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Big Brother 22- Wednesday Recap for 9/2/20

September 3, 2020 | 18 Comments
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Author: Mel

Good morning all! Sorry, I know this is super late today. I sprained my ankle yesterday and it’s been a crazy morning.  It’s also another eviction day and getting here felt like trying to move in quick sand.  (I’m only guessing, never tried it)  I can’t imagine how long this week has felt for Kaysar. He’s an old school player who couldn’t adapt but I don’t love him any less.  I’m not as bothered this week as I was last week and it isn’t because I like Janelle more. It’s because I started preparing for him to leave the moment she walked out the door, He just isn’t the kind of player who was going to survive very long.  It’s been great having him in our BB lives again but farewell, old friend. You’ll be missed.

It’s also the end of Enzos hoh reign and I know many are fed up with him after this week. I’m actually not, even though I wish Kaysar was staying.  No, I don’t approve of some of the things Enzo says but as far as his game goes, I think he’s killing it. He’s right where he should be, it just doesn’t happen to line up with what I want. We’d have liked him to ‘make a big move’ or ‘take a big shot’ but that’s for us, not for Enzo. Take a shot at who? More importantly, why?

Enzo doesn’t want to make a big move against the power alliance because…..he IS the power alliance….he’s damn near at the top of it. He’s won 3 comps, which he didn’t do his last time around and still, NO ONE is targeting him. Let me repeat, NO ONE. Cody has side people, Tyler has side people but Enzo is in the middle of all of it.

What’s a successful hoh anyway? Take out someone who isn’t working for you, get as much of the house to agree as possible, leave the hoh with the least amount of people targeting you, especially early in the game. Check, check and check. Sure, Enzo lies to people and tells them what they want to hear all the time. Unlike Dani, it isn’t getting him into trouble and why wouldn’t he lie? He’s playing the game. You expect him to tell people the truth? I can’t get mad when a player like Enzo avoids making a move that could hurt his own game. It makes more sense to get mad at my faves for not playing better. My picks for the season are being evicted faster than I can type but who’s to blame? The people I’ve been rooting for are to blame.

Tyler doing CPR to mozarella

It’s a given Kaysar is going tonight and most of the game talk continued to center around the next couple weeks. Dani’s aware something is off, Tyler’s still trying to shove Cody to the passenger seat and Bayleigh could be screwing up Ians game and her own.

Here’s the recap from yesterday:

  • Tyler was frustrated when he found out Bay didn’t do a good job during her talk with Dani the day before. Dani asked Bay if Memphis was still her target and Bay said maybe not since his back was out. Dani asked who she’d target and Bay didn’t have an answer. (This is BB 101, you always have a name ready, especially to someone who your actually targeting)
  • Dani spread to Nicole, Cody and Tyler her concern over Day and Bay some more. She’s convinced they want to get a group together with Kevin, David and Christmas to make a voting block. She’s also really pissed Bay ate too much of the vegan food.  Dani thinks she did it on purpose since they were getting off have nots last night.
  • This must’ve happened off the feeds but it seems Cody told Nicole everyone is going to target Dani. He said she’s been caught lying too much and so far Nicole hasn’t told Dani. Cody told Enzo he filled Nicole in and said she’s ok with it. Cody also told him he thinks Day and Bay are going to out the Slick 6.
  • Dani and Christmas had an entire convo trying to figure out if Bay was vegan, vegetarian or neither. Christmas said it was weird and she thought Bay was a vegetarian but sees her eating meat. After acting as if Bay did something horrendous, Christmas said maybe it’s just that Bay doesn’t eat dairy and remembered her saying that one time. (I mean, who gives a shit? Christmas isn’t the food police and it’s really none of her business) For the record, Bay avoids dairy and tries to eat vegan but doesn’t always. There, one of lifes greatest mysteries solved!
  • Dani is still insinuating Bay stole Janelles clothes. This turned into an entire thing about Christmas feeling like she had to guard her bag when she packs or something. (This is really a bad look for both of them and I’m sick of hearing it. It’s probably why I sound so pissy when I’m writing about them lately) Again, for the record and the people in the back, Janelle gave them to Bay! Janelle also responded yesterday on Twitter before more fans started calling Bay a thief. She’s referring to Dani about ‘bought the dress.’
  • I missed this on feeds so either Bay ended up telling Christmas the info she was holding onto or Dani is making it up. (This goes back to Bay supposedly telling Christmas she had info she’d tell her if she won hoh) Apparently, Bay told Christmas that 2 people from one particular bedroom are playing both sides. Nicole thinks it’s about Nicole and Cody. Dani thinks it’s about Dani and Cody.

I love this pic of Dani. She looks really pretty and alot less like an asshole

  • Kaysar spent his day trying to help Day and Bay. He’s told them the group (Cody, Nicole, Dani) are trying to get Tyler to take out Day for them and Ian to take out Bay. (He’s not wrong) He unfortunately, told them Ian told him this information. (It isn’t that bad because Ian already spilled too much to Bay the day before anyway)
  • Dani and Nicole both want the other one to win the hoh. They want Bay and Day otb but neither wants to do it.
  • Tyler, Cody an Enzo named a F3 alliance, Triple Thr3at. (Tyler named it but he seems the least into it)
  • Tyler gave Day a heads up about Dani being nervous and saying she wanted to have a Slick 6 meeting to try and hold the group together a little longer. Tyler said he thought as long as she and Bay both said Memphis would still be their target, everything would go smoothly. He talked about never vibing with Dani. (When  Tyler talks about not wanting to sit around gossiping and trashing people and saying that ‘isnt his game,’ I think he’s talking about Dani. You can tell he just doesn’t like her or Nicole very much) The funny thing is, Dani was probably the most anti Tyler person preseason. She was pretty vocal about it during Tylers season and talked about it the 1st day on the feeds. By the 2nd or 3rd day, Tyler her completely won her over. Now Dani argues with Cody Nicole and reassures them on how much they can trust Tyler. (Is she getting Foutte’d?) He told Day they may need to keep Dani an additional week to make sure they had the numbers for the next vote. (I wasn’t expecting to hear that)
  • Ian told Kaysar that he’s the smartest person he’s ever played the game with and Kaysar said Ian was giving him too much credit. Ian repeated it and Kaysar said “you played with Dan.” Ian said Dan was socially very smart but wasn’t book smart. (He wasn’t calling Dan a dummy by any means and clarified that, he was just saying he wasn’t at the level of intelligence as Kaysar or Ian. Most people arn’t)  Kaysar told Ian,  Bay and Day could be trusted and would target the same people. Ian said Nicole kept telling him they were coming after him. Kaysar said Nicole did the same think to Ian about Janelle and Nicole was only looking out for herself. Ian said he knows that now but has to keep her thinking he’s with her. (Please let this be true) Kaysar said he should put Cody and Dani otb. He said it would mess up the alliance since Nicole would have to choose between them. He also thinks Cody would go home. (Love Kaysar,  but he shouldn’t have told Ian who Bay and Day would go after. Also, Dani would go home, not Cody)
  •  I’m going to lump several things Nicole talked about together. That way, it won’t be like I’m picking on her all throughout the recap. (I’m honestly trying to stop because I need to prepare myself for her to be in the game a long time. Hell, I may end up having to root for her. Please, no!) She was mostly talking to Ian and Kevin. Yesterday we learned, Nicole wants to buy an Amish farm with 7 bdrms but no electricity if she wins. (Yes, they’d put in the electric and I saw the pics of it, nice place) She wants to wait and have kids after she’s 40, (hope they have a plan for that) create an animal sanctuary and just take care of the kids and the animals.

Is it just me or is anyone else seeing a bit of Carol Baskin here?

  • Nicole also said she slept with her mom until she was 16. She said sometimes she can get feisty and Kevin said he’d look forward to seeing it. She said when she put Janelle on have nots, that was her being feisty. Kevin said that was NOT feisty. She insisted it was and he told her it was feisty like ketchup.

Ok, I’ll be nice and I do think she looks feisty in this one.

  • Dani told Nicole she needed to spend a little time with Tyler because he doesn’t fully trust her. (Nicole never talks to Tyler) Nicole said “I’ll put his ass on the block.” Dani told her to calm down and said just talk to him a little more. Nicole said she didn’t want to and he should trust her until she gives him a reason not to. Dani said the only reason he isn’t sure about her is because she never talks to him. (This went round and round way longer than should’ve been necessary. Nicole acts offended if people don’t just automatically trust her) Nicole also told Dani (but in a different convo) she doesn’t talk to everyone because it’s too many people to try and maintain a relationship with so it’s easier to just not talk to them starting out. (Dani does a better job of going to people she’s worried about and trying to reassure them. She isn’t very good at it but at least she does it)
  • Nicole went looking for Tyler, woke him up and asked him if he trusted her. (Subtle much?) He told her yes and they talked for a bit.  She didn’t put in any more time than she felt she had to and he seemed relieved when she left.
  • Bay talked to Kaysar about targets and is still wondering if Dani and Nicole would come after her. Kaysar said they would. (Bay is repeating her game from BB20. She refuses to believe information she doesn’t like)  He said a good option might be to put up Tyler and Dani with Cody as a back door option. He mostly told Day the same stuff. (Kaysar’s never realized Bay was working with Tyler)
  • Kaysar told practically everything he knew to Christmas so yeah, that happened. (Why can’t we have nice things, ever?)
  • Kaysar made dinner for everyone and they really liked it. He said he wanted to make them some Iraqi foos before he left. Dani, who never seems happy with anything, loved it. Later, she joked they should keep him in the house for his soup. (She was only kidding)  Tyler helped with dinner too and was really annoyed most of the vegan food was gone. (He’d downplayed it earlier when Dani complained about Bay eating a lot of it. He told her “they’d survive”)

While dinner was being made, taking out Bays braids became a house project. They got pretty into it. Bay answered all their questions about how long it took to put them in, etc. Nicole was fascinated by all of it (sincerely) and said everyone should unbraid at least one. They did and it was my favorite part of the feeds yesterday.

Loved this one, it’s all the women who are targeting her

Enzo and David’s turn, Enzo said it was like an endurance comp

Nicole was very curious and surprised Bay had to cut them first.

My favorite image, it looks like those scissors represent Nicole’s excitement over stabbing Bay in the back

  •  Kevin got paranoid when he noticed so many people were up in the HOH room. He told David they were all up there making a pact. (Slick 6 was having a meeting)
  • Day is worried Dani is on to them because she said (to Kevin) Dani came to her to talk. Day said Dani told her she could feel some tension between them. Kevin told Day he had an agreement with Nicole not to put each other otb. Day told him Nicole would definitely stick his ass on the block. Kevin asked if Day really thought Nicole would lie about that and Day said YES!
  •  Slick 6 had a meeting and everyone is basically faking for everyone else.  They all fake agreed Memphis should still be the next target since that was the groups original plan. They also agreed whoever won the hoh would pick who the pawn would be because that might be a different choice depending on who won it. No one thinks they should put Memphis as a have not because of his back but said putting him on the block is fair game.
  • Bay told Cody what Kaysar had said about Dani and Nicole wanting to use people to take out Day and Bay.  She also thought it was a good idea to tell him it came from Ian. Yeah, that happened too! Cody even looked like he couldn’t believe Bay was spilling all this info.
  • Tyler and Enzo said they’re ready to cut some of their own because their games are too sloppy. They want Dani out and want to split up Nicole and Ian right after. Tyler pushed a little for Nicole to go before Ian. Enzo was on board but that will probably change when he talks to Cody again. Enzo said he knows Cosy is upset because they want to take out Codys side people but said they had to go. He jokingly (but not really) said he wanted all Tyler and Codys side people out, then they’d have no choice except to stick with him. (An advantage for Tyler is, they don’t really know who Tylers side people are yet)
  • Enzo is worried about bringing up Nicole to Cody because he’s pretty sure they came in with a preseason alliance.
  • Bay told everything about Ian being told to go after Day and Bay to Christmas too.
  • Nicole questioned Ian about needing help to get water boiling. He kind of curtly said “I know how to make pasta. Thank you.” (Now, this was feisty)
  • Dani started to talk more about Day and Bay late at night in the have not room. She was annoyed Day was still up. Tyler told her to hate the game, not the player. He’s told her multiple ways and times that this game isn’t personal for him. I think he’s trying to tell her it shouldn’t be for her either so please, stop already. She isn’t taking the hint.
  • Memphis and Cody checked in and said Ian shouldn’t stay much longer. This was early in the day, I just forgot about it.

Until we start this all over again tonight, have a great Thursday!

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