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Big Brother 23 – Premiere Night Feed Updates

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Good evening, everyone!


It’s night 1 of the feeds so we finally get to see this cast in action!

There isn’t a ton going on with the feeds right now other than ‘get to know you’ stuff so I wanted to ramble on about the cast and initial thoughts

  • This may be the smartest group of girls they’ve ever cast. Don’t get me wrong, there have been a lot of smart female players in the past, but as a group, this combined IQ is likely off the charts.  I can’t exactly say the same about the male side of the house quite yet, but wow is this a strong female group.
  • I love the early risk/reward options so far.  When Julie said Frenchie had a chance to double his safety for him and his team, I expected her to offer some ridiculous ‘punishment’ if he fails. Like ‘If you fail, you need to be on peanut butter for the week’. Stripping his HoH and the safety of his team was a big one. Perhaps a little too big because the guaranteed loss of safety is a bigger risk than the reward.  I mean the Jokers still have a chance to be safe next week.   Although, giving him an incredibly easy competition balanced out the risk.
  • I enjoy the team concept and enjoy how they did it.  It wasn’t ridiculous like BB14. In order to be a captain,  you needed to win your first comp. This automatically split up the better competitors (who were at least willing to win a comp on night 1).  I’m actually liking how they did the random 2 people to choose from and the balance between M/F on the teams.  I think it’s about the fairest way you can have a team comp like that.

All right, I’ll probably go on more tomorrow when I think of stuff to write as I’m in bed, so let’s jump into the feeds

  • 9:45 pm – Feeds are up!
    • It looks like Alyssa may be injured but not seriously. Perhaps a stomach thing. Cramping.
    • I think they’re going to call Derek F ‘Big D’ so I’ll call him that for now. We needed nicknames between the Dereks
    • Speaking of, Frenchie is talking with Big D and tells him if he didn’t know his personality, he’d think they cast Suge Knight this season. If you don’t know who that is, google him.  He’s a scary dude.
    • Frenchie is in the living room talking with Tiffany and hints that she is safe and possibly her team.
    • I am getting a bad feeling about Xavier’s time in the house. He was the reason they dropped the cards one of the times and I feel they may just boot him for that. 3 hours into the season and my initial prediction is Xavier is one of the first noms.
    • Sarah has a Bronte voice. Not sure how I feel about that. I wonder if she’s going to have a big reveal about being smart at some point. Probably not. I don’t think we’ll ever get a moment as cringeworthy again
    • They are cutting the feeds quite a bit. Not a fan of that.  They were horrendous with that during BB22. If they pull that crap again this season I may lose
  • Side note – The previous 4 lines were written on another blog post. I didn’t even realize it for a bit.  Yup, I’m still rusty at blogging
    • Alyssa and Xavier talking about BB21 and dancing around the fact that Jackson was a douche and said dumb stuff
  • Frenchy speaking with Tiffany and sounds like he may be going after the ‘jocks’.  Brent, Christian, Travis?
  • 11:00 pm – Whitney chatting with Tiffany about forming an alliance with Frenchie and Britini
    • Frenchie comes in ironically and they solidify more of a parents’ bond.
    • In another room, DerekX and Kyland are chatting about the game. Wondering if they’re going to be targets this week
  • Meanwhile, here is the HN room
    • The green double bed looks pretty rough for tall people but the other bed looks fine.  There is a duplicate white bed to the left off the image (I thought it was the jet ski which reminded me of the dentist chairs).
    • A weird thing is they walled off the bathroom. Not a big fan of that.  So many fights have happened with people yelling at each other from the bathroom area and the kitchen

Basically a summary of the night is that the house is still getting to know each other while Frenchie is overplaying and making little Tylerlike deals.

Mel won’t be doing morning recaps for a few days so it’ll be all me for the time being. Hopefully you don’t get sick of my thoughts!

With that, I’m off to bed. Happy premiere night!



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