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Big Brother 23 – Friday Evening Feed Updates

July 9, 2021 | 22 Comments
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Author: Steve Beans

Good evening, everyone!

The first nominations are in the book for the Big Brother 23 season and they couldn’t be more hilarious and pointless. This is Frenchie’s world and we’re all living in it and enjoying it for the next week or so until he’s gone. Hopefully longer, but let’s just say he’s going to wish he tried for that second week of safety by the 22nd. Let’s see the week of Frenchie so far:

  • Declines the opportunity for a chance to win two weeks of safety for his teammates – A really small thing that nobody really blames him for but still unnecessary attention on him early
  • Tells everyone he’s going to backdoor Brent because he wants to get rid of jocks and showmances.
  • Has a conversation with Brent for 10 minutes and immediately changes his position to basically loving the guy – yes, after JUST admitting he was a threat because he was charming to the ladies immediately falls for the charm
  • Tells his team that he won’t nominate a person of color or a female
  • Suddenly decide he can’t trust Christian because he (Christian) played in the wildcard competition and won
  • Makes alliances with most of the house – doesn’t tell any of them who he actually plans on nominating
  • Nominates Kyland (person of color) and Alyssa (female) for reasons unknown to most of the house
    • side note – I hate using the skin color part of the blog but it’s relevant because it was Frenchie’s comment.
  • Pulls Alyssa aside and tells her that she’s his target because his real target is now Christian and he believes they have a chance for a showmance…. I can’t make this up
    • side note 2 – They weren’t getting in a showmance. I mean they may have eventually, but it’s not like they were heavily flirting or anything
  • Calls his team into the HoH room with Christian and they proceed to confirm that Christian was essentially loyal to Frenchie
  • Decides after all this, he now wants his noms to win the veto and use it so he can nominate DerekX

… and we’ve just completed roughly 50 hours inside the house now.

And this is why fans were excited about watching the feeds from day 1 because this is the stuff we would have missed if they did the typical pre-recorded first week.

I’m also going to try and parse the alliances and put them up on the spoiler page, so stay tuned for that

Before I begin, thank you to Jessica for your generous donation!  I really appreciate it!


  • 8:30 pm – The house is mostly around the kitchen and living room area.
    • Xavier tells Travis and Brent he’s a model.  Doesn’t mention being a lawyer
  • 8:45 pm – Xavier was crying earlier and people were wondering why
    • In a side room, he tells big D it was about his brother who passed away.  I didn’t get many details on it (like when it happened) because the feeds were down, but RIP to his brother
    • Oh re-watching, it sounds like he found out just before he went into sequester so he doesn’t even know. That is terrible. Poor guy.  Pulling harder for him now
    • Feeds keep going down because he’s talking private
  • 9:30 pm – Alyssa is talking with Xavier and Frenchie in the room
    • They talk about tomorrow and how she wants to pick Xavier over Sarah. Sarah volunteered but they don’t want to hurt her feelings
  • In another room, Whitney and Brent are talking, kind of getting an early showmance vibe the way they are talking. Not flirting but they just have a connection. Calling it
  • 10:00 pm – Brent is talking with DerekX and Travis
    • Brent is unknowingly kicking Derek while he’s down. He’s telling DX that Derek helped him by trying to make him (Brent) a target actually helped him.
    • So Brent thanks DX for his actions this week because it basically saved him.   DX sarcastically says you’re welcome
    • Brent tells him that he should prepare for eviction.  I’m shocked he’s just casually saying this stuff in a nice tone. You’d think they were arguing and getting heated but it’s seriously like the tone of a regular conversation it’s bizarre.
    • DX thanks him and tells Brent he should be a therapist.  Is this real life?  Did I just watch someone shit all over someone’s game for 10 minutes and be thanked for it?
  • 11:50 pm – Fairly slow night compared to the day.  I’m tired though and I’ll recap tomorrow!


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