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Big Brother 23 – Double Eviction #1 Live Updates

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Good evening, everyone!


Happy NFL opening day!  If you’re into that.  If not, happy Double Eviction day!  I suppose being a Big Brother blog, those should be reversed, but whatever, I like football.

Tonight in the house should be fairly cut and dry. Claire will go home first and then Alyssa will follow her out the door unless she wins HoH or PoV.

The end.  Have a good night!

On a serious note, we’re finally down to the cookout actually going after each other which should make for a good week of feeds regardless of what happens tonight.  Well, I hope.  The more I think about it, the more I wonder if next week will just be like this week if Alyssa survives the night. If that happens, it’ll be 5 cookout+Alyssa and they may just still try to keep it a secret while they scheme behind each other’s backs all week.

But, let’s pretend Alyssa goes because odds are in favor of that happening. I said a week or two ago that the line is going to be drawn fairly quickly between guys and girls and I somewhat stand by that.  The guys will certainly group up and Tiffany/Hannah will group up, but I still don’t really know where Azah stands on this whole thing. I think she’ll likely end up siding with the girls, but it wouldn’t shock me if Xavier was able to mist her into sticking with him which would be a kind of awful thing to do tbh.

The only reason Xavier would be able to get Azah to his side would be to exploit the crush she has on him and it’s super unlikely he’d actually take her to the final 2 because of the number of women in the jury house, so he’d probably cut her loose at #4 and ride with Kyland and D.  He’d likely then end up taking D to the final 2 because Kyland would probably put up a better argument than Derek could. That’s how I see the next two or so weeks panning out, but what do you guys think will happen once the battle of the cookout actually begins?


Alright, DE updates below:

  • Clips of Alyssa finally putting the puzzle pieces together yet still not getting it
  • Jumping right into the eviction and Julie tells the house it’s a DE which they expected
  • Claire really puts the target on Xavier by saying he is likely going to win.  This is something Tiffany had her do
  • Votes
    • Alyssa – Claire
    • Hannah – Xavier (planned)
    • Big D – Claire
    • (Apparently, it’s Christian’s birthday. I assume Tiff’s son)
    • Azah – Claire
    • Kyland – Claire
  • Claire says she’ll give everyone a hug on eviction night and bolts out the door
  • Okay, jumping right into HoH.  These next two comps are huge for Alyssa obviously
  • This comp is a trivia comp that goes by points.  7 questions
    • Question 1 – All but Derek have a point
    • Question 2 – X, Alyssa, Kyland, Hannah in lead with 2
    • Question 3 – X, Kyland, and Hannah in lead with 3
    • Question 4 – Hannah with the lead
    • Question 5 – Kyland and Hannah with a tie
    • Question 6 – Hannah with the lead (Xavier clearly throwing it)
    • Question 7 – Hannah wins HoH!
  • Alyssa and Xavier will likely be nominated unless they do Kyland and Alyssa because X has been nominated so much
  • Hannah tells Alyssa X is going home and she is going to be a pawn (she’s lying)
  • Xavier and Alyss are nominated
    • Veto is a Kaitlyn style puzzle.  Kyland not playing. This is huge for X because he’s likely leaving if Alyssa wins
    • Xavier wins with ease now that he’s trying
  • Alyssa tells Xavier how he was Hannah’s target – lol.  She’s clueless until the very end
  • X saves himself, Kyland is the replacement nom
  • Votes –
    • Azah – Alyssa
    • Tiffany – Alyssa
    • Big D – Alyssa
    • Xavier – Kyland

Alright, that’s it for this double eviction.  HoH comp will take place later tonight. Not sure if they will have feeds before then but I may watch the game until the HoH comp ends

Check back later



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BB24 Michael Bruner
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