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Big Brother 23 – Friday Afternoon Updates

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Good afternoon, everyone!


It’s nomination day in the Big Brother house in what is surprisingly the first week of the season we’ve had a female HoH. And right now it’s essentially week 2 of Kyland’s consecutive reign and we are expecting the same results as last week – Claire and DF as initial nominees. Fun stuff.  It’s hard to say who the actual target for the week is, but I know a key focus is getting DX to spend his money rather than waiting until next week. One of the first things SB said was her goal was to flush out the roulette wheel.

As I type this, the feeds have returned so I’ll push this live so you know the results and I’ll continue with updates below:

  • 11:00 am – Claire and DF are indeed nominated
    • Expect the feeds to go down fairly soon and then stay down for a long time again
  • X is already downstairs with DX giving him ‘advice’

    • DX was upstairs shortly after noms and she was telling him how she’s confident Claire will come off.  DX definitely thinks he’s getting backdoored.

Also, a huge thank you to Mary Lee for your generous donation.  And to answer your question “How would I feel about a house full of feed watchers / blog readers” (ie essentially all superfans) – I’d love it! While I think there is a surprising amount of actual fans this season as we’ve seen from the sheer amount of cam talk (as you pointed out), I think a house full of hardcore fans would be amazing. Especially if they all come from this blog 😉

And another thank you to Margaret and you are most certainly welcome for trying to interpret this mess on the feeds lol.  Sometimes it’s easy, but when you have people like Kyland who take the scenic route on just about everything he says, it gets a bit difficult at times lol.

Back to feeds:

  • 11:35 am – Claire, DX, and Tiffany meet in the kitchen
    • Oh, one funny thing is earlier today, SB said she hopes KY is okay with her moves.  lol.  She literally put up the exact same two people as Kyland yet it’s ‘her move’
    • Anyway, Tiffany says they need a code for the three of them to go talk. Tiffany mentions talking about her Invisalign since she plays with it often.
    • So for us feed watchers, we know that DX and Claire need to just mention Invisalign if they’re in the mood to reveal all their game talk to the mole of the trio.  Seriously, I really hate that Tiffany is betraying them. As a trio, I really enjoy watching them together.  I may cry when Tiffany officially betrays Claire.
    • That actually had me looking up the price of those.  Yea, no thanks. I’m too old to care about a small gap between my front teeth lol
  • Upstairs, SB checks in with her boss

    • SB is confident that ‘it’ will be used. I assume the roulette game?  I thought veto but then she started talking about veto
    • The funniest part of this week is that Sarah Beth thinks this ridiculous HoH is going to set her up to possibly be in the final 2. Hahahaha. There have been a handful of people I really enjoyed seeing getting evicted (Alex BB19, Christmas BB19) and SB may be joining that club soon.  Granted, those two others were flat out AWFUL people and SB is just playing dumb, but it’s still going to be funny.
  • A lot of whispering all around the house without much substance.   The feeds are about to go down and will probably stay down for many hours. I’m guessing at least 4.
    • I will likely be running out to do some post-traffic errands (around 7 my time) but I hope to be back before feeds return. If not, I’ll just be a little late. Either way, I’ll be back. That’s a threat!
  • 5:00 pm – I’m back and feeds still down.  I’ll post when they return!
  • 5:45 pm – Feeds return
    • Alyssa won the roulette competition and X is on the block because of it. She’s bummed. He’s comforting her
    • It seems like Claire is still on the block.  Did she take DF down?
    • Yup, sounds like she took Big D down lol.  She feels bad but she probably picked the right person to go down because had she removed Claire and Xavier was up there against Big D, X would likely be gone. So this secures her partner unless Big D wins veto
  • 6:00 pm – SB up in the HoH room with X.  He says he’s going to gun for the veto (obviously) and if he takes himself down, this week is primed for a big move. This is obviously a reference to backdooring DX.
    • SB camtalks and says ‘America is going to hate me. I know you love Baby D but I’m sending your boy home’
    • So, tomorrow’s veto comp is pretty big. Right now it’s a virtual guarantee that Claire or DX will be going to jury on Thursday.
    • Tiffany in the room and SB is saying she doesn’t want Claire to go home. That wasn’t her intention.  Oh, but this is the person who thinks Claire would stay over X if noms remained the same hahahahaha
    • Oh, let’s not forget that the person happy to be backdooring DX will have $5k more because of that person
    • DX tells Tiffany that if he wins veto, he won’t use it.  If he doesn’t save Claire, he’s a damn fool.
    • Tiffany actually tells DX the truth and says if Claire goes off (like if she wins), DX will probably be going on the block
    • DX thinks if he’s sitting next to X he may have the votes.  This house
  • 7:30 pm – DX talking to Kyland
    • He tells him how he prepared on getting the $50.  He understands there were tens of thousands of applicants and they’re now at the top part of those 16 selected so if he doesn’t win the $100, it’s because there are so many other incredible cast members and he shouldn’t take it personally.  Of course, he got the $100, but he mentally prepped himself for the $50.
  • 8:30 pm – A bit slow in the house right now.  Alyssa is apparently mad at production for some reason that makes no sense.

Check back for updates


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