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Big Brother 23 – Monday Afternoon Feed Updates

August 9, 2021 | 27 Comments
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Author: Steve Beans

Good afternoon, everyone!

I’m super sorry this is late. My other job had me in a meeting that ran super late so now I’m frantically trying to play catch-up.  I’ll start this post, publish it and then do updates over the last 40 or so minutes that I missed

Basically, Britini saved herself and Christian is the re-nom. He’s not happy

Let’s publish this and get to updates

  • 1:00 pm – Apparently someone did tell Alyssa/Christian shortly before the ceremony what was happening

    • Christian had to go to the bathroom and called DX to unlock the door. Awkward.

    • Christian tries to talk to DX as he’s being let in the bathroom and DX just has a blank look on his face
    • Xavier comes in and joins. Christian says SB told him. DX finally speaks and says he won’t confirm nor deny
    • Christian keeps telling DX that SB was coming after him
    • Alyss and Christian are speculating that SB got in DX’s head
    • Christian is really pissed because he didn’t take a shot at DX and now he’s the target
    • Big D tells Christian he’ll vote for him to stay (keep in mind, anyone promising votes right now is most likely full of shit. Nobody has really made a decision yet. Shit, even Tiffany can be swayed and this was mostly her idea)
  • Christian eventually gets a hold of DX
    • They are trying to figure out who was behind all this. Christian really thinks it’s SB
    • Tiffany hugs DX and says she’s so proud of his speech

    • Alyssa speculates Kyland is a huge part of the person in DX’s ear
    • Later on, Alyssa changes her mind and thinks it’s SB again
    • DX says he wanted to salvage something with Alyssa and really hoped she would see this as a game move. Come on, bro
  • Actually, since I’m recapping previous updates, I’m not going to keep switching between rooms I’ll just post what was said and to whom.  Just remember these comments below are all scattered over the last hour
    • Alyssa tells SB she is shocked she took the money over the veto.  (They are hinting to SB they are pretty pissed about that)
    • SB tells Alyssa that she looked at Britini and asked if she (B) would take the veto and she said yes. At that point there was no reason to take the veto. This goes back to what I said on Saturday how people get pissed over dumb shit like that where the nominees are ‘expected’ to take the veto even though they know they won’t hold it. It’s a stupid unwritten rule
    • Christian and DX talk more and Christian keeps pointing out how they’re each other’s shields
  • 1:45 pm – Christian talking to Christian

    • He claims he has Big D’s vote and she doesn’t know that he has his vote
    • Claire tells Christian she isn’t sure who she’s voting for
    • Christian thinks if he talks to the Jokers, he can also get Claire and Tiffany
    • Britni and Aly come in to talk to Christian and Claire leaves
    • Britini asks what happened just before the meeting and Aly says someone told them.
    • Christian says Baby D has never kept his word, never made a decision with his own brain, and he’s too much a pussy to make a decision on his own. Someone else is running the HoH
    • Alyssa is already campaigning and saying if he stays he’s clearly a shield and definitely not coming after the Jokers

    • Britini tells the two that she was asked to throw the veto twice. She says SB asked her twice
    • Brit says SB told her that if she (SB) goes off the block someone bigger will go up.  They realize SB knew about the backdoor plan. Christian is not happy
    • They think Ky is running the HoH.  Ky and SB
    • Christian says if Azah votes for Christian to say he’s staying
  • 2:00 pm – Feeds drop for some reason
  • Apparently, there was a little drama before the nomination ceremony. Damn, I’m so pissed I had that meeting. Sorry guys

Thank you for your super-generous donation, Jenny!

  • 4:00 pm – Kyland talking with Big D and SB in the bathroom while Christian is still pretty pissed in the living room
    • We can’t hear what Christian is saying because production has no sound there lol
    • Big D leaves the bathroom and Kyland talking to SB about the alliance with Hannah, DX. They also have Claire and Tiffany
  • 5:00 pm – House has slowed down for now. Christian and Alyssa are in their depression phase and in bed together.
    • Time will tell if this will be their whole week or Christian will push for votes sometime before Wednesday night
  • 5:30 pm – Tiffany talking with DX in the bedroom
    • She is re-telling how Alyssa told her about the backdoor plan and how Tiffany had to act shocked. They laugh
    • Tiffany mentions how Chris/Ally remind her of a Jess/Cody and I was just thinking that as well.  It’ll probably be Alyssa campaigning for Chrisitan all week
    • Tiffany already planting seeds to get DX v Kyland.  She is saying Kyland is making moves without him preparing in advance

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