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Big Brother 23- Monday Recap for 9/20/21

September 21, 2021 | 30 Comments
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Author: Mel

Good morning everyone! Yesterday was craaaazzzy in the BB house with so much activity! I don’t even know where to begin. There was that moment when we waited with anticipation to see how long Kyland would leave the refrigerator door open before finally closing it. There was also a moment we were on the edge of our seats, waiting to see how Azhas’ wig would survive after accidentally being ran through the washing machine! It happened after an argument Azha had with Derek so some fans were wondering if he did it on purpose. (I’m going with no. I’ve not liked Derek almost from the start of the season but….no) It just got picked up with a blanket by accident. There’s plenty of material to complain about Derek but he doesn’t deserve this one. Here’s a couple of Tweets from Hamsterwatch because I didn’t go back and take my own images. Sorry, I was still recovering from the frig drama so I didn’t have the energy! (Truthfully, I had a busy day at work and got off late. I’m dealing with tendonitis and had to install window blinds at a new construction.  That’s usually the kind of job that can be done while listening to feeds and requires almost no brain power. I’ve realized that throwing some tendonitis into the mix, makes it quite a different task. You’ve never heard so much whining! Well, maybe you have, you are watching BB23)

I’ll go over the argument between Azha and Derek because there’s only a few other things to mention. These are Xavier talking like he may use the veto on Azha instead of Derek. He also talked about this to Azha. (I don’t think he will, he’s just frustrated with Derek) The second is Kyland continuing to wonder if Xavier will burn him this week and doing a bit of camera talking. (Yes, yes Ky, he will)  Lastly, Derek did some camera talking too and that was a peach of a conversation!

Highlights from the day:

  • I talked about the way Kyland smells everything yesterday but I didn’t mention, he’s also one of those people who leaves the frig door open the ENTIRE time he’s prepping food. (Hey, I warned you we had real riveting stuff for today)
  • The camera people kept zooming in and out on it so they’ve obviously noticed it too. My mom would’ve beat my ass for that growing up!
  • When the disagreement began between Azha and Derek, Xavier was just trying to escape as soon as he could. Lol
  • Azha asked him to stay so he sat back down but made a break for it shortly afterwards.

There are clips of Azha and Derek arguing on Twitter if you want to see them. (I’m sure you can find it other places too) There’s one in a Twitter thread from @RealityRealm. Its 11 clips, each around 2 minutes long. As far as BB arguments go, it wasn’t much. I think many of us just liked it because Azha called Derek out for taking credit for things he didn’t do. He’s always talked like he’s done sooooo much to keep Azha safe and acts like she owes him for still being there. (He actually owes her because she’s had to listen to this bullshit all summer)

  • Derek makes it sound like Azha was often in danger and he had to talk and/or make deals to keep her off the block alot and Azha was finally tired of it. When Derek is bragging on himself, he’s usually vague about the things he’s done and the moves he’s made. (Obviously, he has no other choice) She refused to let that stand yesterday (thank you Azha) and she wanted specifics. When he couldn’t give them, she went through the HOH’s week by week and asked him what he did to keep her safe during EACH of those weeks.
  • He wanted to avoid answering direct questions and looked like he just wanted it to end a couple of times.
  • She pointed out week by week, whether or not she was at risk of being put up at all. She also filled him in on the fact that she had her own relationships with Claire, Sarah Beth and Derek X and said she was confident she didn’t need him to keep her off the block those weeks. She mentioned the weeks the CO had the HOH and knew she wasn’t in danger those times either. Derek said he had to do alot of talking to get Christian not to target her when he was the hoh in week 4.  He’s wrong but she didn’t know that so she conceded that one and thanked him. She still pointed out that Christian already knew she’d target him because she told him during their one on one talk. (True, Azha during many weeks, told the current hoh, she planned to target them but still didn’t go otb. It was always so funny to me to watch her tell the hoh she’d go after them and they’d just be like ‘ok, no biggee’)

Side note: Derek didn’t factor into Christians thoughts AT ALL the week he was HOH, other than briefly suggesting him as a target. Christian did consider targeting Azha too before Xavier accidentally talked him into targeting Hannah instead. They originally wanted to take out a Joker and Britini was off limits since Christian had made a F2 with her. Xavier mentioned using Hannah as a pawn in order to keep Christian away from targeting Azha. This was the week Sarah Beth thought she had influence with her team and quickly realized, she was wrong. Instead of a pawn, SB pushed for Hannah to become the target. It worked because Xavier had given Alyssa and Christian many points as to why Hannah should be targeted.  That week actually became a tug-of-war between Sarah Beth and Tiffany and it went back and forth several times. This happened after Xavier went to Tiffany, told her the CO would have to move forward with 5 and they’d have to cut Hannah loose or expose the CO.  The only issue that week was whether or not they could get Whitney evicted AND keep the CO a secret. Kyland gave Hannah good tips to use for her talks with Christian once she went otb, Tiffany had alot of influence with Christian but mostly, Hannah saved herself. Azha wasn’t mentioned again. Derek didn’t have a damn thing to do with anything that week and I’m quite sure, he wasn’t even aware of the maneuvering that was happening. People have forgotten, Christian and Alyssa were both alot more loyal to Tiffany than even Xavier at that time. The fake F4 they had with Tiffany and Claire was Christian and Alyssa’s real F4 plan.

Derek also wants Azha to feel indebted to him because of that one time, during one of Kylands HOH’s, when according to Derek, he went otb so Azha didn’t have to go up. She’s always told him she appreciated that whenever it comes up and he brings it up often.

The truth is, Derek volunteered to go up that week. Derek talked himself otb as a pawn because he couldn’t stop talking. I get that she doesn’t know that so she gives him his due in that situation too. Remember, that was the week he lied to Azha and tried to make her think Ky was actually targeting him? We kept thinking, why?

  • Azha told Derek, it made her defensive when he started talking about her game in a negative way. She said anyone would get defensive in that situation and she’s right. She said Derek is always bringing up everything he’s ever done in the game and she doesn’t do that. She said it upsets her that he’s made so many comments about her only contributions being napping, cooking and crying or something like that.

Honestly, they talked in circles and the only part I enjoyed hearing was her trying to get him to see that he hasn’t done nearly as much to save her as he likes to pretend. I got her other point and even though she didn’t word it well, this is what she was trying to say:

Derek insults her game all the time and does it unprompted. It would be fine if she needed the reality check due to her constantly bragging about her game. However, she doesn’t brag about her game so she doesn’t need him to correct her. She isn’t claiming to have done alot so she doesn’t get why he feels the need to insult her, just for the hell of it. That’s the point she was trying to make to him. (Azha may deserve to sit in the F2 after all, just for sharing a room with Derek for 3 months!)

The other part I enjoyed was the simple irony of the situation. These two had this entire disagreement…. while both of them were laying in bed.  Derek and Azha have played almost identical games this season. The biggest difference is that Azha knows the game she’s played. As far as getting the CO to the F6, which is one of Derek’s accomplishments, according to him: There’s that one time Derek had a tantrum and said he was done with the CO. Azha talked him back down from it. There’s those other couple of times when Derek was practically begging Xavier and Kyland to take the shot at Tiffany at F8 or F7 and move ahead with only 5 CO members.

  • Derek eventually left the room, Azha cried a little and Xavier consoled her. (She finally got her cuddle)
  •  Xavier also vented to Azha about his frustration with Derek. He said it was crazy that they’re having to push Derek into doing something that benefits his game more than it benefits Xaviers. They talked about AFP and Azha said the top 3 would probably be Derek X, Tiffany & Derek F and X agreed.  (I think Xavier was also working on Azha little bit. People do this as a way to say, without saying it, ‘hey, it would be ok to cut this person because they’re going to end up with extra money as AFP anyway.’)
  •  He talked to Azha about possibly needing to take her off the block and let her cast the vote to evict Ky. She basically said no problem, she’d do it in heartbeat.
  • They talked about Kyland and Tiffany’s games.  Azha said that Ky taking out Tiffany was the worst movie he could’ve made. She said Tiffany may have talked a lot of crap about Ky but she was way more loyal to Ky than she was to Derek or Xavier. (True, Hannah may have been Tiffanys real F2 but Ky was in her real F3)
  • Azha said she thought Tiffany played a great game.  Xavier said she played a good game but said she played too hard. Azha told him Tiffany played the kind of game she’d enjoy watching if she were at home watching it. X conceded that was probably true.
  •  X also talked about the possibility of rethinking his F2 plans. (This situation is so nutty, the way they’re so open with F2 plans but Azha has made that ok so that’s on her) He said maybe he and Azha should discuss that more once they were on a level playing field. (meaning, once he isn’t the HOH)  I don’t think he wants Azha in a F2, I think he’s working on her to get her to take him over Derek if she were to win the last HOH.
  • Kyland talked to the cameras a few different times. Once, he was shouting out the Obama’s and said he knew they probably wouldn’t get to be actual friends after his new fame but he’d at least like a shout out on Twitter, Instagram or something. (These people are so delusional. Lol) Another time, he went over again how he hoped Xavier wouldn’t betray him this week.
  • Derek did his own camera talking and wondered how the fans would view his game.  He said he knows his personality may not be for everyone and he looks forward to hearing people give their opinions on his game. (Holy shit! Does he know what he’s asking?) Recently, he said he wondered if he’d be seen as a “legend in BB.”  This is the same person who said he doesn’t really see Janelle as a legend but he thinks he’ll be one. (He really has reached Raven and Danielle levels of crazy, that’s BB14 Danielle, obviously) He went on to say he needed to prepare a speech for the F2 if he got there. (He doesn’t usually say “if”) He wants to make sure the jury can see everything he did in the game.

Don’t worry Big D, we’ve got visual aids you can use:


There’s plenty more if he needs them. Have a great Tuesday!


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