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Big Brother 23 – Monday Night Feed Updates

July 12, 2021 | 39 Comments
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Author: Steve Beans

Good evening, everyone!

It’s been a great day inside the Big Brother house!  We were able to watch this for a huge chunk of the evening:

Okay, don’t rant, Beans.  Don’t rant.  You can do it.  Avoid ranting. People are tired of hearing it. They suffer the same downtime you do. No need to keep bringing it up.

Whew…  goosfraba… goosfraba… serenity now!

A real highlight of the feeds was the meeting of the minds in the header.  That is the slaughterhouse securing their 8-person alliance. Or is it the butchers?  Or is it both?  This season is weird.

To summarize, this alliance features every single guy of the house except for the would-be target (DerekX) and the likely evicted person (Travis).  They also managed to exclude every intelligent female in that house. The collective IQ from Sarah, Claire, Britini, Tiffany, Hannah, and Azah is off the charts high yet they go with Alyssa and Whitney. Frenchie’s alliance, everyone!  To be fair, you really don’t want super smart people in your alliance so it’s not really surprising.

This isn’t a slam on the guys in that alliance.  I mean people like X are also very intelligent, but for the most part it’s the same ‘meatheads’ that Frenchie wanted to evict. He claimed (and I’m paraphrasing) ‘every season, jocks come in, group up, and run the house. It’s not happening this season!’ … well, here we are.

Before I begin, a huge thank you to Kelly for your generous donation! I greatly appreciate it. I really do!


  • 6:45 pm – Boring feeds right now which is a great time to watch the HR derby on my second monitor. Ohtani is really special to watch
    • Inside the house, Frenchie and Sarah are talking. Tiffany enters. She is worried now that she’s going to be one down, the house will attack her team. They say they won’t, but they probably will once DX is gone.
    • In between feeds dropping, Frenchie is once again talking about his week. How he went after Brent. How DX caused him to ‘step up his game’. Blah blah blah blah.
    • A rare moment you’ll see all 16 people on the same camera other than like eviction ceremony, etc
  • 7:20 pm – Bathroom chat. Alyssa and Hannah in the bathroom talking
    • Alyssa once again talking about how she’s not in a showmance.  But she is annoyed (and rightfully so) that she can’t even really be friends with Christian because people will think showmance.
    • And in comes Frenchie. Dude knows how to find a camera.
    • More people join and they start talking about soda. Frenchie says in his part, they just say coke.  If they want a sprite, they say coke. Is that true?  We say the brand here or at the very least, sub-brand.  So coke, root beer, sprite, etc.  That’s because restaurants typically have Pepsi or Coke brands so we want whatever brand they have of that genre. If you ask for a coke in Boston expecting a Sprite, you’re getting a Coke. They will then ask if Pepsi is okay if they don’t serve Coke specific.
  • Meanwhile, Sarah and Claire are talking in the storage room
    • They are checking to see who is going home and it sounds for sure Travis.
  • Feeds drop (shocker) for about 20 minutes and return to the house eating.
  • 9:50 pm – Super slow night tonight
    • Most around the kitchen and living room still.  A lot of feed downtime.  Backyard still closed for some reason. That’s actually the weirdest part of the night. Perhaps they’re doing repairs or something outside but I’m sure we’ll never know
    • Brent tells Alyssa “He was the one who said the female attention because he liked you on the first day”.  Sounded interesting which is why production then panned the camera away to go back to DX playing chess. He was outing someone. It may be Christian
    • Okay, feeds finally cut back to them talking and it does sound like they’re talking about Christian (Brent and Alyssa)
    • Uh oh, Alyssa says she thinks it’d be a good idea to put up DX and Hannah. This is because Hannah didn’t promise her a vote
  • 10:30 pm – Downstairs, Sarah is scheming with Christian
    • For someone who wanted to be a floater, Sarah is definitely playing the game
  • The camera is bouncing all around.  There is girl talk in the bedroom.  Whitney is wondering if her pasties are showing through her shirt.  They tell her they’re not (they are)
    • We’re back in another room with Azah, Big D, and Frenchie. They are telling Azah she’s going farrrrrrr in the game.  Famous last words
    • Oh, Britini is up there too. She is nervous that her working out will make people think she’s a physical threat. I think it’s your 20th degree black belt will do that.  Kidding, I don’t know what degree she is, plus I don’t know if she’s even told the house
    • On a side note, I like that Hannah is in there socializing. She hasn’t been too social.
    • Alyssa saying out of the guys, Brent is the closest she’d date but also doesn’t mind DerekX
    • They are also trying to ship X and Whitney.
    • In the event you forgot what Hannah looks like:
    • Yea it sounds like the girls are talking about shipping.  This is basically the consensus
    • Alyssa and Brent
    • Hannah and Christian or Hannah and DerekX
    • Whitney and Xavier
    • Tiffany and Frenchie
    • Sarah and Big D
    • Britini and Kyland
    • Azah and Brent
    • Personally, I’d love to see Hannah and DX
  • But Alyssa puts a wet blanket on the whole thing and says there may not be any showmance all season.  If any, it would be toward the end of the season or after the season

My eyes are shutting so it’s bedtime.  I need to sleep in so I can stay awake late tomorrow night for Loki!  Night, Junkies

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