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Big Brother 22 – Wednesday Ramblings

October 14, 2020 | 43 Comments
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Author: Steve Beans

Good afternoon, everyone!

One more day until Groundhog Day repeats itself when another HoH goes up and we have another slow week ahead. I know I should be building hype, but they need to give me something to work with here. As much as I liked the triple eviction, having 6 people to go with 3 weeks is a mistake. There are just not enough people in the house to fill 3 weeks’ worth of entertainment. This has a serious ‘final 3’ house vibe going where they do nothing all day, yet we usually only have to suffer that for the final week.

So, rather than talk about the nothing that has happened this week, I’ll talk about tonight’s episode, the veto comics. Every year I never know what to think about this episode because I love the artwork of these comics but the themes are generally terrible.  Take a look at Dani’s:

Big Brother: All-Stars Comic

Seriously?  The Regulator? The best they can come up with is her Big Brother 13 alliance?  I’m seriously at a loss of words when it comes to this comic.  You ever see something so ridiculous that you wonder if you’re dumb?  For most of these comics, I look at them like “shit, what am I missing here?”. The feeling you get when you’re around a bunch of smart people who crack a joke that isn’t even remotely funny but everyone laughs.  Like they reference something out of Cosmos and compare it to the fall of the Roman Empire or some shit. Wait, what?  Hold on, let me go take some history courses while I moonlight with some Carl Sagan books before I get the joke.

Then you have Keesha’s which is absurdly basic.  She celebrated her birthday in the Big Brother house so that’s all they had to go on:

What about “Chew & Screw” – “Taking $40k for a week of work and then giving up so you enjoy your summer”

They also wasted a prime opportunity to make Kaysar a puppet sitting on Janelle’s lap, but instead made him a crime-fighting king.

I know they typically don’t take too many shots at players during these comics so I expected another round of disappointment but wow these are bad.  But, as I said, the artwork is good!  I’ll never knock the job those guys do as whoever they have on call for comic style artwork is usually on point.

Moving on…

Tonight is typically campaign night in the Big Brother house, and Memphis is already starting to grow a little suspicious at just how comfortable Christmas has been acting this week.  I mean it is Christmas and she should be driving her car into people but here she is just chillin’ and playing backgammon all week. Memphis approached Cody about it and Cody told him that he is basically just leading Christmas on, but I’d think Memphis would be smarter than that.  Maybe he’s just checked out of this season and refuses to see what’s in front of him. As said in American Beauty “Never underestimate the power of denial”.  Does it really fit here? I don’t know but it sounds cool.

I’ll probably update this thread later on tonight if and when they start talking game. Until then, have a good day!

  • 2:45 pm – Memphis was speaking with Christmas about Nicole’s chances.
    • He says she has a better shot than people think and I agree. If she were up there in the final 2 against a newbie, the newbie would probably win. However, since Nicole played against all returning players who know the game, know everything about her, etc and she still made it to the final 2, that’s impressive.
    • I agree with him. If Nicole wins just 1-2 more comps before now and the finale and she’s in the final 2, I think she beats anyone in the house.
    • Yes, she had to play dirty to get there, but that happens when you’re playing against experienced people. Also, by not winning anything early on (whether by design or not), she can say she threw all the comps to be less of a threat (again, whether true or not).
    • I have a strong feeling we may actually see a repeat of Cody taking someone to the final 2 only to lose to them
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