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Big Brother 23 – Friday Afternoon Feed Updates

July 30, 2021 | 16 Comments
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Author: Steve Beans

Good afternoon, everyone!

It’s Friday afternoon which means it’s time for the last wildcard competition before the fall of teams. Before I begin the feed updates, I’m sure you’re wondering more about what is going on in the house, so I’ll start with that.

Clearly the target this week is easy, it’s going to be Whitney.  Between alliances and common sense, there really isn’t many options for Christian to choose.  Most of the house wants Whitney out although Alyssa kind of wants to keep her longer as a personal shield (as she probably should because her name has been coming almost as much as Whitney’s).

Who will be sitting next to Whitney on the block? Most likely Hannah.  If Whitney saves herself through veto, then there is a good chance they just take Britini out although I’m sure they’re terrified to do so.

Regarding the WC competition – Claire won!  I’m still trying to learn what her prize is but when the feeds returned, it sounds like they were trying to figure that out as well.

Note – I have the option to try and put back the advanced profiles, messaging, etc. However, you’ll be required to re-do your avatars.  Should I add these new features or just keep things the way they are?

Let’s jump in –

  • 12:50 pm – Feeds return and Kyland is in the storage room talking about the comp. Claire won, but they’re trying to figure out what the prize will be

  • Meanwhile, Britini is talking to Big D
    • She thinks they’re going to put Hannah and DX on the block
  • Okay moving to HoH room where they are holding court.  Wouldn’t be HoH without regular meetings

    • Christian tells congrats to Claire and it sounds like she may have picked up two weeks of safety based on them calling her a jury member
    • Sarah comes out and says ‘I think the target should be Hannah’.  Silence. Really nobody vibing on that suggestion
    • Sarah points out how she’s thrown competitions and she’s smarter than Whitney
    • Alyssa says she agrees with Hannah because Whitney would still be a target next week
    • Kyland jumps in and says Hannah is a fan of the game and would most likely vote for a real player rather than being bitter
    • He (Kyland) feels Whitney is almost a guaranteed vote for a woman which is unfair. Should go to the best player
    • SB points out the obvious ‘It’s nice you all can talk about jury, but my butt is still trying to make it to jury. If Hannah wins next week, there is a good chance I go home’.  Kyland says she has the votes, but then she says if she’s sitting next to say Alyssa it’ll be hard
    • Basically, SB is in a panic because Hannah has been dropping her name
    • Tiffany jumps in and says ‘Uhh, what about Britini?  She’s a bigger threat to all their games’.  Kyland backs it up and says she helped increase Whitney’s odds at winning
    • Tiffany says if she wins next week, she’s looking at Britini.  Kyland said Britini told him that if she won this week, she’d target Christian and Alyssa.  Alyssa wasn’t happy to hear
    • Basically, Tiffany is worried because Britini can and will target both their teams
    • Tiffany tells him to read his letter one more time, think about it, consider your team, but it’s his decision.
    • Christian says if Britini goes up, he becomes a big target by the Jokers next week.
  • 1:25 pm – Meeting breaks up and the Queens move to the chess room to talk

    • Downstairs Whitney says the kiss of death phrase ‘There is no clear target this week’.  If there is no target in the house, it’s probably you
  • 2:00 pm – I got so behind I had to catch up live

    • Hannah is chatting with Christian
    • She is pointing out how if she’s sitting next to Whitney and Whit wins veto, she’s probably screwed
    • Hannah asks if she’s going up as a pawn and Christian shrugs it off.
    • Hannah tells him some truth. If she were forced to put up a King next week, she’d put up the one who has the least possible chance at going home.  She said that means no Christian and no X and probably no Alyssa.  This of course will go back to SB as Hannah wants to go after her but that’s not what she said.  Anyway, Christian says ‘Alyssa has a good chance at staying’. Bro, you’re in a showmance with her. Wake the fuck up lol. Alyssa is a bigger target than even X nevermind SB.
    • Christian taps the rope. He’s in over his head.  He asks if he can bring in Alyssa
    • Hannah to Christian ‘You’re not looking me in the eye’… he says ‘yea, because I feel bad’.  She knows she’s going up. He claims she brought up good points
  • Whitney comes in and has a brief conversation with Christian with no gain.

    • Whitney comes out to sit with Hannah.
    • This reminds me of Ralphie and his brother from a Christmas Story after they meet Santa in the mall and look so incredibly disappointed
  • 2:45 pm – In the HN room, Kyland and DX chat
    • They are shocked that Britini isn’t considered a threat to the Kings.  Brit will definitely target Christian
    • DX asks Kyland in this scenario.  Britini and Whitney. How do they vote?
    • They agree Britini would have to go first.
  • Downstairs, X is talking with Tiff
    • He is frustrated at the house starting to look more and more at Hannah. They agree Hannah just needs to win veto to solve all the problems
    • So much going on it’s hard to follow all cams
  • Hannah is up in the HoH room now with Christian and Alyssa
    • Hannah says straight up that the Jokers will be going after the Kings
    • But she backs off it and says it was just Big D
    • In the end, she is basically confirmed going up.

Christian is now holding brief one on ones before noms which will almost certainly be Hannah and Whitney.  Going to grab a bite to eat and create a new post when noms are up

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