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Big Brother 23 – Friday Feeds | Nomination Results

July 30, 2021 | 28 Comments
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Author: Steve Beans

Good evening, Junkies!

Before I begin, I wanted to clarify something – If you reply to a comment and the original comment gets deleted, your comment disappears. I’ve had people mention disappearing comments today and this is most likely why because I had to delete 2-3 lousy comments this afternoon.  So please don’t take anything personally if your comment goes missing after you replied to some jerk. It’s just a mechanic of the comment system. Oh, and if you say something mean and your comment does go missing, please do take it personally. No room for that garbage here. Thanks

Anyway, wow, that was a busy afternoon.  Between the feeds coming back up after the wildcard comp and dropping again for noms, there was conversation after conversation which was so hard to follow along!

First, Claire won the WC comp if you missed that in the last thread. I’m not sure what is up with her team because they didn’t mention much of that, but she personally won 2 weeks of safety which unofficially makes her the first member of jury (two weeks likely being this week and next).

On the nomination front, there was a lot of discussion who should be going up next to Whitney. It’s basically become a guarantee that Whit is the target this week, but the house is trying to figure out who to put up next to her. As it stands, it’s going to be Hannah, but Hannah was making a really strong push to change that to Britini. It didn’t work because Christian told the Jokers they are getting a break this week which is very Frenchie of him. I mean what happens if Whitney wins veto?   He literally has only the Jokers to nominate as a replacement nom unless he puts alliance members up as pawns.

Let me just double-check – Kings, Queens, and DX are the Royal Flush. Hannah would be OTB and Whitney safe from the Aces. So yes, that makes the Jokers the only people available. Smooth move.

However, based on how some of the conversations went during the Royal Flush meeting, that alliance probably won’t be lasting another week. They clearly have different goals as SB really wants to get Hannah out while members of the Queens are realizing how big of a threat Alyssa/Christian are together. Plus, the teams will break up this Thursday anyway which will put a huge wrench in their alliance. It was originally formed because of the team factor which becomes irrelevant on Thursday. So I predict Royal Flush is dead by next Friday.

Enough rambling. You want to know who is nominated.  Well, that is Whitney and Hannah as expected (with Whitney being the target)

  • 5:30 pm – Feeds return. As expected, it’s Whitney and Hannah
    • In the back room, X talking to the Jokers saying how they were too gung-ho against Whitney.  This is because it makes Whit seem like a bigger threat which makes people think she may be a shield instead of a good choice to evict
  • 5:50 pm – Hannah and Whitney go off to the side

    • Hannah telling her about her one on one meeting with Christian how he kept apologizing. She knew she was going up
    • Hannah points out how Christian has won every comp he’s played in other than the first (not true. Maybe she is excluding HoH)
    • They speculate if they are both pawns for a backdoor to DerekX.
    • Whitney says she’s okay going home to see her kids.  Hannah tells her not to just roll over and die
  • 6:30 pm – Christian is starting to host – guess…… take a guess.  Come on. Yea, you got it!  Meetings in the HoH!

    • He summons the Queens to the HoH room.  Well, at least Tiff and Claire
    • Sounds like Alyssa and Christian are working on an alliance with Tiff and Claire
    • Claire and Tiff pointing out the alliance between Kyland and SB as a threat
    • Tiffany starts going off on the lotion incident from last night…

    • This is in regards to duos in the house and things like having a sexual lotion session going on with X puts a huge target on a person.
    • Claire and Tiff leave and talk about who they can try to add for a 6 person thing. Mostly another duo like Hannah and DX
  • In the workout room, Alyssa and X talk
    • She says Whitney is a bit angry with her because she thinks Alyssa is the reason she’s up according to Big D.  X says Big D needs to shut the hell up
  • Up in the HoH room, Whitney is with Christian
    • He is telling her that a few people dropped her name to go on the block
    • Whitney is telling him the entire house really wanted Christian and Alyssa out
    • She tells him if she goes this week, watch out for Kyland.  She said she mentioned him a few days ago, now suddenly she’s a target.
  • Whitney moves downstairs to vent to X
    • She tells him she realizes he isn’t to blame. It’s all about Kyland because DX likely told Kyland Whitney wanted him out
    • Whitney told DX she was thinking of getting Kyland out and he (D) immediately went to talk to Kyland
  • 7:35 pm – Whitney talking to Big D
    • She starts re-telling about how she’s not a fan of Kyland right now and wants him out
    • Whitney is really convinced DX told Kyland so she’s getting heated about those two. Could be good feeds soon
  • 8:30 pm – X, Tiff, Big D, and Azah chatting in the living room.
    • Actually a really interesting conversation. They talk about the show. Ratings. How Frenchie went a bit crazy
    • They talked about Josh and how he was immature and how Paul should have won
    • They also all agree that Bayleigh and JC were actually both right in their argument. They only had an issue with Bayleigh constantly repeating the word that offended JC while claiming offended.  But they agreed both made good points
    • They’re all about to eat and then do casting for the BIg Blue Couch which I don’t have much interest in so I’m going to stretch
  • 10:20 pm – House is mostly playing games or doing the bbc talk show thing. Not really my jam but if you’re into that stuff check out the live feeds while this house is still friendly with each other
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