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Big Brother 23 – Post Eviction Plus HOH Results

August 12, 2021 | 45 Comments
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Author: Steve Beans

Good evening, everyone!

Well, the pre-jury era is over and now we’re stuck with these people until the remainder of the season. Sort of.  I mean, people evicted now will appear on the jury segments and stuff but we’re un-officially in the real part of the season. No more begging ‘just to make jury’. No more messing around. It’s game time and to kick off that second part of the game, we have a new HoH:

Kyland won the HoH


  • 7:00 pm – Feeds return
    • We get some good cam talk from Kyland and feeds switch away from him because production is really stupid
    • Fortunately they don’t cut away long
    • From what I understand, during the HoH competition, X threw the competition to Tiffany who blew it to Kyland. So it sounds like X could have won easily but he didn’t and now Kyland is the HoH
    • Kyland is unsure what to do now.

    • He says he’s not sure about the 6 but he’s not worried
    • He says Britini should be panicking but he probably won’t even put her up
    • Guarantee 6 plus DX aren’t going home this week.  He admits DX likely has the best shot at getting the power (he’s right)
    • Alyssa says ‘bring me in the DR because I am about to roast all these people’. Do it live! Let’s hear it
    • It sounds like Claire may be the target.  Don’t you do it, Kyland.
    • Kyland says DX will probably win the prize this week because he has an entire part of the country that can see he’s outnumbered.  He also doesn’t think any community in the country can rally like his. Wait.. what?
    • He is going to let the house decide on who to put up next to Claire
    • DF re-tells what Alyssa said to him “If I lose Christian, it’s going to hurt. But you know what I realized?  There are a lot of minorities here and only 3 white people”  what a weird comment.
  • 8:00 pm – Downstairs, Azah and Tiffany talk about how Tiff would have put Kyland on the block with SB

    • Back upstairs, Kyland now talking with SB.  She tells him she was shocked about Christian and Alyssa (what??) but her being nominated makes her think that people in the house see her that way with Kyland which is not good to Shelly (her girlfriend people think she is making up)
  • Tiffany heads up to the HN room to talk to Kyland
    • She admits she is just pissed at herself. She recognizes Kyland was trying to throw it but she failed. Originally when the feeds came back up, she was bitching to X about how Kyland didn’t throw it. But the way it worked was, it was one of those competitions where you guess the answer.  If you answer right, you pick the next two peopole to face off. Nothing really weird happened there, but it sounds like it ended with Kyland and Tiffany.  Kyland said he was very slow at picking his answer and apparently even had his hand over the wrong answer but he wasn’t 100% sure what the right answer was so he didn’t want to guess right. That makes sense. If it’s multiple choice, guessing isn’t the smartest solution because you may guess right (if you’re trying to throw it).  So the only option is picking slowly which Kyland did.  Tiffany answered and was wrong so Kyland won.  I have no clue why Tiffany would have even be mad at that to begin with because she got it wrong. I got the impression Kyland looked super shady outside but he in no way was.
    • But, he’s putting up Claire and may send her home so hopefully she gets some sort of power this week
    • Tiffany still upset over Big D and Azah acting like bodyguards to Britini

Work in the AM. Claire is the target this week. I’ll start live blogging tomorrow afternoon

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