin if the noms remain the same
    • Cody comes in to say goodnight and she asks for him to come in and hang out.
  • I lied, I didn’t go to bed yet
    • Nicole is talking to Memphis. She tells him how she heard the list to go is Nicole and Tyler. Scroll above, Dani had that information. Dani is becoming a HUGE target now
    • Alright, bed for real now

Alright, this house is boring me to sleep. I’m off to bed. ZzzzZzzz


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