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Big Brother 23 – Nomination Results

September 10, 2021 | 78 Comments
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Author: Steve Beans

Good evening, everyone!

The battle of the cookout is officially underway as the first shot has been taken after a long afternoon of Kyland talking and talking and talking. To be fair, that’s any afternoon, but due to him being HoH, I couldn’t just ignore it like I typically do.

I originally predicted that the guys would team up once this battle began, and I am right, but it also appears as they have found their fourth and that is Azah. Tiffany and Hannah increased the targets on their backs the last few weeks at possibly the worst time in the game so now they are likely the next two to leave barring any veto or HoH wins by them moving forward.

And who did Kyland actually nominate?  Tiffany and Hannah

It is expected that Tiffany will be the primary target of the week as she’s seen as the queen of the house (as evident by their chess piece selection when describing players) so it is no shock at all that she will likely be the one to go. I mean even Tiffany knew that when she told Claire she would likely be following her out the door. People typically say that crap to make others feel better, but I am fairly sure Tiffany meant it. She let her #2 ally in the house go without even a fight and then was the person to nominate her #1.  Nobody survives that, nor should they really.

While it’s completely honorable to fall on the sword for the cookout, you don’t get any prize for holding an alliance together throughout the game. Tiffany’s mid-game was arguably the worst decision-making I’ve seen out of someone so tactfully smart before and it’s just sad because she knows how bad it was.  She is a master at manipulating people and clearly a competition threat and easily my pick to win the game (as you can tell from my power rankings) until she went down for her team.

It’s going to be really frustrating to look back and talk about Tiffany because I firmly believe she threw away at least a 50/50 shot at winning $750k. She didn’t screw up her game like Paul or s14 Dan did by not doing any jury management. She didn’t have all these final 2 deals which came back to bite her like Tyler. She was 100% guaranteed to win if she sat in the final 2 against anyone other than Xavier and knowingly threw it away.  Also, keep that in mind next time someone questions how much it actually means to people of color to see the cookout succeed. I promise I won’t keep bringing up color but this may just help give people a clue as to how much it means and why they did it.

  • 5:30 pm – Feeds return.  Tiffany talking to Azah saying if it’s her time, it’s her time
  • 6:00 pm – D heads upstairs to HoH room to encourage Kyland.  He tells him it had to be done.
  • 7:30 pm – Housecheck!  Everyone still sitting around kitchen table.  Cool
  • 8:30 pm – Most of the last hour, the house sat around telling stories of the former houseguests.
    • Talks have broken up. Azah went back to being furniture, Tiffany and D branched off to talk casually. Hannah showering.
    • They keep talking about who would come back as a coach and D suggested Frenchie.  Tiffany is like ‘Frenchie?  He was out week 2. Nobody gonna want him coaching them’

    • Looks like Tiffany is getting a going away butt massage from Kyland

I think I’m going to call it early on this incredibly slow night. I have a feeling the rest of the season may be this slow but we’ll see.  Hopefully tomorrow or Sunday we’ll see scrambling once veto is set

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Most Votes Received

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Felicia Cannon 8
Taylor Hale 6
Brittany Hoopes 5
Terrance Higgins 5
Xavier Prather 5

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Jag Bains 7
Michael Bruner 5
Brittany Hoopes 4
Kyland Young 3
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