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Big Brother 23 – Monday Madness Updates

July 12, 2021 | 26 Comments
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Author: Steve Beans

Good afternoon, everyone!

The mess continues! Frenchie is not leaving this week in power as the Head of Household without stirring the pot just a little more. I’m not sure if he’s overthinking it all, or is just drunk with power and needs his touch on every aspect of the week. When I went to bed last night, I thought Frenchie had settled down and we all just accepted that DX was going to use the veto on Kyland and Travis would be the replacement nom. Then we can watch the rest of the week Alyssa v Travis campaign to stay.

Nope. Not on Frenchie’s watch. That’s too damn simple and we can’t have any of that.

Out of nowhere last night, Frenchie told Travis he wanted him to try and convince DX to not use the veto while leaving Frenchie out of it. And of course, just as he was about to explain his logic to Travis which would have made my job 1000x easier, feeds cut because production is terrible (I’m so used to production destroying our viewing experience at this point that I’ve virtually given up complaining). Instead, we get to hear Travis re-tell it as he worked DX and they basically wondered if Frenchie was just putting out a big test to people. Thanks to production, we won’t know the exact reason for Frenchie’s flip.  I’m seriously confused why production does this. To get us to watch the CBS episode? To protect cast members? To annoy us?  All three?

Anyway, just like the nomination ceremony, we don’t actually know what’s going to happen. And this is mostly because Frenchie is a trainwreck more than production stopping us from knowing. Frenchie keeps flipping that it’s impossible to know who he’ll even re-nom if DX does indeed decide to use the veto (which he should be doing). For all we know, Frenchie is going to try to nominate Rockstar just because he’s lost his damn mind in that house.

If the schedule is the same as normal, feeds should go down around noon and the ceremony takes roughly an hour. So, barring production screwing us by keeping feeds down, we should know who the final nominees will be by 1.

What. A. Mess.

Updates –

  • 11:00 am – The house is spending the morning talking about racial issues which is always an easy topic to blog about (I kid).
    • For example, Whitney tells the group she grew up in a town full of a certain organization with white pointy hoods and when Obama got elected they… (feeds cut)
    • I shit on production a lot, but in that situation, I agree with just cutting the feeds.  Whitney is already in some hot water with her Sandy Hook thing.
    • If you’re wondering what I mean, this happened.  Basically, Claire was in the bathroom area when Whitney walked by.  When Whit when into the bathroom, Claire whispered into her mic “I don’t know about that one. She doesn’t believe in Sandy Hook”.
    • Now, Kat is in a bit of hot water for seemingly defending her:
    • But to defend Kat, I actually agree with her first tweet.  We didn’t hear it come from Whitney’s mouth so we don’t know the specifics.  I’m not even going to get into what Whitney could have been talking about that may have confused Claire, but I’m just being fair about it. Now, I don’t know what Whitney could have possibly said that confused Claire to the point of whispering that, but I’m just trying to remain neutral as a blogger. I’m just reminding people that it’s second-hand information.
    • What a mess this season has been so far and I’m all for it. No matter how hard CBS tries to cast the ‘perfect’ group, there are always people who come out saying or doing crazy shit. But, that’s why we watch! We watch the feeds because that is real. You’re always going to get 1-2 people who put on a mask during casting and then pull out the crazy once they’re in the house but that’s life. We’re adults.
    • Enough with that.  Back to the actual feeds.
  • 11:30 am – The house is still getting ready for the veto ceremony.
  • 12:15 pm – Feeds have been down for about 15 minutes now which would think veto ceremony, but the screen is still on the ‘we’ll be right back’ message. Typically it would be on the pet cam during this downtime. So, we’ll see what happens when they return
  • 1:00 pm – Tick tock, Big Brother.  I promised results at 1. Don’t make me look bad.  Feeds still down but not on pet cams.
  • 1:30 pm – Feeds return. Let’s see if they had the ceremony or not
    • Alyssa is in the HN room with Christian going through the votes.  No confirmation yet if the meeting happened
    • Alyssa leaves and Christian begins camtalking. Possibly about to reveal why feeds were down – feeds cut.  They return to him when he leaves the room.  Why does production hate us?
    • Back playing detective.  DerekX promises Alyssa his vote which means Kyland is off the block. Travis is likely up but waiting to confirm
    • Yup, sounds like Travis is the re-nom
    • Alyssa chatting about it in the bedroom.  She tells Big D how they can’t keep giving Travis hope
    • In the kitchen, Brent giving flight tips. He said if a storm cancels a flight, they don’t have to reimburse you so check the weather beforehand.  I’m not sure how you can check the weather months in advance, but maybe that’s something people do?  Unless he’s talking about people who are booking last minute flights? Anyway, just a tip from Brent.
  • 3:00 pm – Still casual conversation going on. We need to get Frenchie in the HoH room to be crazy again
  • 3:30 pm – Big D, Xavier, and Christian are chatting game
    • D talks about the alliances and how the house will look after the week.  How it’ll be their alliance (slaughterhouse) versus the rest.  He says people on his side need to chill like they just hit the biggest blunt in their life.
    • They are trying to figure out a hinky vote because why not? The week has already been a mess.  They want to put the blame on DerekX because he’s new to the game.
    • With the way this season is going, it would be hilarious if multiple people cast hinky votes and Alyssa ends up leaving.
    • The three want to keep Alyssa in the dark so her reaction is genuine.
    • Christian mentions ‘what if the other side does it’, but Big D doesn’t think that would happen.  “In a unanimous vote, Alyssa you have been evicted” oopsie.

Stepping away for dinner.  I’ll likely create a new thread when I return!

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