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Big Brother 22- Wednesday Recap for 9/23/20

September 24, 2020 | 16 Comments
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Author: Mel

Good morning all! I didn’t figure there would be a recap today after such a long feeds outage. This isn’t much of one but hey, it’ll be a new place to comment until Steve posts later today.

The feeds came back on pretty late last night and all we really saw were some pizza boxes and the hgs playing charades.  At first, I thought they had filmed something for tonight (although that wouldn’t give them much time to edit) and had a pizza party after.  I’m not sure they were filming anything because I heard Nicole saying the reason she thought there would be a double eviction was because the show wouldn’t have any “content.”  Maybe they did film, but what she’s referring to, usually has to do with the Sunday episode. (soon to be Monday) Who knows?

Based on several comments from the hgs, it was obvious they were told by production to play charades.  The moment they were allowed to stop, Memphis headed to bed. I don’t know if I’ve mentioned this in the past but one of the issues Christmas has with Day is over a game of charades. (from a long time ago) Way back in the beginning of the season, Day didn’t give Christmas a point she thought she deserved and she was pretty mad about it. She was still talking about it less than a week ago.

Rather than recapping what happened,  I’ll mostly be making a few guesses and throwing out some questions for us to think about instead. It’s all I have to go on today:

  • Nicole acted out being a opossum for charades. The answer was Poseidon but she said she didn’t know what it was or how to pronounce it. It worked tho because Day guessed it.

I had a flashback to Kaysars eviction speech when he asked them if they wanted to play BB or have a reunion and play charades.

  • Cody and Enzo said they thought they were ok heading into Thursday and Enzo told Cody, he thought Tyler would nominate Dani and Nicole.
  • Cody and Tyler tried to share a twin bed. I don’t know if there was a reason or if they were just hanging out. Enzo said Tyler had gone from Tangela to Mangela.
  • Dani and Nicole talked about Christmas wanting to get rid of Cody. (Dani told Cody that Christmas had said she wouldn’t want to be in a F2 with him) Nicole was worried she’d be a target. Dani assured her, she and Cody would go up, not Nicole and Cody. (She’s right) Nicole said something about being fine if she had to “take the fall.” Dani sounded worried, said she didn’t want them otb together and said she didn’t know what to do. (Did Day find out about Nicole but still doesn’t know Dani was in on it?)
  • Christmas was talking to Cody and asked him if Tyler was ok “after that stunt last night…” (feeds cut)
  • Tyler said something about Christmas  cleaning alot yesterday and said “it was one angry ass day and the whole house is clean.” (no clue??)
  • Christmas spoke into the camera in that way, where you think you’re being entertaining, but you arn’t.
  • When she left the room, Cody asked what the hell was wrong with her. (maybe that’s why the feeds were down, someone was explaining what was wrong with Christmas and it took a really, really long time)
  • Day advised Kevin again to put up Cody and Tyler if he won hoh. She said he can’t have one of them win the veto and save the other. (I don’t agree with this as the best choice for noms but Day doesn’t have the full picture so I don’t blame her) Kevin likes Tyler so he’d be reluctant to put him up. (that’s just my opinion) She also told him that Nicole’s conscience is tearing her apart. (Did she come clean?) Kevin said everything going on has nothing to do with him so he’s just trying to stay out of it. Day mentioned not owing Nicole anything. (No clue??)
  • Day warned Dani about needing to get out Tyler. Dani said Tyler would have to win a bunch of comps to get to the end because she doesn’t think anyone would take him. Day said Tyler COULD win a bunch of comps to get there.
  • Nicole was worried about Kevin coming after her. She told Dani that Kevin has hated her and Cody since the wall yeller. Dani told her Kevin would go after two guys, not them. They also talked about Kevin freaking out and maybe targeting Dani if he thought she was close to Memphis. (This may have to do with her power and using on Memphis. I don’t know but I think she should use it. She can do it anonymously (because of Kevin) but she’d need to tell Memphis. It could get her back on his good side and he’s the kind of player who would like to play hoh back to back)
  • Dani seems to be getting more worried about Christmas. (she should be)
  • I think I’ve covered this before but sometimes David just randomly takes off running at full speed out of rooms. He does this at times, when no one is talking to him and sometimes, its mid-conversation. He did it last night and Dani said there was no way David was 30. (This was right before he took off. It makes me laugh because it’s so random. It has a real ‘village idiot’ vibe to it. I’m not insulting David’s intelligence, it just looks that way)
  • Day did what I’m going to guess was her last ‘Days diary’ session to the fans. Here is some of what she said:



“I tried. I tried hard. I hope you guys arn’t disappointed in me…..I’m disappointed I couldn’t pull out the win….it would’ve been amazing. Everything has a start and a finish, I hope you arn’t looking at me like a failure…David is still here and I pray he can make it…..I’m afraid I failed Bayleigh a little….want you guys to know I tried….this season was kind of heavy. Thank you for supporting me. If I know ya’ll like I think I do, ya’ll stayed up late and saw what went on with me and my foolishness….I love you guys and I’ll be in touch soon… annoy you guys on Twitter….thank you for supporting me.”

Day saying she hoped David would do well, was another reason I thought maybe Nicole told her. (maybe she just decided to call a truce with him tho) What Day said came from the heart, so whether you agree with her or not, she’s a very sincere person. She also played hard too, maybe not the correct moves but she played the game. She knows she’s going to jury and so do we, even with almost 24 hours of no feeds. DaVonne isn’t a great player but regardless, she’s been one of my favorite players.

I’ll leave you with this last one for today. Its isn’t remotely related to the season but I couldn’t remember if I’d mentioned this before. James from BB17 is running for Mayor:

Have a great Thursday and see ya back here to do this all over again!

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