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Big Brother 23 – Friday Evening Feeds & Noms

July 23, 2021 | 56 Comments
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Author: Steve Beans

Good evening, everyone

Well, today was a pretty busy afternoon in the Big Brother house especially considering there were no fights or drama. Just a lot of Frenchie-style overthinking gameplay which X insists isn’t Frenchie style because Frenchie isn’t the one doing it.  I mean he’s right in that sense, but he’s still greatly overthinking his strategy this week.

I opened the afternoon thread and said X was planning a no-nonsense week as HoH, but then he went and completely did anything but. Alright, I exaggerate a little. It wasn’t as chaotic as Frenchie, but the plan wasn’t as smooth as Kyland. It boils down to this – X and the entire house want Brent out this week. Honestly probably the perfect time for a backdoor considering the number of players in the house and how unanimous they are on getting him out, but X rejected that idea immediately. He also rejected the idea of a direct attack and just putting up Whitney next to him solely because she’s his teammate (DX and Hannah are also teammates but he’s in an alliance with each of them separately)

So, X pulls Brent aside to talk to him and Brent immediately starts throwing Brit and Azah up as potential noms. X goes along with it and pretends to believe they’re forming an all-girl alliance because he had an idea to just pretend Britini was the target this week. Why?  He doesn’t want Brent to freak out all week and try his hardest to remain in the house. He wants him to just be surprised on Thursday which had about a 0% chance of actually playing out like that.  X tells Azah his plan and she immediately refuses to accept Britini being a pawn after her experience last week and volunteers to take her place. But she also calls X out on how unnecessary his plan is. Just nominate Brent and Whitney and be done with it.

This is where I personally say just nominate an expendable person (Brit) along with a strong player (Kyland) and hope Brent doesn’t get picked to play.  Then remove one of them and put Brent up and the house votes him out. I’m typically not a fan of backdoors, but when the entire house wants someone out and there are 14 people still remaining, Brent’s odds of actually being picked to play in the veto are around 27% (and don’t @ me how his odds change every time a chip is drawn plus the players choice chips blah blah. You get the point). Overall there are 11 players who are available to play and 3 will be playing from that group.

But the key part is that if Brent is selected to play, he would be much more willing to throw the competition than a frontal attack. Would he throw it? Hard to say. But I do know there is basically no chance he throws it if he’s on the block because that’s just stupid. And he knows many in the house want him out so that further solidifies his chance against throwing it. He’s going to act like a target no matter how much X convinces him he’s the pawn (even though he’s the target lol).

Alright, rambling done.

Nominees are: Britini and Brent

  • 6:00 pm – Feeds return. People around the house nice and awkward
    • Britini crying with X trying to comfort her
    • Brent comes in and gives her a hug and pulls X to the side
    • Brent tells him he’s not pawn material

    • Brent is basically telling X that they are breaking up
    • I joke but he’s saying their relationship is damaged
    • Brent repeats he’s going to proceed as if he’s the target
    • Brent thinks his team is upset about him being a nom lol Poor guy

On a different note, did an interview with Frenchie and sounds like he touched on the day 2 thing.  If you don’t remember, on day 2, drama was stirring and Frenchie pulled DX up to the HoH room and just as they began to talk, feeds cut and remained down until the conversation was over.  It was bullshit, but here is something about that:

Not just that, but there was something else and I’m not gonna publicize that, but he made a mistake in the house and I corrected him on that and he settled that with that person and I’m a firm believer of we live and we learn and that’s why he became the center of everything.

Essentially, DX probably said something controversial and CBS protected him when Frenchie confronted him on the issue.  Because they censored us like we’re children, we’re forced to assume the worst rather than know the truth which is pretty unfair to DX. But that is why censorship doesn’t always help. It makes things worse when people are forced to guess what was censored.

Back to the feeds:

  • X is up in the HoH room with the Kings.
  • Meanwhile, Brent is with the Aces
    • He is telling them if they win the veto, they have to take him down. They agree (wink)
    • It doesn’t make sense to Hannah that X would try to take Brent out in week 3 (wink)
    • Brent is big mad about being nominated. He wants to go after X once he’s out of this jam
    • They entertain Brent for a bit but he leaves satisfied thinking he has the votes
  • Brent moves on to Alyssa
    • Brent tells her he’s not the pawn. He’s not pawn material
    • It’s pretty impressive how the house is lying to Brent and thinking he has a shot. But give him time to break them down

  • Brent joins his team and they continue talking about how X is screwed
    • Brent says Alyssa is pissed! (she’s not)  He also assumes Christian didn’t know (he did)
    • Brent says if this pans out and he goes home it’ll be messy but look good on X that he got out a big target
    • Brent says now the girls can pick off the guys one by one if Brent goes and why wouldn’t they?  Physical threats, etc.  Apparently, to Brent, girls can’t compete against guys and need to eliminate the guys first?
  • I’m going to jump to my laptop and watch the feeds on my phone because my eyes are strained at the computer.  Reason I am telling you is that it’s a PIA to take screenshots on laptop so it’ll probably be all text until I’m back at PC
  • Feeds just dropped – likely briefly. The reason I mention this is because I wanted to say the feeds have been much better today. If I shit on something like I have been doing with production being horrible, I give credit when it’s due. If feeds remain like this the rest of the season, I’ll be very happy
    • Anyway, Christian, Alyssa, and X are up in the HoH room
    • Hannah, Claire, Tiffany, Kyland, and Whit are in the HN room
    • Hannah re-telling the group how arrogant Brent is. How Brent knows he’s the target but he feels so safe.
  • Back downstairs we get the Brent show
    • He says ‘I’ve never seen a block look so good’ lol.
    • Britini is bummed but I’m not sure if it’s a fake bummed or not.  I mean I know she’s bummed but not sure if it’s as much as she’s leading on
    • Alyssa tells Christian and X how much she sold her lies to Brent and she’s right. He is fully convinced. I understand wanting to brag but you’re also showing you’re strong
  • Well, looks like we found our medium for the feeds. Seems they’re cutting them less but nothing changed regarding protecting the houseguests.  Why?  Because the girls are all in the HN room talking Brent and basically how slimy he is. As soon as someone said ‘last night when you bent over…’ feeds switch to HoH room. So now live feeders know Brent did something when a girl bent over but we have no clue what. This means we get to draw our own conclusions when it could have been him looking at a butt.
  • 8:15 pm – Britini talking with DX and she’s starting to get worried about the chance Brent wins PoV
    • Oh god, we’re in the under the sheets part of the showmance.  Why doesn’t CBS protect us from this crap?  They’ll show this but not the tea on houseguests
    • Brent is with Kyland working the plan on getting out Britini lol
    • Brent tells the camera ‘we’re going to get out of this, I promise’…. these people are so delusional at how they’re perceived outside the house

Check back for updates

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