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Big Brother 22- Wednesday Recap for 10/21/20

October 22, 2020 | 37 Comments
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Author: Mel

Good morning BB family!  You know when you’re a kid, right after Thanksgiving and you’re waiting for Christmas? That’s what this week has felt like, except we’ve been waiting for Christmas to leave, rather than arrive.  Finally, it’s Thursday!  I agree with something Steve said yesterday about having BB the season. I’ve complained and I’ve been bored but in the end, I’m happy we had it. I’ll always take bad BB over no BB.

I’ve also questioned whether or not this has been the most boring season I’ve ever watched. Today, I would say yes but 6 months from now, who knows? Seasons 16 and 19 were incredibly boring too. As good as season 20 was, the last third of that season was really slow and boring.  This isn’t the worst season I’ve watched but everyone defines best and worst differently. (Seasons 19 and 21 remain the worst for me) I’ve seen so many comments this season of people saying ‘I want all new players next time.’  It’s made me wonder how many of us making those comments have begged for an All Star season in the past.  It usually happens when we’ve watched a bunch of newbies who have no idea what they’re doing. For people who aren’t BB fans, theyll never understand the frustration. They couldn’t imagine that our disappointment is part of the BB experience. We always want what we don’t have.

Christmas proving she’s a comp beast?

I think everyone left in the house has played a good game, in their own way. They arn’t the types of games I enjoy watching but they played well. That’s not to say ‘if they’ve made it to the end, they obviously did something right’ because I don’t really buy into that way of thinking.  I know that argument always gets made and I don’t agree. Victoria made it to the final 3 in BB16 so it’s absolutely possible to make it to the final 3 having done nothing. It doesn’t apply this season anyway since they’ve all played pretty well. I don’t know if I’ve always thought this way. I can be depended on to keep the same all time favorite players and am consistent about hating twists but other than that, my opinions definitely change over time. (I WAS fine with Janelle being saved by a twist this year if it had happened but was honest about it)

Cody had a cooking show last night.

I’ll warn you in advance, yesterday was so dull, even my screenshots are mostly from the episode and not the feeds.

Hell must’ve frozen over because Nicole chose Janelle for her team.

I think I’m less frustrated when I remember that different kinds of seasons are different kinds of BB games. An all newbie season isn’t the same as an All Star season. I’ve said before, past players know each other and that should always be factored into it. It needs to be viewed as a different kind of BB game entirely. Aside from someone yelling over a wall saying that Cody and Nicole are running the house, people knew they played together.  Knowing that players come into the house with prior bonds is part of an All Star game.  Enzo has made comments about pre game alliances in the past and now Christmas seems to suddenly be hung up on it. Too bad and too late, because they should’ve done something about it a long time ago.

There really isn’t much to recap from yesterday.  Nicole and Christmas packed, Christmas campaigned to Cody again and they sat around talking about past seasons. Enzo told stories from his first season and that was pretty entertaining. They talked about other TV shows they watched and whatever they could think of to keep themselves busy. Honestly. as far as game talk, Christmas campaigning again was mostly it.  I’m just going to use this mornings recap to look at the campaigning that happened this week.

Christmas still thinking the entire game is about the comp wins

Unless there’s some shocking surprise this afternoon, we’ll see Christmas walk out the door this evening.  (I think it would take Nicole getting caught talking to the cams and saying she hates Cody and wants to evict him at the F3 for something to change) After campaigning to Cody yesterday, Christmas spoke to the cameras and sort of contradicted herself. She was saying Cody was getting rid of her because she was a better player than Nicole, while simultaneously realizing she’d been played. I like people to realize their mistakes in the game and it sounds like Christmas has finally realized she did someone else’s dirty work during her hoh week. Christmas isn’t the better player because Nicole was the main person who got Christmas to target Bay and Day. Christmas had a great relationship with Bay in the game and it was completely stupid for her to go after her. (No Christmas, you didn’t play a better game than Nicole and that’s example #1 to show it)

Nicole won 10k

I like that Christmas kept fighting to stay this week but her campaigning was all over the place. One day she was telling Cody she was a stronger player than Nicole and by yesterday, she was telling Cody he couldn’t beat Nicole. Don’t get me wrong, it was never going to matter and Cody was never going to keep her. I’m just looking at what the best strategy would’ve been in a hypothetical way. Assuming she actually had a chance to stay, I think she needed to do both things but somehow put a spin on it. She did need to point out to Cody the votes Nicole could potentially have in jury to get in his head. This should’ve began before this week tho and she shouldn’t have spent part of the week making Nicole sound weak.  As far as Christmas saying she was such a great competitor, she would’ve needed more self awareneas than most people have to pull this off and use it to help her.  Cody already thinks she gives herself too much credit so she should’ve ran with it.  If she was saying things to Cody like ‘we’re the 2 comp beasts so we should go to the end together,’ she might have gotten further with him.  He would’ve known the jury would never see it that way but if he thought Christmas really did, it would make it more believable that she would truly go to the end with him.  It’s ironic that Christmas recently said to the cameras she would stick to a F2 deal with Cody. I’d never fault Cody for not believing it because who would do that?

Was Christmas really this upset that a cartoon would be mad at her and feel betrayed because she didn’t choose it for her team?

Oh wait, as far as who would do that? Well, it’s looking like Enzo and Nicole would. Like I said above, none of this really matters as far as Christmas staying.  The campaigning this week and throughout the season could make a slight difference in what Cody does at the F3.  I know we’re all still debating on who Cody really wants to be at the end with and the truth is, none of us really know. It’s possible that it’s purely situational. Maybe Cody is going to take Enzo no matter what or maybe Cody wants to be with Enzo as long as Enzo is the one taking him. Maybe Cody only wants to be in the final 2 with Nicole.  Maybe he’s planning on taking the person that wins part 2 if he wins part 1 and use that as his excuse. Maybe he goes back and forth over who he wants to take and doesn’t really have a F2 in mind. Who the hell knows?

For the most part, Cody trusts them both because he set himself up well. He has it lined up so both of them will take him. The most camera talking we got from Cody this week indicated, he had some small doubt with Nicole, as far as trusting her.  It isn’t much doubt and what little there is was caused by Nicole. Cody can’t understand why someone would willingly go to the end was someone they’re certain they can’t beat. Cody may have lost to Derrick but he thought he had a chance to win when he took him. Nicole has been over the top saying she’s fine losing to Cody. She’s thinks that’s coming off as loyal but it actually comes off like someone who could be lying.  It’s the biggest flaw I’ve seen with Nicole’s campaigning.  I believe she really will take him to F2 so I can understand why she can’t step outside of it to realize how it sounds.

I actually really liked this comp.

This is one thing Enzo has done better than Nicole this season.  From the very beginning, Enzo has talked more openly with Cody (too much in my opinion at times) and said ‘it’s the 2 of them to the end, let the jury decide, we’ve both got a chance’ and so on. Comments like this tell Cody that Enzo actually thinks he can beat Cody. Therefore, it eliminates concerns over Enzo wanting to cut him.  I know there’s a fine line between promoting yourself so you sound sincere and promoting yourself to the point that you actually convince the other person they shouldn’t take you.  That fine line and knowing how to handle it is one of the reasons I love this game. I like to see who can maneuver and who can’t.

Let’s face it, Enzo is a social player, not a strategic one.  I don’t even mean that as an insult because in this game you have strategic thinkers, social players and other people who focus on comps to get them through the game.  There isn’t one way to play this game and each kind can have their own pitfalls. I don’t know how long I’ve been saying Enzo was in the best position to get to the final 3, but not in the best position to win the game.  If Enzo had a bit more strategic thinking skills, he’d probably be the favorite to win. He didn’t need to win comps and it was good when he let other players take out people for him.  However, he didn’t always know the best timing for certain players to go.  Should he have voted out Nicole during the triple?  Probably. Would Cody have forgiven him? Maybe.  I think he should have risked it and voted Nicole out but Cody also had a F2 with Memphis to fall back on if he wanted and was really pissed over it.  No one can compete with Cody in comp wins so it has to be the moves they make. It’s also why taking out Cody wins someone the game.

I don’t even have a caption for this one. Caption contest anyone?

I recently talked about the small mistakes the remaining players made. If Enzo had never told Cody about the 2nd wise guy alliance with Christmas, I think there’s a good chance Memphis would’ve stayed over her last week, regardless of what Nicole wanted.  Cody was still probably the favorite to win the hamster wheel veto comp but who would’ve been the hoh? Let’s say it was Memphis, instead of Enzo.  Cody would be voting out either Nicole or Enzo tonight. Let’s say Enzo had still won the hoh, Cody would be voting out Nicole or Memphis tonight.  Basically, unless Cody lost the veto, it probably wouldn’t change very much for Enzo, unless he left at the F4.  Either Enzo would be getting evicted tonight or Memphis probably would be.  In that case, we’d have to go further back to see where Enzo went wrong. (Don’t worry, I’m not going to do that now)

Two days ago, Enzo was debating with himself over needing to cut Cody to win. It sounded as if he’d realized he did but also knew he’d have trouble winning the final hoh to have the option. By yesterday, he’d gone back to thinking he has a chance to beat Cody because he has a strong social game.  I think Enzo is in a situation where he needs to convince himself he can still win with Cody because the option to take him out is probably gone anyway. I’m not saying he wants to even if he has the choice.

This is the F2 Enzo should choose for his best chance to win and he’d still probably lose Tylers vote.

Sorry for the lack of a real recap today. Catch ya tonight and have a great Thursday!

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