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Big Brother 23 – Post Eviction Feed Updates – New HoH

September 16, 2021 | 58 Comments
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Author: Steve Beans

Good evening, everyone!

There we have it, we’re down to 4 in one of the weirdest seasons I can remember.  I’ll probably post a recap of the stupidity this season, but if I forget, we got a few more examples tonight.

Azah is currently receiving a lot of crap online right now, but let’s cut her some slack.  She has been furniture all season and then finally wins a comp and it just happens to be the most important comp of the season to that point. And, she only has 5 minutes to think of what to do.  No pressure.

I think the real dummy is going to be Kyland for not taking out your strongest competitor when you had a chance.  Not only did he not take him out, he saved him from the block just to make sure there wasn’t some crazy tie scenario where X went home.  Are you kidding me?  Kyland really doesn’t see how screwed he is if he sits next to Xavier in the final 2, does he?  This is Cody Jr except the main difference is, Cody was at least Derrick’s ride or die bro. Kyland and X aren’t even that tight. Absolutely nobody would look down on Kyland for getting out Xavier like they would have looked at Cody had he screwed over Derrick.

Frenchie set the tone for a bizarre season in his weird week 1 and that seems to have been contagious because this crew is just bad at this game. I’ve never seen a group of people so against winning three quarters of a million dollars before Big Brother 23.

Anyway, what a wild season.  On to the feeds:

  • 7:20 pm – Feeds return earlier than what CBS said.
    • Big D and Kyland cooking and Azah sleeping. No sign of X right now. No clue who won the HoH yet
    • We found X, sleeping in the HoH bed!

    • I don’t want to confirm it yet because it’s possible X is just taking a nap in the room.  I mean it’s like 99% that X won HoH but I won’t post it until I get that last 1%
    • The more I think about it, I really don’t think X is the type to sleep in someone else’s bed like that so I’m calling it. X won HoH!
  • 7:50 pm – Azah finally gets out of bed. Big D tells her they’re all going to bed early tonight (I hear that so much during the season)
    • Azah heads up to the HoH room
  • 8:25 pm – Xavier winning HoH means he’s virtually guaranteed to play in round 3 of the final HoH comp on finale night.
    • This is because he’s guaranteed final 3 and he’s near guaranteed to win one of the first two rounds of the comp.
    • He’s definitely not guaranteed to win the final round because that’s kind of a guessing comp but he should be playing in it. The question now will be who he’ll be playing against.
  • 9:20 pm – Still no definite noms.
    • I’m going to say Kyland, Big D, and/or Azah are nominated 🙂
    • It really doesn’t matter right now because the veto is obviously the most important comp as it gives the person sole power in who gets the third spot in the final 3.
    • Well, I shouldn’t say ‘sole power’ because X could win it and then he is the person who decides to have the sole power. But either way, this veto comp has the most power in the game.  X’s HoH guarantees him a spot in the final 3 so that’s certainly a great comp to win but the veto holder is the person with the most power. And if that veto holder is not the HoH, that person is guaranteed to cast the sole vote to evict the 4th place finisher.
    • Anyway, D on the couch talking to X

    • D is upset because he thinks Azah is after him now for some reason. He’s always super paranoid about everything so it’s hard to listen to anything he says. But there does seem to be some tension between D and Azah.
    • A little observation, Azah heads into the HoH wearing her pink shirt.

    • This isn’t game-related, but it’s just a little TV thing. She was wearing the pink shirt during the double (yesterday), so they had her put it back on to talk about (likely) the HoH competition. It’s for continuity reasons.
    • When she comes out, D finds out it’s his turn and tries to remember what shirt he was wearing for that.
    • Like I said, not game-related, but just interesting ‘behind the scenes’ tv stuff.

It appears Azah and Kyland are nominated.  Again, doesn’t matter.  Veto matters.  And that will likely take place tomorrow although it can certainly happen on Saturday (but my guess is tomorrow just so they can finally give them the yard back).  It’s very quiet in the house and I feel that’s going to be the tone for the next two weeks. The thing we learned tonight is just that X is virtually guaranteed to be in the comp on finale night. Other than that, everything still up in the air. It will almost certainly be an all-male final 3 unless Azah wins veto.

I’m off to bed!

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