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Big Brother 23 – Post Eviction Feed Updates

July 22, 2021 | 72 Comments
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Author: Steve Beans

Good evening, everyone!

I don’t know what is more shocking, that Britini actually went through with that super cringe rap, or the feeds actually returned shortly after the show ended this week.

I’m going to just jump into the feed updates seeing as they’re up and not much happened in the last 5 minutes since my update in the live thread


  • 6:15 pm – Xavier sitting alone in bathroom running through stuff in his head while he waits for the toilet
    • Meanwhile, Christian and Alyssa are worked up over some bed situation. We’ll check more on that soon
    • They’re complaining about someone taking a bed. And that person is just off of HN which means either Brent or Little X
    • Sounds like it’s Brent they’re complaining about
    • Let’s take a look at the possible noms based on alliances
  • Excluding Kings, Queens, DerekX, and The Cookout, here is who is remaining:
    • Britini
    • Whitney
    • Brent
  • Again, it doesn’t mean the rest are safe other than the rest of the Kings, but if Big X sticks with his alliances this week, those are the people who should be sweating
    • And I really don’t think Whitney is in my trouble with X so my prediction is either Britini or Brent
    • Now Britini is singing.  Between the rap and this, I know how I’ll be pulling for to be evicted this week
    • It pains me how many people don’t know who Tom Green is. And I’m referring to people inside the house. Like Alyssa and Sarah said they didn’t know him at all. He was on one of two celebrity Big Brother seasons. Two. I get them being too young to know him from the Tom Green show but come on
    • Alyssa tells Britini that she and Christian will back up Britini this week.
  • 6:50 pm – In a side room, the Aces are talking and Brent is feeling pretty safe this week.  Uh oh
    • DX is in the HN room with Hannah talking about how they threw the HoH.  Hannah is going to pretend her ego is bruised from it.
    • Hannah and DX are talking about how Alyssa and Brent need to likely go before the jury
  • In another room, Claire tells Tiffany she thinks DX has a little crush on him.  (or maybe the other way around?)
  • 7:45 pm – Feeds return and it looks like the Queens are have-nots this week
    • Kyland and Claire are going to do a 36 hour fast.  Tiffany asks why she wasn’t invited and they say they’re doing it on their own and she can join them.  They say they’re just drinking coffee, water, tea for 36 hours and Tiffany is like ‘I don’t want to do that’ lol and they joke that she doesn’t have to. They all hug
    • I will also say this pic above is my ideal final 3 – right now.  Things could EASILY change if they grow annoying
  • 8:00 pm – In the bedroom, Tiff and X meet up and it’s basically a guarantee Brent is the target this week
    • It also sounds like Whitney will be on the block with him because that’s what Kyland did last week (put a teammate up on the block).  They agree they can’t do Hannah or DX which means Whit is likely it.
    • They also agree Britini can’t go up back to back… there goes that. I guess we’re going to suffer for another two weeks minimum.
    • Tiffany camtalks and says Brent has to go because he was the mastermind behind Frenchie’s HoH

So if you’re just scanning like “wtf, just tell me who will be nominated this week!”, as of 8 pm, it is almost a guarantee that it’ll be Brent and Whitney.

    • Tiffany is back to camtalking. She says she likes Whitney on a personal level but on a game level, she’ll (W) will slit her (T) throat
    • And she is also next because she talks zero game to Tiff
    • She also says she’s going to work Kyland for a final 2

Check back for updates

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