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Big Brother 22-Wednesday Recap

August 6, 2020 | 51 Comments
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Author: Mel

Hi all and welcome back! I’ve missed you guys and BBJ so much. I really didn’t think this season would happen and once I knew it would, I figured it would be bottom of the barrel players. Sorry, it’s just my BB realism and years of disappointment when it comes to casting decisions and twists. It’s too soon to know what the twists will bring but I want to start by giving CBS props. (Ya, it may be a first for me)  They really pulled it off and I have to commend them for it. They’ve put quality players in the house, from many seasons, not a mix of new players with vets, no first night eviction AND we’ll have a full season. What else could we ask for? Am I going to complain about something before it’s over? Naturally, but for now, I’m just going to be impressed.

I’m not thrilled to see every single person in the cast but I can at least make an argument for all of them to be there. (It takes a little effort for a couple tho) We also have to remember how many people said no to CBS and these are the people who said yes. Christmas is a stretch for me but technically, she did come in 3rd and played medicated, with a broken foot. I’m not a fan but her game was meant to be a comp win strategy and she had to give that up. I can live with them giving her the chance to play a physical game. David is another question mark for some people. He was kicked out first and he’s a recruit but he represents all first night eviction players who were robbed. He also became very popular last summer, all while not even playing the game. I don’t care for Bayleigh but she might be a good player without Swaggy there. Dani Donato made a good point last night on the feeds, while coincidentally, talking to David. Dani said people are all stars for different reasons and pointed out Marcellus is an all star and he made one of the dumbest moves in the games history. I agree and in my opinion, he’s an all star both in spite of AND because of that move. This cast is top 3 finishers for most of them and at least fan favorites if they arn’t. Some of them are both.

I also like that whether intended or not, they’ve brought back people who sort of, have something to prove. Ian won but many people feel Dan was robbed in BB14 because the jury was so bitter. (I’m one of those people) Ian was a very good player but the fact that all these years later, they’re still mad is just more evidence that they were abnormally bitter. Ian discussed last night how his cast never talked after their season and believes many of them still need therapy to move past it. Cody, for example, has the chance to show he was more than Robin to Derricks Batman and show he was an equal partner, rather than a sidekick. Janelle is one of the best competitors of all time but she’s never won.

That touches on my feelings about the cast as a whole but now for a few specifics:

  • I’d be happy if Nicole F was never on my tv again but I know some people like her so yeah for you guys! Still, she won and I haven’t so how can I be mad that she’s there? I am curious to see if she can play without a boyfriend so there’s that at least. She’s already showing signs of being petty to other women in the house so some things may stay the same.
  • No, I don’t like Christmas but maybe she’ll be a strategic mastermind and change my mind. (Baahahahhahaha!)
  • Keesha is back and that one thing is enough to make me deliriously happy!!! She is one of the kindest humans ever, has the best laugh, the best birthdays and is very competitive. What’s not to love?
  • I have similar but not as extreme happiness over Kaysar and Kevin.
  • I can already tell I’m going to love the silent battle of old school vs new school players. I’m not saying they’ll team up that way. There was just some obvious intimidation and insecurity going on last night and I find it fascinating to watch.
  • Will Janelle and Kaysar be able to team up again but do it quietly? I can’t wait to find out.
  • Has Keesha forgiven Memphis?
  • How many evil plans will Dani make happen?
  • Why, oh why did this have to start about a week AFTER Keeshas birthday? Maybe it’s for the best because some moments can’t be recreated but if you haven’t watched as far back as BB10, look for a clip of Keeshas Birthday. You won’t be disappointed. “Anyone want cake?”
  • Love him or hate him, Enzo is one of, if not the best storyteller ever to be on the show. BB19 Kevin may be the only person who could give him competition in that department.

Now, for a little pregame activity, outside the house connections, my own speculation and what I got from feeds last night. I’m not doing this the way I normally would because I’m out of practice to be honest. These are all also returning players so what you read into first night talks is a little different. There was a lot of talking about past players and past seasons. They were mostly sizing each other up too.

  • I think Tyler thought Kaycee would be in the house and was genuinely surprised when she wasn’t. He looked like a deer in headlights last night and it was enjoyable to see.  I don’t mean that as a slam against Tyler. Someone like Tyler, who is a long time fan of the show understands that he should be very afraid of a Dani Donato and Janelle and Kaysar in the house together. He seemed a little star struck  by all the people from earlier seasons (Kaysar, Keesha, Kevin, Enzo, Memphis) and I would’ve been too. That’s why I enjoyed it. David was too and seemed to feel beyond his depth but it was different. David was a recruit and may have recognized these people have more of a history with the show so he almost seemed to not feel worthy of the moment. That isn’t the same thing as knowing WHO these people are, seen their seasons and knowing what they’re capable of doing. It’s as if David knew he should be intimidated but Tyler knew why.
  • Word on the BB street is Christmas was the alternate when Kaycee had to be eliminated. I believe it’s true for Josh too.  I don’t know if Memphis was called because Josh didnt make it but Memphis said last night, he was only asked 3 weeks ago while Kevin said that he was asked 3 months ago.
  • I know there were some pregame issues with some comments Nicole F made and Derricks dislike of them. There were also rumors that Nicole pulled strings to keep Derrick and Dan off the season. To be quite honest, I didn’t really follow it the way I normally would. They were friends and maybe they still are…or not. I don’t know but I believe two things.  1. I don’t see Cody going after Nicole like some are speculating. 2. Nicole freaking Franzel DID NOT keep Dan and Derrick off the show. Sure, she’s always been a production fave but there’s no way in hell they’d choose her over Dan Gheesling. Sorry folks, no story here. Dan was asked and didn’t want to do it. Cody did evict Nicole twice in BB16 but they were friends after their season and I won’t be surprised if they end up working together. Nicole doesnt have a history of playing well with women so I look for her to team with guys and maybe one old school female player who intimidates her a little. (Janelle or Dani)
  • Davonne and Keesha seemed extremely happy to see each other and I could see that being a thing, along with possibly Kevin and Nicole A. I also think Kevin and Nicole A being in the have not room together could be a bad thing if they get too close too quickly.
  • Dani was eyeing Tyler pretty hard and I’m getting vibes she’ll want to work with him.
  • Kaysar had a moment with Nicole A and told her he didn’t like the way she was treated last summer. (Kaysar and Nic A combo would be perfection)
  • Memphis said the guy from last summer who won  (he called him Jared) was a real asshole.(Beth and Jared. Love it!!)
  • Ian and Nicole F talked about working together since they’re both the only past winners. He asked if she was good with Cody and she said yes. He said he thought maybe they could bring in Nicole A but Nicole F wasn’t so sure. She said she could see Nicole A playing both sides. (What sides? There aren’t sides yet and when there are, does she think there will only be 2?)
  • Tyler and Cody were be bro-ing it up already. Cody doesn’t appear to be feeling Kaysar tho so Kaysar will have to find a way to wedge himself in soon or I think he could be in trouble. (I have nothing to support this, it’s just a vibe I got)
  • Janelle and Kaysar spoke long enough to say they shouldn’t be seen together very much.
  • Bayleigh did a good job of socializing last night. She wasn’t the only one but she stood out to me as doing a good job.
  • I dont know if Nicole F will try to work with DaVonne since they were both on BB18 but from what I was seeing last night, I don’t think DaVonne will fall for it.

I promise I’ll do better moving forward but I think I did more fangirling last night and less concentrating on a recap. I’m used to being more objective because it’s people I’ve never heard of before. Last night, not so much. I’ll settle in soon and try to simply give you a recap of the night before.

Those are my thoughts on the cast and what I got from last nights conversations on the feeds. As far as the episode, I was both thrilled and bored. The cast is great but watching the same comp 4 times was a bit torturous. Here’s my final thought as we head into a new season. I love some of this cast,  I can’t stand a couple of them and I’m indifferent on a couple others. Regardless, I’m giving all of them a chance to show me something new, make me love them more or change negative opinions I already have.  They were all willing to go on tv and entertain us at a time that I would love to be entertained and if nothing else, distracted. That is enough for me to be open to all of them and see what they bring for BB22.

Have a great day.


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