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Big Brother 22- Wednesday Recap for 9/16/20

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Good morning BB Junkies! I’m sorry this one is so late today. It’s been the best week of gaming so far and EVERYTHING is riding on tonights hoh. (I probably say that every week) Plently of people made game mistakes this week (Nicole, Dani) but which people have to pay for those mistakes will depend alot on the winner tonight. Day, David or Kevin will need it just for survival.


NK covered alot of the convos after the feeds came back on last night at the top of the comment section on the last thread. I’ll still go over the highlights but check her comments for more details in the conversations. Before recapping, I’ll give you my thoughts on Tyler and Ian.

Tyler- He’s otb but most of the house wants to keep him. Many think its nuts and it may be for most of them but Cody gets a pass on this. With Tyler gone, who is the biggest physical guy left? He needs Tyler there for a shield. I’d say the same about Memphis except he may be ok as long as he’s still milking his back injury. For the rest, sure it’s good to have the numbers but Tyler’s the best gamer left in the house, if his heads in the game. (in my opinion) Without having his head in the game, he’s still dangerous. If he’s otb, take him out. He may have gone otb but he’s in better shape than he was a week ago. It’s too bad he had that mess with Day and Bay last week because in order to take a shot at the Love Triangle, (Dani, Nicole and Cody) he’s going to need numbers he doesn’t have. Day doesn’t trust him and David doesn’t either at the moment. He’ll have to depend on the guys wanting him to stick around to give him time to work on relationships again….if he’s finally decided to play the game.


Ian- Anything can happen but I’d imagine he’s leaving tonight. I like Ian but let’s be honest, he’s played a terrible game. The only time he’s almost known what was going on was because of a wall yeller and Kaysar….both he chose to ignore.  I never gave him good odds to win this game and there were 2 reasons for it. One, his pregame strategy was to do what he did last time.  He wanted to lay low and then turn it up the 2nd half by winning comps. The problem, Ian hadn’t really followed BB in recent seasons. He may not have realized how physical the comps have gotten during the 2nd half of the game in recent years.  This made his plan a bad one. Two, Ian is an extremely intelligent guy but he wasn’t an incredible player in BB14.  I’m sure some disagree because he got out Mike Boogie.  He spent a large part of that season kind of like this one, which was getting played by other people and not knowing what was really going on. Like Britney said, (who was a juror in BB14 and who loves Ian) “the BB14 jury would’ve voted for a ketchup bottle to win over Dan because they were so mad at him.”


  • Most mornings start with a Christmas and Memphis conversation.  They talked about the night before (when feeds were down) and Ian got mad at Dani. Memphis slept thru it. (Who’s surprised?) Christmas said Ian got aggressive with Dani. (We didn’t see it but keep it in perspective. Christmas calls everything aggressive so I’m guessing at most, it could mean Ian may have yelled at Dani, if that)  She mentioned how stressed and upset Nicole was over Ian and having to lie to him.  Memphis said the easy solution was for Nicole to tell him the truth. (Memphis is done with Nicole after this week)  They also talked about their new plan with Enzo, (yesterdays recap went over it) as long as Enzo doesn’t end up otb next week.
  • Dani is mad at Kevin for giving her “attitude” sometime in the morning. She shares this with several people, including Tyler. Dani told Tyler about Ian telling her (the night before) he won’t give her his jury vote if he leaves this week. Tyler mentioned Ian saying to him that he needed to work on his sportsmanship. (True, he did say this to Tyler)

Recently, when David was singing, Day told him he sounded like a Temptation. Nicole asked “what’s a Temptation?” Some things simply can’t be forgiven and for me, this is one of those things.

  • Christmas and Nicole repeat that Kevin needs to go and has an attitude. (They’d rather Kevin go first but Cody may want Day out first)
  • Ian continued to campaign and still beleived Dani would break a tie in his favor. He worked on Enzo and Christmas alot. He thinks he has Cody (he doesn’t) and knows he doesn’t have Memphis because Memphis told him.
  • When Ian spoke to Kevin, Kevin asked if Ian was in alliance. He said now was when he should rally his people. Ian said he didn’t have anyone. Kevin told Ian the people he thinks he’s close to are the ones playing him.  He  told Ian that Dani got duped into putting Ian otb. (Remember, Day really believes she talked Dani into using Ian as a pawn this week. She didn’t  but that’s where this is coming from)
  • Ian repeated most of the convo to Nicole. He said Kevin told him either Dani was duped or she’s in on it. Nicole said it made her soooo mad that Kevin would suggest Nicole and Cody were setting him up. (the ‘people he was close to’ part, Nicole assumed Kevin meant Nicole and Cody) She told Cody all this later.

Day has Kevin counting things for a possible upcoming comp.

  • Once the plan to dictate how everyone would vote wasn’t working out for Nicole, she, Cody and Dani moved on to something else.  They want enough people to tell Ian they’re voting him out so he’ll know he’s leaving and let Nicole offer him a pity vote. They said Ian would probably let her off the hook.
  • Cody and Dani think Day is a problem and feeding Kevin info. Cody thinks Day and Kevin should go otb over David and Kevin. Dani was offended Day didn’t trust them enough to even ask them what’s going on and instead, is coming up with theories of her own . (These people are delusional)
  • Ian started to think David and Kevin somehow flipped the votes against him because he was hearing David was campaigning against him.
  • Nicole FINALLY put a bit of time in with Tyler, saying she’d wanted them to work together since Ian will leave. (maybe she shouldn’t have cried in front Tyler over his staying this week) They both lied to each other about working together and Tyler told her about his plan to set up David. He’d already told Dani he would say things about and to David regarding David being his #1 and do it when people could overhear it.
  • Nicole began the new plan which was going around asking people to tell Ian the truth. When she asked Enzo and Christmas to tell him, she made sure to let them know, this was about a friendship, not a jury vote. (Uh huh, sure. It’s soooooo much better to lie to a friend all week and have him blindsided on tv than it is to prepare him for what’s going to happen)
  • Christmas told Nicole about Dani coming to her after Kevin and David were first put otb. Christmas said she was confused when Dani said either she or Memphis may have to be a pawn if either of the noms won the veto. (David hadn’t used the power yet and veto hadn’t been played when this happened) She didn’t get why Enzo or Day wouldn’t be used, instead of someone in the alliance. (One of Danis dumb moves this week)

David has let Kevin’s fashion choices rub off on him.

  • Tyler and Christmas had a laugh over Day, Kevin and David running around trying to flip votes to keep Tyler that were already flipped.
  • Ian told Nicole he didn’t want to be first in jury and he wasn’t doing press if he went out. He said Dani did the same thing this week that she did in BB13, which was tank all their games. (meaning the people she was working with)
  • Nicole asked Day if they could get the votes for Ian and mentioned Christmas. Day let Nicole know that Christmas had been campaigning for Tyler to stay so she didn’t think they could get her.
  • Nicole spoke to Ian about the votes.  She asked him what he wanted her to do if he couldn’t get the votes to stay.  He got irritated and said something like ‘great, I don’t even have your vote.’ She assured him he did and said she was only asking if it was a situation where he knew he wouldn’t be staying.  She wanted to know how he would want her to vote and was letting him know it would really hurt her game if she went against everyone. He said he still wanted her vote, Dani had already tanked all 3 of their games and said, by voting for him, at least it would show she was loyal. (So much for the new plan)
  •  Nicole (still upset) told Dani what Ian had said.  Nicole was sure if the votes didn’t come out the right way, even if Ian was leaving, he would blow up their games. First, Dani said there was no way Nicole could risk throwing a pity vote. She said the vote could end up being too close and it would totally screw her. She ended up saying they’d get the votes unanimous so Nicole could do it and Ian would leave 7-1.
  • By this point, Dani was over it and said Ian was being childish and a poor sport.  She said if she had to break a tie, she would vote Ian out. She said she was ready for him to go anyway after all the stuff he was trying to pull.
  • Ian talked to Dani in the hoh room.  He’d realized he was in trouble and told Dani he thought David and Kevin were spearheading all of it to get him out and he said that made it worse. He said he’d rather leave by knowing his alliance was playing him than to be gotten out by a couple of inferior players.  He told her about some of his campaigning conversations, said they didn’t go well and that he’s 90% sure his game is over. (There were so many awkwud silences in this conversation that even I was uncomfortable)
  • Dani told Ian, (but in a much nicer tone than earlier when she was with Nicole) regardless of what happened, he needed to stop treating Nicole badly. She reminded him how hard Nicole was working trying to keep him in the house and said he shouldn’t be doing and saying things to hurt her game. Ian kept saying “I know, I know.”
  •  Tyler talked to David about the vote. He was getting pissed because David was being so evasive. David brought up what Tyler had done to Bay and said it made him unsure if he could trust Tyler. He said Tyler had acted like he was going to help Bay, but plotted to get her out instead. David also said Tyler knew David was trying to keep Bay and said Day found that out. Tyler said he never told Day that and David told him someone did. (It was David! Haha) Tyler also told him he was not the reason they went otb last week. (True, it was because of Nicole and Dani) David ended up saying he needed more time to think about it before confirming his vote.

What actually happend: David told Day last week, he was campaigning for Bay but told her he was only testing Tyler to see if Tyler told Day about it. (It was stupid at the time)  David may have forgotten he told Day (have no idea?) but he genuinely believes Tyler set up Bay last week. Bay told David before she left that Tyler admitted to her he ruined her game. Bay wasn’t even trying to set Tyler up when she said this to David because she left the house believing it. I think Bay really thought that’s what Tyler was apologizing for when they talked the last day. It wasn’t.

  •  Christmas decided to try her hand at controlling the votes too. (didn’t want to be left out of the challenge) She told Memphis, maybe they should try to make the vote a tie so they could force Dani to make the deciding vote.
  • Ian worked on Cody and Enzo some more. Cody kept trying to make Ian think he had his vote without actually saying the words. Enzo said a lot of words with lots of “yo’s” but never actually committed to keep him. Ian said he couldn’t believe he was going to go from winning the game to being the first one in jury.
  • During Ians pitch to David, he offered him a final 3 and also a final 2. David ended up telling him he would vote to keep him. (He’s been pushing to keep Tyler. No idea if David bought this or not, if David’s lying, no clue)
  •  Enzo reminded Tyler that Nicole, Cody and Dani came into the house with an alliance. (Just a little refresher before the next hoh comp. He wants to make sure Tyler still wants to go after Nicole and Dani. Haha)
  • Day and Dani talked and pretended they trusted each other. Day asked Dani if she was planning on using her power and Dani said no because half the house was already upset with her. (I don’t remember Dani telling Day about her power) After Dani asked about targets, Day said she’d probably go after Tyler, Christmas or Memphis and would explain to Kevin he’d have to be a pawn. Day said kevin owed her anyway. (There’s no way Dani believed this)
  •  David told Enzo he thought people were deciding to keep Ian. Enzo did his usual ‘I don’t care either way, yo’ but said he was surprised since Ian had won the game already.

The feeds were out this evening for the halfway party. They got the cake they usually get, the one that has everyones faces on it.  We knew they got it this year because Day walked by the table and realized someone had stuck a knife in Cody’s cake face. Day told this to Kevin and said she wondered who could have done it. (I obviously have no way of knowing but my money is on Kevin. He’s just that kind of petty)


Have a great eviction Thursday!


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