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Big Brother 23- Monday Recap for 9/13/21

September 14, 2021 | 54 Comments
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Author: Mel

Good morning BB Junkies and a late Happy Anniversary to the Beans’!  Near the end of the season, my recaps start getting a little strange. It’s less recap and more random stuff that I haven’t had time to fit in before.  I have to mix it up or I’ll get bored by this point in the season. I assume you will too because how many times do you want to read “Tiffany brought up this point as to why she should stay, Xavier pretended to be thinking about it when he really wasn’t?”  It’s easier to just say so and so campaigned and leave it at that, unless they throw something new into the mix.

Yesterday was boring and predictable. Tiffany and Hannah kept working to make sure they’re the one to survive the week but the decision has already been made. I appreciate the effort just as I have all season. This hasn’t been a year where people just lay down and give up.

I think Tiffany is the perfect person for the Cook Out to send to the jury first. She actually knows what happened and had the most influence in getting it done. She’s also someone who won’t shade the truth just to give someone an edge. (unless Hannah manages to make it to the end) I’m guessing she’ll explain the CO and everyones role in it accurately. Can you imagine if Derek was the first one of the CO to hit jury?

I guess the is Big D carrying the entire season on his back??

Speaking of Derek, he got hit with some facts yesterday and he hung onto it ALL day. (I’ll get to that in a minute) I’ve grown so sick of listening to Xavier and Derek bash the women in the house ALL DAY LONG. Seriously, these are like 6 and 8 hour sessions sometimes!

Kyland does it too but when Xavier and Derek get together, it’s ridiculous. I liked Xavier alot more when he had more people to talk to because these two bring out the worst in each other.

I mean, could we please stop with the Tiffany betrayed us bullshit? Yes, she won a damn HOH comp that she was supposed to throw. She was supposed to throw it to Derek or Azha and they had already fallen  so get over it! She also didn’t betray one damn person in the CO! She had the shot, she DID NOT take it and stayed loyal to the CO.  She threw away a good chance at 750K in order to NOT betray them so what more do these people want from her?  (Don’t get me wrong, that’s on her and and I also don’t think she should become a BB martyr for it either) I’m just saying, if she’d actually betrayed ANY of them, Xavier or Derek’s ass would be sitting in jury right now!

If you aren’t watching the feeds, it’s hard to understand just how annoying this has become. This goes on and on for hours and hours. It’s also continued long after Tiffany made the rounds with an apology tour and said she was sorry for everything you could possibly conceive. It’s turned into a situation where these guys don’t just want to evict her. They want her to grovel, beg, confess all her BB sins and leave willingly and happily as punishment for all the wrongs she’s caused them. They MUST know she’s appropriately sorry before they can let her leave. I think its bothered me more because this hasn’t been a season where the person going home has been treated like shit but for Tiffany, they’ll make an exception.

I love that Ky is dressed like a jackass in this pic.

Kyland does his own version of Tiffany bashing but his seems even more warped than the simple airing of grievances. He wants Tiffany to apologize and accept her punishment for having dared have brief moments of not fully trusting him this season. He wants her to leave, knowing those moments of doubt are the reason she’s getting evicted even though that isn’t why he’s wanting her gone. He HAS to make sure she knows she should’ve trusted him, all while he was running to X and telling him everything she’d said.

Tiffany’s had a few talks that were pretty honest with the other hg’s this week. During a conversation with Derek, he said he thought a F2 of Xavier and himself would be a really tough decision for the jury. (Hahahaha) Tiffany said “no, it wouldn’t. It’d be an easy decision, he would beat you.”  She didn’t say it bitchy or anything, it was just more matter of fact. She’d been campaigning for herself and told Derek that Hannah would come after him because Hannah didn’t want him to be there and take up one of those final 2 or 3 spots. (Hannah will actually go after X or Ky, at least that’s what she’s said) Derek asked her again if she really thought X would beat him in a F2. She said “he would beat you, yes sir.” She said X had played a flawless game and hasn’t really lied to anyone either. Derek still pushed back and said he really thought it would be a tough decision for the jury and she said “it wouldn’t be for me.” She also said SB would vote for X, Claire has said she was voting for him and reminded him DX was a gamer and would vote strictly on game. She told him this wasn’t big love, it was Big Brother. She even said Xavier may have Britini’s vote because people wouldn’t vote on friendships, they would vote on gameplay. (I don’t know if I’d go that far with Britini but you get the gist of the convo) They kind of left it as an ‘agree to disagree’ but it was certainly on his mind the rest of the day.

Later, Derek complained about it to Ky and X. He also told X that Hannah would evict him over X because she’d see him (Derek) as the bigger threat.

Kyland and Xavier must be loving they way Derek sees his own game. They play into it and why wouldn’t they? They know they’ll beat him so let him think he’s masterminded the season since there’s no downside for either of them.

There’s also Azha, who Derek talks about like she’s his trained dog.  When talking about what she would do if she won the HOH, Derek told Xavier, “I will MAKE her put Hannah on the block” or “she’s been TOLD to do this and she WILL do it.” When X asked if Derek would put Azha otb with Hannah, he said “my Azha knows she’ll be a pawn if I need her to be a pawn. She doesn’t have a choice.”  The only thing that’s left, is for her to walk into the room and have Derek look at her and say “sit Azha.”

Derek was irritated with Azha recently for daring to ask if he had a F3 with the guys. (This, from the guy who already told her he had a F2 with Xavier)  She’d just told him she understood and didn’t expect him to break his word to Xavier. I mean, yeah, this is stupid but my point is, if you already have someone who is this much of a BB doormat for you to get to the end of the game, do you have to talk about them like they’re a piece of shit on top of it? Azha’s game is something else and I gave up having any hope for her a long time ago.

Big D and Azha working their best game strategy.

Honestly, at this point, I’d almost Derek win over her because at least he WANTS to win! (I said almost) Azha told X that Hannah is coming for him so she wants to win hoh and protect him. She said she’s fine if she gets evicted afterwards. (Facepalm)

I’m going to move on to something positive because I find myself getting annoyed all over again just typing this stuff. Let’s see, something positive…. I don’t think enough time or any time (from me) has been devoted this season to mentioning what an amazing cook Azha appears to be. Derek X knew his way around a kitchen too but Azha may be one of the best cooks we’ve seen in the house in a long time.  She’s created all kinds of things for the hg’s this season and last night it was homemade chicken pot pies. The day before, she made homemade pizza with homemade crust. I can’t even remember all the dishes she’s made. (Remember the crap Raven used to make? Good times!)  Recently Kyland talked about her mashed potatoes as if they were the best thing ever invented. (this was also when he was trying to get on her good side so I didn’t put too much stock into it at the time) There, I brought it back to something positive but unfortunately, I’m not finished railing about the guys because I haven’t even gotten to Hannah yet.

Obviously, the evicted houseguests come up in conversation pretty often. They just get bored and look for things to talk about. DX having such a great personality, being  funny and being great at comps gets brought up often. Xavier gets visibly annoyed when Hannah says anything good about DX. X went over all the comps DX won in an attempt to point out that his percentage wasn’t really as high as he’d claimed. X wanted to make sure everyone knew DX wasn’t that impressive. He gets really snippy with Hannah every time she says anything nice about DX. It’s like the thing with Azha. You don’t like DX, I get it but you’ve ALREADY beaten him so LET IT GO.

Hannahs caught on and sometimes antagonizes X with it now. She told him DX would’ve beaten him during the double when he won the Veto. Lol

Derek doesn’t care about the comp math but look out when they start talking about DX’s personality and how witty he can be! There was an entire conversation with Derek, Azha and Hannah about it.  Azha was saying they had so much material to work with for DX and I think that’s really what pissed Derek off. (This was about production using the Lord of the Latrine for his BB comic and they were saying it was kind of lame because there was so much more they had to work with) Azha was saying they had alot to use with DX and Derek said “he does?” Hannah and Azha both said “yes” and Derek said “ok.” (He said it the way you do when you obviously disagree) They were telling Derek he was really funny too but in a different way. He couldn’t leave it at that and just let them each have their own lane of funny. Derek said “I don’t see DX as someone who can entertain a room of people.” He said “I don’t think DX is on my level” and Hannah asked “who DO you think is on your level?” Derek said “no one.” Azha said it was like Beyonce and Rhianna and how they were both awesome but in different areas. She told him about Rhianna creating a make up line and even Beyonce failing at it but that Beyonce was….Beyonce. She said they were in different lanes. This somehow turned into Derek saying he was Beyonce and DX was Kelly. This made Hannah and Azha laugh because Derek is NO Byonce. (I’m a supporter of being your own #1 fan but reality should also factor into things just a little bit, maybe?)  The point I’m making is that this was a casual conversation which HAD to be turned into a serious conversation in order to boost Derek’s ego.

Maybe I’m just too old for this shit and don’t have the patience. If the mens egos are really this fragile, I’d have been evicted early on…but I’d at least have made them cry before I left.

Have a great Tuesday!


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