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Big Brother 23 – Friday Funday | WildCard & Noms

July 16, 2021 | 29 Comments
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Author: Steve Beans

Good afternoon everyone!

One thing I like about early in the season is there is usually so much going on with the twists and such.  And usually, it has to take place before noms or veto which means a lot to report on once the feeds actually return.

Today, we are most certainly dealing with an extended downtime due to the Wildcard Competition and then there will be noms. I’m going to guess there will be a break between the two, but they may just keep the feeds down the entire time because they love doing that sort of thing. Screw paying customers, am I right?

This week has the chance to be either super interesting or super dull depending on the path Kyland wants to take.  He is a part of two different alliances (slaughterhouse and cookout), so if he decides to remain loyal to both of them, his nomination options are super limited this week and it’ll be dull.

Here is a little breakdown of the possible nominees:

(SH = slaughterhouse, CO = cookout)

  • Frenchie (SH)
  • Azah (CO)
  • Big D (CO, SH)
  • Britini
  • Claire (Teammate)
  • Tiffany (Teammate, CO)
  • Whitney (SH)
  • Brent (SH)
  • DX
  • Hannah (CO)
  • Christian (SH)
  • Alyssa (SH)
  • Sarah
  • Xavier (SH, CO)

So, assuming he keeps true to his alliances, his pool of players to choose from this week is Brit, DX, and Sarah.  Fun? No.  Now, if he scraps the slaughterhouse because he knows it’ll fall apart sooner than later, that does open up Frenchie, Whitney, Brent, Christian, and Alyssa as possible choices as well.   I mean people from that list can be pawns of course, but as it stands right now the only three options are what have essentially become floaters this season.

While I wait for the feeds to return, I was asked last night about different ways to donate for those who don’t like PayPal or Venmo, so I opened up a PO Box today! Contact me if you’d like the address.  I don’t want to post it because then bots will scrape it and start sending me junk mail lol

Let’s get to the updates:

  • 2:00 pm – Feeds have been on pet cams for a few hours now which means the comp has to be winding down soon
  • 2:55 pm – Feeds return!
    • It seems as if Sarah Beth won!
    • Still trying to figure out exactly what she won. Remember, Julie said something about the winner switching teams for safety. Perhaps the option was to join the safe team this week which is why those three girls are celebrating?  I’ll let you know
    • It sounds like SB had to swap positions with Tiffany or Claire which would have removed their safety. She didn’t but they’re happy she won because Frenchie played and now he can’t play again
    • And this may have guaranteed SB’s safety simply because she kept the Queens in tact and Kyland would look like an ass getting her out this week
  • 3:15 pm – SB and Kyland head to the HoH room because he’s meeting with everyone
    • He hugs her and says he wants to celebrate.  Doesn’t sound like she’s a nom so Kyland may have to tap into his alliance for pawns
    • He is holding 5 minute chats with people
    • It’s Whitney’s turn.  He asks her about the two rogue votes. She doesn’t know
    • Whitney re-tells a story about how dramatic Frenchie was acting earlier. Earlier he told her ‘I know what’s happening in this house and I’m out!’
    • Kyland hints that Frenchie is a detriment to their alliance
  • 5 minutes goes quick. Alyssa’s turn
    • Alyssa tells Kyland the same story about Frenchie that Whitney did
    • He asks if Frenchie is a detriment or benefit to the alliance. She says detriment as well. Sounds like Frenchie may be the target
  • DX turn
    • D immediately asks if Kyland trusts Frenchie lol Everyone throwing the French under the bus
    • DX tells him he hears of an alliance forming and they’re not in it
    • He continues about who would help Frenchie form an alliance. The two people closest to him and obviously not in his team.  He’s getting at Brent
    • Kyland says he hopes DX has a good day and thinks he will. These people are really taking the ‘don’t tell the noms’ thing seriously
  • Christian’s turn
    • Christian says the votes were likely Big D and someone else.  He thinks they were there to point to Kyland and DX. Exactly what DX said
    • Kyland asks how he feels about slaughterhouse other than the person who freaked out today (Frenchie)
  • Kyland is just going through the people one by one and it’s getting repetitive. I’ll let you know when Frenchie is up


  • 4:05 pm – Meanwhile, I’ll jump down to Frenchie and Whitney talking
    • They are out in the open so it’s going to be tough for them to get a good conversation going
    • Frenchie says he’s told half the slaughterhouse is flipping against him (which is true)
    • Whitney is explaining his outburst earlier, especially in front of people outside the alliance.  He replies “wait, Alyssa wasn’t there?” and Whitney points out that it was Hannah and Sarah was also there
  • 4:24 pm – Pet cams. Perhaps noms already
    • Yup, feels still down after a few minutes with pets so be back in about an hour with noms!
  • 6:30 pm – Two-hour nomination. I’m guessing just like last week they’re keeping feeds down for a bit after.
  • Feeds back.
  • Britini and Frenchie were nominated. And feeds weren’t cut longer than the ceremony. Proud of production today. Good boys and girls
  • Most of the house is comforting Kyland.
    • In the other room, Frenchie tells Britini “it’s not you, it’s me”.  Frenchie knows he’s the target
    • Britini asking where that came from.  Brit, scroll up on my post.  It’s right there in black and white.  The process of elimination is the reason Britini is on the block.
    • Frenchie plans on causing a shit storm this week.  If production actually shows it, hell yes!
    • Well, Frenchie heads upstairs and …. talks nice to Kyland.  Oh well, still plenty of time for a blowup
    • It sounds like there is going to be some meeting tonight so I’m going to close this, stretch, get a drink and open a new thread

Check for new thread soon


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