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Big Brother 23 – Monday Feed Updates

July 19, 2021 | 41 Comments
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Author: Steve Beans

Good afternoon, everyone!

It’s Monday in the Big Brother house which means it’s time for the week to end until Thursday.  The veto ceremony will happen this afternoon and then we wait until Thursday’s eviction. It’s always so weird how they cram everything in between Thursday-Saturday and then have all week for nothing, but it makes sense for the Sunday show.

Before I begin, I asked a question about a re-design yesterday in my post and I heard the response!  I won’t be changing the profiles at the top of the page when the design comes out.

Alright, to the house – The veto likely won’t be used today which means Frenchie and Britini will be the final nominees for the week. And if that happens, it means Frenchie should be going home on Thursday. I mean there is a small chance we could stay, but it’s super unlikely at this point. I think his hole is just too big for even the best player to get out of (although the best players wouldn’t have dug themselves a hole that deep).

A random thought I love about Kyland’s HoH is how he is with time management.  On Friday, he limited everyone to 5 minutes and stuck to it. Today, he plans on meeting with people for x amount of minutes and will likely stick to it. As someone who is so terrible with time management, it’s just super impressive listening to the way Kyland works.  He is having a really good game so far and if he manages to lay low after this week, he has a very strong chance at making the final 5. He has gained the respect of the house without appearing to be a threat, and as long as he keeps it that way, he’s golden.

I’ll jump into the feeds shortly but first a huge thank you to Brianna for your wonderful donation! I truly appreciate it!


  • 11:40 am – This is more of a recap leading up to this point:
    • Kyland had some conversations this morning.  He spoke a lot with Big D and solidified a final 2. I never put any weight into early final 2 deals this early but just throwing it out there
    • Big D tried to nudge to keep Frenchie because he thinks he can help them later in the game, but that pretty much fell on deaf ears and D wasn’t going to push it too hard
    • They want to take Xavier far but not the final 2 because he should have 3 teammates in jury which is a big advantage
  • D left and Kyland did some camtalking
    • He said that he most certainly wants to take Sarah as far as he possibly can. He would be happy with a final 2 with her but he’s more loyal to D and X first.  But SB is definitely high on his list should she make it far
  • Frenchie comes in for a little pity party
    • Blah blah I’m donating my stuff to charity just like he claimed he was going to donate a majority of his winnings to charity.
  • Alright, now we’re back to live
    • Kyland calls his remaining team into the HoH room
    • He tells them how DX won’t be using the veto and they’re on the same page with that
    • Kyland seems to be trying to merge the Kings and Queens in addition to DX. They call him the ace up the sleeve (DX is on the Aces)
    • Tiffany says Kyland has handled this so well that she actually has nothing to say which is surprising
  • 11:45 am – In comes Frenchie for more of a talk
    • Frenchie has a brief conversation with Tiffany and Claire and comes in and says ‘I hate when people talk to me like that – feeling sorry’.  Stop with the pity party then
    • Frenchie said he woke up with a migraine today.  Here is something I noticed lately in life – you ever notice how people don’t get headaches anymore?  Whenever someone has a headache, they call it a migraine. Everything is a migraine. It’s weird.  I’m not saying people don’t have migraines, I’m sure many do. I just think it’s funny how the term headache is just rarely used
    • Anyway, Frenchie starts talking about something that was going on with his son and feeds cut.
    • DX entered the room at some point during Frenchie’s plea but feeds cut again and now they just move downstairs so no more HoH talk. Yea, I’d much rather watch Tiffany do Christian’s hair than an interesting HoH conversation
  • And feeds cut to pet cam so veto meeting happening now
  • 1:30 pm – Feeds back – DX didn’t use the veto
    • Frenchie telling people he’s not mad at anyone. Hannah says ‘It’s a game, so I’d hope not’
    • Upstairs, Kyland talking to Christian, Alyssa, X, and SB.  He is securing a Kings and Queens alliance
    • It’s pretty chill downstairs with Tiffany braiding Hannah’s hair and everyone getting in bathing suits
    • Back upstairs, Kyland is telling the Kings about someone is going to be targeting the duos in the house like Alyssa/Christian and Whitney/Brent.  The Brent thing is weird because I really don’t see him with Whitney a ton.
    • Frenchie downstairs with DX talking about how honorable of a game he played blah blah
    • He promised women and minorities they wouldn’t go home and he held to that. Okay bro.  Had someone won the veto and didn’t use it, you would have broken your promise. You’re literally bragging about what you did to the person (DX) who allowed you to make your promise come true.
  • 2:40 pm – Frenchie’s team in the HoH now with Kyland. I’m actually sick of these Kyland meetings. His HoH is over.
    • Frenchie preaching about how his team needs to stick together blah blah. I’m done with it.  Finally other options on other cams so I’ll watch Tiffany and Claire talk about home.
    • Sorry, the Frenchie show is over and he’s a legend in his own mind. But I’m tired of hearing him brag about his 15th place finish
    • Tiffany outside talking to Claire and Hannah with some real talk.  She said Frenchie is just embarrassed because he came into the house as the ‘old guy’ so he felt he had something to prove. He felt he needed to run the house then he sees Kyland run the HoH the way he did. He looks at everyone like they’re children and then here comes Ky who handled it like a pro. Like he’s the BB CEO. And Tiffany is 100% spot on. Frenchie played the ‘old man’ card but he’s only 5 years older than Kyland and 6 years younger than Tiffany.
    • Put it this way, there is a larger age gap between Hannah and Kyland (9 years) than Frenchie and almost everyone in the house except maybe Britini, Hannah, and Alyssa. The dude acted like he was Kevin rocking his social game at 56
  • Not surprisingly, the feeds keep cutting every 2 minutes during interesting conversations.

Feeds have been cut for about 20 minutes now. Still on pet cams which is weird because that’s usually what they have when they’re shooting something.  Seeing as the feeds have been dropping left and right all afternoon, I’m going to guess it’s just another incompetent person running the feeds who forgot to turn off the pet cams.  But maybe they are doing something that will save Frenchie?  Doubt it but I’ll report if anything happens when they return

  • 5:30 pm – Took a break to eat and had to run an errand since feeds were down
    • Speaking of, it was nothing. In fact, pet cams are still going during downtime so production is just bad (but we knew that already)
    • While gone, it sounds like Brent was talking about the girls in the house.  He won’t go after Alyssa because Christian is really into her, DerekX suggests Whitney and he’s all set with that. He wants Hannah but she doesn’t seem to be into him (see, she is smart)
    • Oh, and Frenchie begging for pity votes
  • These feeds are absolutely BRUTAL tonight.  For the last 10 minutes or so, they’ve remained up for like 30 seconds before shutting down over and over and over
  • 6:00 pm – Okay, I’m done for now. I can’t take these feeds. I don’t want to get pissed and start ranting about the feeds for an hour so I’m just going to step away.  It’s not even like they were having interesting conversations. It’s just production sucks tonight more than usual which is hard to do.
    • At this point, I’m going to be shocked if there are live feeds for BB24. They’ve seriously just given up on trying to produce entertaining feeds.

Okay, watched Fear Street. Let’s see how the feeds hold up

  • 8:30 pm – Hey look at that, Frenchie rambling to Hannah, DX, and Claire
    • In the living room, Big D, X, and Kyland are talking. They are saying they want to be so integrated with their teams that they control the teams from the side and the teams do the dirty work
    • Alright, I’ve been back for 24 minutes and feeds have been down for about 12 of those minutes.
    • Watch out for Frenchie!
  • 10:00 pm – Between feeds being down, it’s a slow night. Brit and Frenchie playing pool. Others lingering around the kitchen

I’m going to finish up here for the night.  See you tomorrow!

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