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Big Brother 23- Monday Recap for 8/9/21

August 10, 2021 | 31 Comments
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Author: Mel

Good morning, we had some fun with the feeds yesterday….for a little while. Christian was mad after the veto ceremony, like we’d predicted he’d be, and he began campaigning for himself immediately.  There were a lot of conversations happening all at once so it was hard to keep up with but it didn’t turn into another ‘Keeshas birthday.’ I’ll backtrack and hit the highlights but check Steve’s last 2 threads for the details.

The day basically began with DX deciding he wanted to tell Alyssa ahead of time what he was planning for the Veto meeting. (The night before, Hannah had said she planned to do this so at first, I thought it was her) He was hoping she’d take it better if she knew ahead of time. (Big nope)  He spoke with Britini about it and said he wanted to make sure she was comfortable with him giving Alyssa a heads up. (Once again, DX making Britini feel like part of this backdoor plan) She told him she was ok with it but she didn’t recommend him doing it.  (Are we actually going to have to proclaim Britini as ‘Britini, the voice of reason?’) She said things were going to blow up anyway and all it would do was cause them to put pressure on DX right before the meeting.

DX did it anyway and started by telling Alyssa he was worried they wouldn’t have the votes to evict Big D.  She put up some useless arguments, which mostly consisted of saying they did have the votes to take out Big D, Sarah Beth would feel safest sitting by big D and Christian could’ve put him up last week, but didn’t. SB joined the convo and when she was asked for her thoughts, she told DX to do whatever was best for his game. Haha

Alyssa let Christian know he was going on the block and boy was he pissed. He just kept pacing, throwing F bombs and saying he knew he should have taken DX out last week. (Ya think?)


This is the look of a person who let Tiffany manipulate his hoh to take out Whitney, someone who wanted to work with him:

Speaking of Whitney, there’s a clip of her addressing a couple of the things that came up about her. She said in the video that she regretted the DX comment (I think she’s referring to the egg roll/penis comment)  She said it was something that was joked about, she thought she could say something too, was wrong, wish she hadn’t said it and regretted it. As far as the assumed Sandy Hook comment, she said that was a misunderstanding or something was misheard because she never said it. She said she knows Sandy Hook happened.  Since being out of the house, she said those were the only 2 things she felt the need to to clear the air about. (That’s a refreshing change from saying “well you guys don’t see everything.”)  Instead, she realized these comments were circulating and she addressed them. Boom. Done. This won’t be good enough for some people but I’m moving on.

Britini used the veto on herself and Christian went otb as the replacement. This was Britini AFTER the veto ceremony, still wearing the veto necklace.  I don’t know if she forgot to give it back, didn’t want to give it back or if one of the feed cuts was so production could MAKE her give it back. Lol

Almost immediately, Alyssa and Christian began campaigning. He was worried he may not have Tiffany’s vote because when she’d hugged him earlier, he said it felt like she was hugging him goodbye.


Christian cornered Britini and Alyssa joining them did NOT help him. (Remember, Britini has a F2 with Christian but….she also named herself the “Assisstant Assassin” this week because she went up as a pawn)  She pretended to be shocked and upset and didn’t do too bad.  Alyssa whined to her and made comments like “they’re just going to keep coming after us until we’re all gone.” I’m sure Britini was thinking ‘keep coming after you? Girl, since when have you been in danger?’

Christian spoke with Tiffany, he cried and she consoled him.

She’s lying to him regarding the game but I do think she sincerely feels bad for him. She likes Christian and she views him like a son. (This is an example of how the sincerity in Tiffany’s personal game has allowed her to go undetected with her game moves)  He felt much better about her once they’d talked and I guess this hug was better?

In the same way that Christian & Alyssa decided Kyland was running DX’s hoh, Alyssa has decided SB is behind the back door. (Sure Alyssa, SB came up with this big elaborate plan which would keep her ass on the block until Thursday) SB just has the look of someone who has a dark side. Maybe that’s why she has 2 names. This is Sarah:



Maybe, this is Beth:

Honestly, my favorite moment yesterday was Christian needing to go to the bathroom in the middle of all this and and DX having to do his Lord of the Latrine bit for him.


More from yesterday:

  • Alyssa is pissed that DX heard she was saying his name.  She is sure SB is to blame for this. (She is)
  •  Tiffany gave Christian tips for campaigning. She thinks he should make it about whether or not SB has a girlfriend and all the time she spends with Kyland. (Haha)  He agreed and said that it makes sense because if SB has a girlfriend and she’s cuddling with Ky, she’s obviously not loyal. (Yes Christian, please do more of Tiffany’s dirty work before you go)
  •  Tiffany camera talked and said she just wanted to cover herself in case he stayed.  She said she knows she can’t beat Christian and she’s not trying to flip the vote this week.
  • Christian and Alyssa wondered if this could’ve been a plan all along and if they’re just really bad at the game.
  •  Azha let DX know that she’d told Christian she would consider keeping him but assured DX it wasn’t true. (These two seem to have mended their relationship back to where it was earlier so that’s good)
  •  Hannah put some time in with Azha and who knows, that may help to fix whatever Azha has had against her.
  •  Christian and Alyssa have asked X if he will sleep downstairs Wednesday so they can have the have not room to themselves, so there’s that.
  • Kyland has to wear a costume and make people sandwiches.
  •  Claire pushed back a little against Tiffany wanting to work more with Xavier.  Claire says every time she’s tried with Xavier, he doesn’t give her anything.

Here’s a few other things that happened yesterday or things that have been set in motion:

Xavier, who appeared to finally grasp why people wanted Christian out, has gone back to not liking this plan. Tiffany’s done a good job of getting between Xavier and Kyland.  Basically, Tiffany feels like they all agreed to have an extra person except for Azha and Big D, who are sharing Britini. (That’s why she talks about the 11 and not the 12) She sees it as Xavier having 2 people (Christian & Alyssa) and says that he has to be willing to let one of them go. Xaviers arguement is that Kyland also has 2 people. (SB and DX) DX is Hannah’s side person but Xavier doesn’t see it that way.

Yesterday, Tiffany was explaining the way Xavier looks at it to Kyland. Kyland pushed back and said he absolutely does not have DX and that DX confides things in Hannah that he doesn’t tell him. She said Xavier doesn’t see it that way and feels if he has to lose his “strong” person, (Christian) that Kyland should need to lose his “strong” person. (DX)

Tiffany’s been doing a good job of keeping SB a target for next week. Other than Kyland of course, Azha may be the only person who isn’t on board with this plan. She told Big D they can do whatever they want but she wants Alyssa out next.

Hannah and Britini both advised SB to chill and not campaign yet. SB was getting nervous watching Christian & Alyssa run around doing it.  SB said they’d both survived the block and it was probably good advice. (It was  because when you’re running around like the house is on fire, you don’t do a good job of selling yourself. It’s obvious that you’re just in a panic, willing to say anything to save yourself)

These are the things that stand out to me in the house at the moment:

  •  Kyland, who for the first few weeks was playing the best game in the house, other than Tiffany, is really hurting his game.  I don’t care about SB having a girlfriend, whether or not she’s single and all the crap that’s been discussed. I don’t care about the cuddling, what her gf would be ok with or not. (That’s for her gf to decide, not me) But….he’s spending way too much time with SB and it’s making him a bigger target. It’s even made it easier for Tiffany to get Xavier to turn on SB. (Xavier, the guy who thinks he can keep his entire team and still says “team” all the time sees SB as a liability now)
  • This is how Kyland spends most of his time. I mean, he doesn’t usually spend it in a donkey costume but you get what I’m saying.

The next thing that stands out for me is the Cookout strategy.  It’s a good plan as it’s similar to a Brigade strategy.  However, plans like this one always have a huge risk. The risk is that because they are human, there’s a chance people will become too close to their side person and that person becomes their real priority.  Even Azha was willing to go on the block recently just so Britini didn’t have to do it. Not everyone is cut out for this game because you have to find a balance. How do you get close to someone and do it sincerely enough that they believe you, while not being loyal to that person?  I think it takes real mental strength to do it. SB is a good example of someone who can’t do it. She spends all her time with Kyland and doesn’t have to deal with the messiness of having to let people go that she’s gotten close to but when you do that, you’re expendable to those same people.

I think its relevant now because we’ll be starting jury.  I know the cookout has talked about making it to F6 but I think making it to jury is going to be good enough for some of them. Kyland had already made comments that hinted at it. We know Tiffany has really gone back and forth with it and she even cried to Kyland over DX not being in the alliance.  She doesn’t think it’s right that he isn’t in it.  Xavier wants what gets Xavier the win, not the cookout.  I could be wrong but I don’t think things are going to continue to go smoothly for the 6 once jury begins. They have a motivation to make some BB history but they’d also like to win. It’s NOT in Tiffany’s best game interest to go all the way to F6 with the cookout. It is good for someone like Big D.

Big D was just talking about when Tiffany needs to go (the first one of the 6)  and Tiffany is pitting Xavier and Kyland against each other a little bit. On top of that, the order each person has to lose their side person has already become a big issue and we arn’t even to jury yet.

The last things I took from yesterday is DX’s positioning after this week. This is a tough one because he can’t trust Kyland as much as he thinks he can and that isnt good for his game.  Tiffany has dropped hints about this because she’d rather DX work with Xavier sinse she’d rather keep Xavier longer. She may spell it out for him more soon. DX has really tried with Xavier but he just won’t give him anything. I don’t see it happening because with Xavier’s irritation over possibly losing Christian this week, his main target will be DX.  DX is going to be very vulnerable moving forward but I didn’t anticipate Alyssa blaming SB yesterday which was at least a little bit good for him.  Big D, Xavier and Alyssa would probably put DX otb but that’s about it. They also may not have the votes to evict him even if he goes up if Tiffany sticks with him. Honestly, that’s not too bad for leaving your hoh week, when you’ve taken out one of the bigger targets in the game.

There’s still alot of time until Thursday and Christian isn’t gone yet.  Maybe he and Alyssa will get out of the bed long enough to make something happen.

Have a great Tuesday!


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