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Big Brother 23- Monday Recap for 8/16/21

August 17, 2021 | 8 Comments
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Author: Mel

Good morning Junkies. The fall out from yesterdays veto ceremony was pretty much what we’d expected.   I know Steve wasn’t feeling well yesterday so I hope he is better today. (Get well Steve!)

Yesterday began with Alyssa telling Britini she was a little afraid to use her veto because she thought Xavier might go otb. (preparing everyone for it not to be used) Big D began getting cold feet over sitting otb Thursday and asked Kyland to take him off and put Britini up against Claire. Ky said he couldn’t do that because they had to hide the alliance and Claire wouldn’t trust him anymore. (Don’t forget, he volunteered to do this)

Here’s the rest of what happened:

  • Ky was ready to put what I’m calling his “trust” plan into action. If you’ve missed this strategy, he wanted to intentionally keep Claire from winning the veto so he could take her down himself to make her trust him more. (made NO sense)
  • Claire came down and Britini went up as the replacement. Alyssa didn’t use her veto.
  • Britini cried and said she was a good person, never lied in the game, spent more time otb than anyone and didn’t know why she was being picked on. (I like Britini and I actually don’t want her to be evicted but come on! She HAS lied to people in the game (the Christian back door seems to be slipping her mind) and as I said yesterday, why do people equate being a good person with being good at BB? (I can easily think of a few BB winners who were real assholes)
  • Azha and Big D tried to console her but I don’t know what they’re thinking. Azha played into the “it’s personal” motive with Britini and Big D tried to be Frenchie 2.0 by saying he couldn’t possibly campaign against her.
  • Britini came to the conclusion she’s a big threat and a shield for the other women so that’s why Ky wants her out. Big D kept injecting “he wants us both out” and “we’re both big threats” every time Britini would say something. (Damn Big D, she’s going to jury, let the girl have her moment!)  Britini’s always been afraid of being the house pawn. If there’s one bright side to this for her, it’s her ability to feel as though she’s leaving because she’s a big threat. That will make her feel better about herself and her game and I think that’s a good thing. (Yeah, she’s kind of annoying but she also seems like a pretty sweet girl)
  •  I don’t know why Azha and Big D think this is good for their own games to dive so deep into these lies. Sure, they can’t tell her the truth about the cook out but why not speculate over the BB bucks? It could help Britini not take it so personally but more importantly for them, they could avoid digging themselves a deeper hole with the lies. Britini may be more upset later over how far this has gone to trick her.  I don’t think Big D’ss ego will allow him to speculate they’re targets because they’ve gotten more BB bucks to spend.  The thing is, that’s also the truth. It’s what makes Britini a bigger risk to the cook out moving forward.  It also fits with Big D being a threat because he got more money too. That’s not the direction they’ve decided to go. Azha fed into it being about wiping out the Jokers and Big D thinks he’s up for an Emmy or something.
  •  Big D went further down the rabbit hole of delusion by getting mad at Alyssa for not using the Veto on one of them. He talked about how much he’d done to keep her safe so far in the game.  He couldn’t believe that “little bitch” didn’t use it. (His words, not mine) Azha still lives in reality and told him Alyssa didn’t owe them anything and they’d all just evicted Christian or “evoted” in Big D’s case.
  • Tiffany played dumb when she spoke with Britini.  Britini told Tiffany and everyone else about a deal she had made with Ky as soon as he became hoh. She said they agreed to keep each other safe, shook on it and said Ky told her he wanted to work with her until the final 5.
  •  There was a lot of conversation about Kyland making himself a bigger target because of the way he’s handled the week. (basically demanding everyone spill who they’re targets are, their strategies, etc.)
  •  Azha has been sharing a new plan she has for one of them to win the next HOH and actually put 2 members of the cook out on the block. This is so they can control the roulette power coming up.
  •  Tiffany and Big D talked, which hasn’t really been happening lately. Tiffany, being Tiffany, told him he needed to speak less because he was telling too much of his business. She said he was acting to emotional. (What the hell Tiffany, you don’t get an emmy for nothing, you gotta earn it!)  They also talked about how none of the cook out was planning on mentioning the cook out in their goodbye messages. (I’d been wondering if they would or not)
  • Big D told Alyssa he was upset with her for not using the veto. Later, Alyssa told people, they could’ve kept Christian last week but chose not to do it so now, they’re targets.
  •  Claire and DX have already began talking about the possibility of flipping the vote and evicting Big D. Tiffany did her best to shut this down with Claire. Actually, Claire started this talk while she was still on the block. It made me a little nervous for her at the time and I was also surprised, because that’s a pretty stupid thing to do.  Claire’s a gamer and should know better. Everything worked out but it easily could’ve gone badly for her. You don’t rock the boat until you’re OFF the block.
  •  Britnini continued to work on her campaign pitch and Azha gave her advice.  She said the usual, you don’t have to campaign against someone, just campaign for yourself and so on.
  • SB looking happy, Britini not so much.
  •  Kyland apparently had a conversation with Britini that she took as a threat. He was basically telling her, he didn’t have a target in mind but if she campaigned against him, that could easily change.  I guess he’s trying to avoid her talking bad about him?? It was a ton of word vomit and I’m not sure but it sounds like a bad thing to do….especially when the majority of the house isn’t vibing with the way he’s handled his hoh already. Of course she’s gonna slam Kyland, he put her otb…twice!
  •  Tiffany and Azha spoke about the vote this week. Azha had planned to give Britini a sympathy vote because it’s a promise they made to each other. She said she’s afraid of doing it but Tiffany assured her she could.  Tiffany said she knew for a fact SB would vote up Britini and she could get Claire to vote that way too so it would be fine.
  •  Azha has been talking to Hannah quite a bit more lately and may finally be viewing her as a full member of the cook out. She shared her plan for the next hoh and controlling the roulette power. (This sounded too risky to me when I first heard it because of the potential for it to go wrong) Azha has this covered tho because she said if something goes wrong, they could just vote out Kyland. (Haha)
  • Azha also said she was starting to worry about DX figuring things out. Hannah assured her he hasn’t.
  • Britini began telling everyone that Ky threatened her.  The conversation with Xavier was the most entertaining. He’s great at pretending be sincere, really listening to what the person says, when he doesn’t really give a shit. He sort of told her to campaign however she wanted and who cares what Kyland wants. The only time I thought he was close to cracking was when Britini started telling him she was supposed to be going to the final 5 with Kyland. X also showed off some baton skills with a pool stick.
  •  Xavier and Azha talked a little game. They talked about DX and when would be a good time to get him out. Xavier said they can’t wait too long but he isn’t as eager to get him out as he had been before. Azha said she really didn’t want to end up being the person to take out DX but she said she absolutely wants to be the person to take out Kyland. (I like this Azha)
  • Shocker! Ky and SB continued to spend WAY to much time together alone.  Claire told DX she knows Sarah Beth spent the night in the HOH room. DX, probably fearing this was heading the direction it did last week, said Shelley (SB’s girlfriend) was real. Claire said it wasn’t that, it’s the fact that she knows SB is lying to her about it. Claire and DX also talked about a way they could get Ky and X to target each other. (Good luck with that)
  • X and Alyssa are starting to spend the amount of time together that got Alyssa in a bad spot in the game when Christian was in the house.  I can’t tell if she doesn’t learn or doesn’t care but either way, I like this picture of them because of Christian in background…between them.

Have a great Tuesday!


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