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Big Brother 23 – Saturday Afternoon Feed Updates

July 17, 2021 | 42 Comments
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Author: Steve Beans

Good afternoon, everyone!

I planned on taking the afternoon off until after the veto competition, but this house doesn’t stop so neither do I

Let’s just quickly summarize this morning –

Frenchie has been scheming all morning and this is the plan he came up with:  Whoever wins the veto – including Frenchie – uses the veto on Britini.  This makes Frenchie the hero and it also makes him the shield moving forward.  Yes, the shield strategy we’ve seen suggested like 100x a season will suddenly make Frenchie the best player in history (his words). Now, with Britini off the block, Frenchie can sit next to a Brent or a Christian and they can go home before him because, again, shield. Frenchie will just play the shield role and then go out at week 5 which is just after battle back (if they have it) but before jury so he can go home to his kids.

I’m sure nobody actually believes his heroic act, but it’s still great feeds so I’ll take it.  As a blogger, I’d certainly take Frenchie in the house over someone boring like Brent or Christian so I hope it works out, but I’m not sure it actually will.

Playing the veto competition today is – Kyland, Frenchie, Britini, Claire, DX, and Alyssa.

Let’s get going with the updates

Before I do, a huge thank you to Kathy for your incredible donation! It is so kind of you and greatly appreciated!

  • 10:20 am – Frenchie is walking around patting himself on the back for this amazing plan he came up with.
    • I actually think this plan has a chance to work assuming the right person wins the veto competition. There are only a handful of people in the house who are guaranteed to go through with Frenchie’s plan, and none of them were picked to play veto. So right now only Frenchie and Britini have a 100% chance of using the veto. I haven’t had a chance to hear Kyland’s real opinion on the plan but if he’s against it, noms will stay the same and Frenchie goes home.
  • Sarah finally has some alone time with Kyland
    • She mentions how Slaughterhouse has been blown up because of Frenchie
    • She tells Kyland he’d be in danger if Azah, Brit, or Big D win next week
    • Sounds like Sarah is still on board with Frenchie leaving. Not good for Frenchie’s plan
    • After listening to them talk for a bit, sounds like Kyland is not at all on board with Frenchie’s plan
  • 10:45 am – Big D in the HoH room
    • He doesn’t seem to be all that interested in Frenchie despite what he pretends in front of him
    • Big D wants the four person showmance out. I’m assuming he means the potentials like Brent, Alyssa, Christian, and maybe Whit?
    • Big D says he knows he’s probably not winning a comp unless it’s a food eating challenge lol
  • 4:30 pm – Feeds have been down for veto. I went out and forgot to post they were down 🙂  But it’s been about 3 hours now so they should return soon
  • 5:45 pm – Feeds return
    • Do we have a veto king of the season?
    • DerekX wins the veto!
    • He confirms he won’t use the veto
    • Kyland and DX talk about how ridiculous Frenchie has been this season. Especially nominating 2 minorities/1 woman after saying he didn’t want either to go home
    • Kyland says DX is probably the smartest in the house except maybe Tiffany who may be a hidden genius.  Apparently, Hannah, Claire, Britini, and Sarah have masked their intelligence very well so far.
  • In another room, Azah talking with Tiffany
    • Azah wants Britini off the block replaced with Brent who they’ll all vote out. She’s going to push that
  • 6:30 pm – Frenchie is downstairs packing lol
    • Time for the pity tour
    • Frenchie is telling people in their goodbye messages please don’t attack him personally blah blah.  Frenchie over here fishing for compliments when he should be working Kyland on DX using that veto
    • Nobody would even be remotely close to bashing Frenchie personally because he is not a bad person. He knows it, too. And readers here know I’d be the first to call someone out for being terrible people. I am blocked by quite a few former houseguests for being honest about them 🙂
    • Frenchie is a really bad player or got caught with the curse of hohitis (or both), but bad person? No
  • 7:00 pm – He must have listened to me because he’s heading upstairs to the HoH room to tell them to ‘send him home’.
    • He tells Kyland when he’s out of the house, he’ll see Frenchie had his back.  But you on the other hand (DX)…. they both laugh since Frenchie was clearly going after DX
    • He drops in how if he stays, he’ll be the bigger target – but no more game.
  • 7:30 pm – House has settled down and now telling dating stories.  Come on, Frenchie. We need action
    • In the living room, Big D starts talking about how angry he’s getting and feeds switch to the dumb dating conversation.  Better than a BRB message I guess, but still production being stupid
  • 8:00 pm – Hannah, Frenchie, and Big D still in the living room with everyone else in the chess area.
  • 8:45 pm – Frenchie still in the living room. He thinks there will be something else before the end of the week and America may be voting on something. Sorry bro. Only thing that will save you is good gameplay. You need to convince DX to use that veto or convince Kyland to give him permission.
    • See, I’m going to miss Frenchie for this ridiculous crap.  Britini said someone may have eaten her ice cream (Claire) and I think Kyland joked if she was going to fight her.  Frenchie starts going off on how fighting is against the rules and the second she put her hands on Claire she’d be out the door.  Bro….
  • Upstairs in the bathroom, Tif and X are chatting about Frenchie
    • X calls Brent the Jersey Jock lol I love it
    • Tiff tells him how Frenchie said the ratings will go down if he leaves lol
  • 9:45 pm – Whit and Frenchie are talking to squash their issues
    • This is related to Frenchie blowing up the alliance and kind of pointing her out specifically during his rant
    • Frenchie starts rambling about Whitney ‘going for it’ and she is like ‘what’?  He tries to brush it off but she insists.  He says about her hooking up with Brent.  Back to his fear of showmances
    • She asks why he didn’t talk to her about it
    • They are squashing it but she tells him she’s still pretty pissed that he kind of called her out.  He keeps trying to explain himself

I’m off to bed! Long day.  Tomorrow should be fairly slow day. Hopefully, they have the backyard for the change of scenery.

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