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Big Brother 22- Wednesday Recap for 9/30/20

October 1, 2020 | 58 Comments
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Author: Mel

Good morning, it’s Triple Eviction Day, whatever that means.  During last nights episode wrap up, they did not announce it would be a live eviction so it’s possible, some or all of it, could be pretaped.  If that’s the plan, I wouldn’t expect any live feeds today.  We also don’t have any indication of what kind of triple will happen tonight.  We’re either going to see Kevin leave and then have 2 cycles of a double eviction or we’ll see Kevin leave, followed by an hoh who puts up 3 people and sends 2 to jury. We’ll know soon enough but either way, this will be the last day we see Kevin in the BB house.

Kevin’s funny and a really nice guy, he’s just not played a good game.  Part of that was his fault and part of it had to do with one alliance controlling the game every week. When you never have power, you never get any information. He’s whined and drug around a blanket for 2 months but I hope that doesn’t sour people on him forever. Kevin has been very open on the feeds about his family not accepting him for being gay, growing up hungry because of not having enough food and many other things. He’s a good person, who’s had a lot of challenges in his life, so I hope the BB community shows him some love when this is all over.

Here are my thoughts on last nights episode and the recap of the day but first…

This is a Tweet from Davids account:

 My own take on the OTEV episode:

Last night, production set up a story line for the viewers that involved Enzo dying to use the veto (Bahahaha) and trying to make it appear as if Christmas was on the verge of going on the block. Sure, there was a chance Christmas could’ve been a replacement nom but she wasn’t going to be backdoored.

  • Im soooo tired of scripted DR’s like Enzo’s last night. (I know they’re here to stay tho) He’s funny on his own so they should just let him say his own stuff. He was NEVER going to use the veto and it was obvious he threw the comp.
  • Speaking of throwing, Nicole could make it up the ramp except the last trip, when she needed Cody to beat her?? Really?? She threw it too.
  • Production is keeping up with the villian edit for Dani by allowing Nicole to blame Ian and DaVonne’s votes solely on Dani in her DR’s. (No, Nicole didn’t “go along” with Dani’s plan, it was Nicole’s plan from the beginning)
  • I wonder if tv only viewers found it strange that the show was set up for Christmas to be the backdoor plan, yet she was furious at David for taking the money. Shouldn’t that have been a good thing if you were Christmas? (She really was the most pissed on the feeds over it.  I am so sick of hearing her ‘disrespecting the game’ bullshit, when she spent the entirety of BB19 high as a kite)
  • BB fun fact: The veto has only been used 2 times this season and both were used on Kevin. He used it on himself and DaVonne used it on him.
  • Whatever Will was paid was way too much for the level of his involvement this week. (It’s just an observation, not a complaint, it’s not my money) He stood on a balcony in a robe and then production seemed to forget what they advertised last Thursday. (It reminds me of the season they had the BB Takeover. ‘Get ready for a Takeoverrrr!!’ Remember, they said some sort of celebrity would “take over” the game every week. After a couple of weeks, it just quietly went away)
  • Anyone else think Tyler got paid extra to be the voice of the salamander?
  • Tyler and his pet cow:

Speaking of farm animals, this is the pet pig (not a blow up) from BB2. She fell in the pool once and Will jumped to save her. Who remembers her name?

We didn’t get any Dr. Will on the episode but here’s a couple recent Tweets from him. This one was what he thought of David going for the money:

This one is a bit more personal, I guess??

Ok, moving on to the feeds from Wednesday:

  • Memphis and Christmas are confident they have Enzo with them. They’re also sure there won’t be a triple eviction. Memphis said it would be stupid because production would want to drag out the drama that’s about to happen over an entire week. He said they wouldn’t want to cram it all in one night. (Well, you’d think that, wouldn’t ya?) He also said “what I don’t get is, why say anything to us at all?”  (No shit!)
  • Kevin, while talking to the cameras, said he could vote for Nicole to win if she was in the F2 with Cody. He still thinks Cody is running the house (he is) but he thinks Nicole’s played a sneaky and good game, all while not winning any comps. He said he would vote for her over Cody if she won a couple of comps by the end. This didn’t make much sense if he’s impressed with her game….without her winning any comps. (Kevin doesn’t like Cody and he may be looking for a way to avoid giving the better player the win. It’s like an excuse to be bitter. I’m not saying Nicole  hasn’t played a good game tho)
  • Memphis and Christmas keep piling the blow up toys at the door of the bedroom so they fall on whoever comes in the room. (At least they arn’t jumping out of trash cans)
  • Most of the hgs decided to wear their veto t-shirts yesterday. It was supposed to be the entire house.
  • Kevin tried campaigning to Nicole and Dani. Dani told him he didn’t have to campaign to her. She said he already had her vote to stay.
  • Nicole and Dani decided to hang out together for a while and after talking about wedding plans, it seemed like they were struggling for things to talk about. (These two have really grown apart, maybe the only thing they ever had in common was targeting Janelle) One funny moment happened when Nicole played around with a tension rope saying she was exercising.
  • It flew off her feet and hit her in the head:
  • David and Kevin talked about the upcoming eviction and Kevin said it could be a triple except he couldn’t figure out how they could do it. David said “maybe if it was a 2 hour special….(ding, ding, ding)
  • Dani told Enzo she was ready for this week to be over. Enzo (worried she would want to talk game) said he was going to take a shower and didn’t want to talk game anymore this season. (Haha)
  • Nicole asked Cody if she should keep hanging out with Dani or not. He said he didn’t care and said it didn’t matter at this point. (I’m assuming she was asking his advice and not permission but who knows based on the past few weeks?)
  • Christmas and Enzo talked about targets. (What else? These two are always on repeat) Christmas thinks Dani, Nicole and then David. (Naturally, Enzo agreed because that’s what he does) Memphis joined them and they talked about who was a bigger threat between Dani and Nicole. (It’s Nicole) Christmas thinks Nicole can turn it on and win some comps.
  • Cody and Tyler counted the votes if Dani was otb. Tyler said he didn’t want to put Nicole up with Dani because he didn’t want her after him. (Not true, but since Enzo’s already told Cody that Tyler would put them both up, it was good for him to say this)  Tyler lied and said he he’d rather put David up with Dani but was afraid Nicole could win the veto and take Dani down. Cody pretended as if it would be a hard decision over who to evict if David and Nicole were otb together.

This was Enzo doing a bit about how he’d react if someone tried to put him otb. He said he’d start saying they couldn’t because his kids birthday is in November, it would be Halloween soon and all kinds of other stuff. (It was pretty funny)

Tyler got in on it and said he could say “my kid has a soccer game today!”

  •  Nicole talked to Christmas and pretended she felt guilty for ratting out Dani. She said she didn’t have a choice because she didn’t want anyone going after Christmas, said she was more loyal to Christmas and said Dani betrayed her first. (She didn’t) She also said Dani is only loyal to herself and she won’t trust her again. Christmas asked if “Dani ever explained why she shunned you before Day left.” Nicole said no. (I guess this has to do with Nicole being busted for the vote with Ian but Dani wasn’t. It was when we didn’t have feeds for almost 24 hours. It sounds like Dani hung out with Day and either acted like she was upset with Nicole, or it’s one of Nicole’s made up things. Either is possible)
  • Christmas told Nicole she didn’t think Dani really wanted to take a shot at her and thought she wanted someone else to do it for her. (Duh) Nicole said Dani was trying to get Cody to go after Chriatmas this week (true) and said Dani is also trying to get people to go after Nicole. (not true) Nicole said Dani was scared of Christmas. Christmas asked what Dani thought she’d do, especially with them in the house. Nicole had to clarify that she meant as a competitor, in the game. (Christmas took it literally)  Nicole went through her usual chatter about how Dani was going to hate her after the show and all the stuff she usually says when she’s trying to stab someone in the back but blame it on them. (This duo could get interesting since it’s the 2 women who are determined to be the only woman left with all the guys that are teaming up.  Well, not really because Christmas doesn’t beleive Nicole)
  •  Cody and Memphis agreed they’re both in good positions if they are heading into a double. They said everyone but them was panicking and it was because they’d done the things necessary to put themselves in a good position. (True but mostly for Cody) They both said they think Nicole is throwing comps, including OTEV. Memphis said he still can’t beleive production would’ve tipped them off if a double is coming. (The amount of times I’ve agreed with Memphis this week is becoming unsettling)
  • Dani and Nicole both seem to think they’re heading into a double and then a fast forward week, with possibly a mid week eviction. Nicole was emotional and Dani kept asking her what was wrong. Nicole said she was fine and only nervous over what was going to happen this week. (I think she’s also worried that she knows Christmas is coming after Dani)
  • Nicole cried and Dani said she needed a hug.
  • Nicole is certain there won’t be a battle back anymore. Dani said she’s loyal to the Core 4 (Dani, Nicole, Cody, Enzo) but not the Committee. (Nicole dried her tears knowing she’s only loyal to Cody)
  • Dani and Cody talked late. She asked who he would keep between Christmas and Tyler. He said probably Tyler but said Tyler is making him a little nervous. Dani said she knows Tyler lies to her but said, “at least he talks game me.” She said she trusts him a little more than she does Christmas. Dani also said she thinks Christmas is Tylers real F2 and if they get her out, Cody will have Tyler closer to him. (She really thinks she’s subtle and this shit works)  She also thinks it’s why they have to go up together, so one can’t save the other with a veto. She tells him she’s been talking to Nicole about making a big move but she doesn’t think Nicole will do it.

That’s it for me today. I’m anxious for tonight and ready to get rid of more of these people! One last thing, the pigs name was Ophelia.

Have a great Thursday!

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