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Big Brother 22- Week 4 Random Tidbits

September 3, 2020 | 24 Comments
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Author: Mel

Good afternoon BB Junkies! The recaps were too long this week to add any of the misc stuff I’ve accumulated. It’s mostly useless information, things I find funny or just plain stupid. (What can I say? Sometimes, I’m entertained by stupid) I’m basically a BB hoarder who needs to purge occasionally so I can free up phone space and start all over. In order to do that and start fresh tomorrow, here’s this weeks Random Tidbits:

I can’t remember what new info Day was telling Bay but I liked Bays shocked face in the mirror.

Recent houseguest quotes:

  • David: “When’s your birthday?” Kaysar: “It was 2 weeks ago.”  (Everyone gathered around to sing happy birthday to Kaysar, David didn’t realize it, then he came running and mostly sliding into the house. This pic is mid slide, just before he fell on his ass. It was hilarious because no one in the room even seemed to notice. Apparently, David forgot too)
  • Ian: “BB6 was just like a divided house that was battling back and forth.” Christmas: “That’s exactly how my season was.”   (Christmas must have been on more meds than we even realized because she thinks her season is comparable to BB6 AND thinks the house was divided on BB19)
  • Dani: “I think Bayleigh’s playing a really good game. Nicole: “She’s not, not playing a good game.” Dani: “Did you just say she’s not not?”  Nicole”Yeah.”  (Nicole gets creative with English so she can avoid giving another woman a compliment)
  • Enzo: (sneezes several times)  Bayleigh: “What, are you allergic to the bullshit in here?”
  • Cody” “I made tacos, they’re better than Janelles cuz hers sucked.”  (Lets not forget, Janelle baked from scratch and only by memory. She made Kaysar’s lemon birthday cake. She also made vegan dishes that were better than the vegans can make themselves, according to the vegans)
  • Dani was a little offended to learn Tyler recognized Rachel Reilly but not her at some BB event awhile back. He explained that it was because he’d recently watched Rachel’s highlight reels but hadn’t seen Dani’s. Dani: (in a testy tone) “I’m sure they’re not as magnificent as Rachels anyway.”
  • Dani: “I enjoyed winning hoh on BB13 and rubbing it in the faces of the people I hated.” Tyler: “Is that how you’ll be this year?”  Dani: “I don’t hate anyone here.”  Tyler: “Maybe you don’t know who to hate yet.”  (This was after he’d decided to target her. Lol)

Kaysar literally ready to pull his hair out

It’s so hard to take screenshots of Enzo that arn’t blurry because he’s constantly moving his hands.

Janelle got the wedding invite after all.

More Quotes:

  • David: “There’s only one girl in here that really knows alot, it’s Dani.”  Enzo: “She knows a lot. She’s all over the house.”  David: “She’s in a three with Cody and Nicole.”  Enzo: “The other girls are paranoid, they’ll slit your throat in a second.”  David: “One tried to, that one hurt.”
  • Speaking of David, if you’re on Twitter, follow whoever is running David’s account for him. This person is hilarious:
  • Cody frequently says he’s going to “nip it in the butt.” He either doesn’t know the saying since he never says he’s going to nip it in the “bud” or they garden very differently in Jersey.
  • Cody: “I feel like there wasn’t anyone good on season 7.”  (Cody actually thinks there wasn’t anyone good on the cast of the first BB All Stars. Honestly, he should be evicted for that statement alone)
  • BB flashback: Here’s a pic of Dr. Will and Danielle Reyes during BB7. This was after they were evicted and sent to jury. They escaped the jury house one night with James Rhine (and maybe someone else) and went to a karaoke bar. This was one, of several reasons, I didn’t think they’d ever do another All Star season.
  • Ian: Nicole told me on season 16, production had to make them do the dishes.”
  • While talking about the 2 hinky votes-  Kevin: “I think one of them was Janelle or Kaysar.”  Ian: “but they were both on the block.” (face palm)
  • David: “More people are going to lose than win.” (He’s a genius!)
  • (This was after the 1st wall yeller and right as the feeds went down during the 2nd attempt to do it. One of the hgs said they thought they had to come inside because they saw a rat. I don’t know why they thought this)  Enzo: “I’m telling ya, they’re sending Falcons in here now with letters, yo. These Janelle fans are crazy. They’re sending mice in here. They don’t care, yo.”
  • Ian: (in the bathroom as Cody was showing off his freshly shaved chest)  “I probably should shave my chest as well. Maybe I’ll wax it. Maybe I should wax my stomach and my chest.” (Tyler tells him it’s a bad idea to wax it) Ian: “It’ll be nice, I think it would be quite nice.”
  • BB flashback: Dani Reyes got in on the “just so Tyler could call old school boring” Tweets. This is from her first season, BB3:
  • (Kaysar and Christmas discussing old school vs new school BB and why new is better) Christmas: “I think there’s a really big interest to see the game played just socially.” (She was referring to it being good if the house stuck together and avoided having sides going against each other) Christmas: “I want to avoid anything becoming toxic.”  (Christmas to Enzo on the same day) Christmas: “Whoever puts my name in their f*cking mouth, I’ll guillotine their head.”
  • David: “I wish I could be watching this the first time instead of being in it.”
  •  Enzo: (re: running out of targets soon) “Look at the board, there’s no one to go after anymore except f*cking everybody now.”  Cody: “What are you talking about? There’s 10 f*cking people and we’re only three.”  Enzo: “Yeah and we’re in f*cking alliances with all of them. We’re gonna have a huge fight in the kitchen.”  Cody: “As long as we’re not in it.”  Enzo: “We’re gonna have to be in it!”

More things I ran across on Twitter:


I just liked this image, I thought it was cute

Last quote: Kaysar: “To be honest, this has been a little bit of a lackluster season so far.”

See ya on the other side of tonights eviction!

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