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Big Brother 22 – Veto Meeting Results Plus Live Feed Updates

September 1, 2020 | 79 Comments
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Author: Steve Beans

Good afternoon, everyone!

This week had so much potential. It really did. You have Enzo as the HoH claiming he wants to make a big move. Someone yelling over the wall that Cody and Nicole are working together. Dani getting exposed by telling too many people too many things. Cody letting Enzo know that he had an alliance without him. Yet what’s going to happen is Enzo is going to likely nominate Christmas as the replacement nom because she volunteered to go up as a pawn to get Kaysar out.  Yes, Kaysar. The guy who is completely alone in this game.

I know you’re reading that and noticed that I casually slipped in the Cody/Enzo thing, but yes that happened.  See, over the last 24h or so, Tyler has been acting a bit weird and it has been concerning Cody and Enzo. They got together and Cody suggested to Enzo that he tell Enzo about The Committee to see if that makes Tyler feel better. Yes, you read that right. I think. Cody, concerned about Tyler’s loyalty, took it upon himself to tell Enzo about the alliance that he has with Tyler and asked Enzo if he thinks staging a confession with the three of them is a good idea.

To re-word it in human terms, Cody confessed about The Committee to Enzo and wants to tell Tyler he did so the three of them can form a tight three alliance.

In related news, Enzo and Cody feel a bit done with Da’Vonne, especially considering she has a ‘treaty’ (Enzo’s appropriate term) with Nicole not to nominate each other. This is true. Nicole has this with Da’Vonne. Tyler has it with Bayleigh. They’re all apparently so scarred from what happened on their seasons that they’re scared to make big moves against each other. It’s ridiculous and Enzo is a bit sick of it all. He wants Da’Vonne out because he also wants Nicole out and knows Bayleigh may be the person to knock out Nicole. But, Bay wouldn’t do it if Day is still in the house. Re-reading all this has ME confused and I’m the one listening to the feeds all day.

Long story short, the house is really close to exploding and had the potential to do it today but Enzo didn’t want it happening on his watch so he’s going to play it safe and just stay with the path to get Kaysar out.


  • 1:00 pm – Feeds have been down for the veto meeting. They should be up soon.
  • 1:30 pm – Feeds back. Christmas is up as expected
    • Christmas and Enzo are in a side room chatting. Those two are definitely getting close (in an alliance way)
    • Tyler and Da’Vonne meet up. He apologizes for being distant. He says the David thing made it feel like things were weird with her as well.
    • After chatting a bit, they talk game and Da’Vonne says Dani is next
  • 2:00 pm – Da’Vonne pulls David into the heart room
    • Day says she fact-checked something he told her with Janelle and Jan said he was lying
    • Day tells him that Cody let her know that David reported Da’Vonne was concerned about the all-guy alliance
  • Enzo, Tyler, and Cody meet up in the HoH room
    • Enzo says there is no more Slick Six. It’s them three vs the house.
    • The three talk about getting out Nicole and Ian because they don’t want a champ to win.
    • Enzo says he’s going to ask Kaysar to blow up Dani’s game on the way out. If he really does that (asks him), that’s shit. If Kaysar does it, that’s shittier.  You are sending the guy out but want him to do your dirty work on the way? I’d laugh at him if I were Kaysar and then tell Dani everything Enzo said. But that’s just me.
    • Tyler leaves and Cody reminds Enzo they have the ‘core four’ with Nicole so they have to be careful around Tyler. Ugh, these people
  • 3:45 pm – House mostly relaxing right now. Near dinner time
  • 5:30 pm – Catching up
    • Enzo and Da’Vonne had a conversation. He’s still pissed about the slick six and Dani. If only he had the chance to do something about her this week
    • Da’Vonne has a chat with Kaysar and asks for any dirt on her since he’s leaving this week but he doesn’t have any. I have a feeling many are going to try that approach because Enzo told his alliance that Kaysar said he was going to expose everyone before he left. Only problem is Enzo was lying
  • 9:30 pm – Pretty slow night so I decided to take advantage of my CBS All Access and watch the Twilight Zone. Not bad, but only 1 episode in
    • Anyway, Dani and Nicole talked about how poor Enzo doesn’t know about the committee. Oh, but he does now
    • Cody and Enzo talked a bit about Tyler. They’re getting frustrated with him now.
  • 10:30 pm – Ian is talking to Kevin
    • He says next week’s target should be David.
    • Ian thought he was part of a core but realizing he isn’t
    • Ian says in this season, there is a core and a healthy opposition. Like 19 it was Paul and his crew and the core was Jessica and Cody. This season it was Janelle and Kaysar
    • So the plan is to get the legs to fight but keep the core safe
    • Ian says the core is Cody and NicoleF
    • Ian says Enzo probably thinks he’s part of the core but there is no core
    • Ian then says this whole Nicole/Cody thing is probably what Derrick was working on in the pre-gaming. Feeds cut to someone else
  • David asks Ian when the last time he ran a red light was and Ian says a few months ago. He stopped made sure nobody was around and then went. This is crazy to me. People do that? I seriously don’t remember the last time I ran a red light. If I ever did. And I have a really good memory. Not Ian good, but good. I think I’ve only done it once in my life and that was because the light was clearly just never changing. Even then, it was decades ago. I’ve definitely run red lights by accident like everyone else, but purposely almost never – if ever. By accident, I mean trying to catch a yellow light and it turns red before you can beat it.
  • 12:00 am – Bay had a talk with Cody about Dani.
    • She knows of the plan that Dani wants to put Bay and Day up. Cody plays dumb.
    • Bay says Da’Vonne is messed up because she trusted Dani so it’s kind of hit her hard
    • Bay lets Cody know how they almost backdoored Dani and talked about it last night (almost is a very loose term)

That’s it for me. Recap in the AM!

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