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Big Brother 23 – Live Eviction Thread

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Good evening, everyone!


It’s Thursday in the Big Brother house and the first live show of September which means we’re in the home stretch of Big Brother 23. It also means winter is coming, but I’ll just pretend that means they’re giving us a new Game of Thrones season 8 instead of the real winter.

This afternoon was a little exciting compared to normal Thursday afternoons which are usually completely dead. Today, SB sat Tiffany down for a long conversation and walked away likely getting her vote.  Now, this doesn’t mean SB is staying. Tiffany wouldn’t vote for her if there was a chance of that happening.  It just means Tiffany did some brilliant jury management at the perfect time and helped convince SB she is leaving because she’s so good at the game. And she’s going to throw her a pity vote to help secure that final 2 vote if she gets there.


Another thing happened which will likely amount to nothing and that is Tiffany and Kyland let their alliance slip near Alyssa.  I covered it all in an earlier thread if you want to read it, but a short summary is Alyssa told Kyland he’s ‘lucky to be part of the 6’ in front of Alyssa who may or may not have been sleeping at the time.  Even if awake, there is no guarantee she’ll put the puzzle pieces together than 6 of the 8 remaining people in the house are working together (after tonight).

I mean that’s a really tricky puzzle to solve, especially considering the hints she’s been given like noticing Claire will be the only white person in the house once SB leaves.  This is going to be one of those moments for Alyssa that we all experience at the end of a good movie where all those hints they’ve been dropping to us throughout the movie all come flooding back. Not even just Alyssa really, it’s going to happen to SB, Claire, DX, and Britini as well. Like ‘oh shit, I can’t believe I missed how obvious that was!’

Tonight’s HoH will be an endurance comp, but I’m not quite sure how important it actually will be. The Cookout has dominated so much that I have a feeling Alyssa or Claire will be the next to go regardless of what happens tonight.   Claire can’t play in the comp, so that means Alyssa is the only chance of breaking up the alliance this week and I feel she’d probably be talked into going after Claire. The biggest question to me is if anyone in the Cookout will break rank before the final 6 to snipe off a big target. Considering Kyland isn’t even remotely in danger at the final 9, I don’t think they’re going to split at all. They may be the first 6 person alliance in history to say “We’ll just get to the final 6 and then duke it out” and mean it.

Even the other strong 6 person alliances (Level 6) were debating on taking shots earlier than the 6 if they came up – and Tyler did.  He pegged off Brent at the 6 spot, so technically he wasn’t lying about getting to the final 6, but that typically implies the alliance is still together before they take shots at the outside.  It’s like Alyssa or Claire surviving these next two weeks and then the Cookout just starts attacking each other simply because they’re at the final 6.


Wow, that was a ramble.  Wrapping this up now and getting to updates:

  • Julie says it was a CRAZY week in the house.  Was it, though?
  • They immediately show the clip of Alyssa pointing out that Claire is the last white person next
  • Oh, the ‘wild’ week was the kitchen fire.  The thing we weren’t allowed to see. Maybe that’s why I completely forgot about it
  • Clips of the cookout meeting for the first time as an alliance, plus Xavier trying to plan his final 3
  • Jury house segment already. That’s how slow this week has been. Usually the busy seasons don’t get a jury house segment for like 3-4 weeks
  • Britini in the jury still in denial about the cookout
  • DX almost got it but didn’t realize it was 6 and not 4. He calls it genius.
  • Alright, time for the eviction
    • Votes – SB evicted with maybe a pity vote or two
    • Kidding, I’ll post actual votes
    • Big D – SB
    • Claire – SB (if tie)
    • Alyssa – SB
    • Tiffany – Kyland
    • Azah – SB
    • Hannah – SB
    • Xavier – SB
  • Kyland told SB he’s part of a big secret alliance and they didn’t want her anymore
  • It’s the spinning comp.  This won’t be nearly as long as the wall. Boo

Remember, the HoH competition should play out on the live feeds so come back here for updates!  I’ll have a new thread dedicated to that.


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