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Big Brother 23 – Saturday Feed Updates; Veto Results

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Good evening, everyone!


You’re probably noticing that I put Claire as the HoH in the header, that’s because I made an executive decision and call her the HoH because Tiffany is basically done with her duty.  This coin of destiny power legitimately stripped Tiffany of her HoH which means she’s even eligible to play in the next HoH.  She got her basket and letter but that’s it, she’s done. No HoH room for the week, no robe, none of that. But, I don’t think Claire will get any of that either (need confirmation on that) which means there is basically no HoH this week. However, should SB or Kyland come off the block, Claire will likely have to privately choose the replacement.

As far as the house knows, they are under the impression it was Tiffany who won, but I’m sure it won’t take too long to realize it was Claire.  Nothing is really secret in this house – except the 6 person alliance that nobody seems to be able to figure out lol. Speaking of, last night they finally got together last night to celebrate.  Other than the awkward situation during that HoH competition a few weeks ago, they have seldom been together as a 6 like this which is odd in itself.  An alliance lasting most of the season yet almost never spends any time as a group. Crazy


I know you have your opinion on the cookout – everyone does and I get to hear it daily – but this is an extremely impressive run by them.  It’s basically what Memphis tried last season with ‘The Commission’ yet failed miserably.  It’s incredibly hard to have an alliance that doesn’t even talk except in groups of 2-3. Xavier is really the key behind this as he’s been the leader of the group no matter what any of them tell you once they leave the house. Big D will probably say he was the leader, Tiffany may say it, Kyland may say it, but it was X.  Without X, that alliance would have been gone a month ago.


Alright, enough rambling, let’s find out who won the veto –

Hannah won the veto!

  • 5:40 pm – Sounds like a reward comp talking about a movie.  Hannah is taking the three noms to the movie. Now that’s some jury management lol
    • She’s celebrating alone about winning something
    • Sounds like she’s likely pulling X off the block which is even more jury management.  Smart move because nobody gets replaced.
    • Hannah says she heard the doors opening and closing and knew SB had a good time she had to bust ass.  She says she won by 23 seconds which may be microscopic depending on the comp (23 seconds for balance beam HoH is long lol, but 23 seconds for like the comic book veto is a tiny victory wow)
    • Hannah and Tiffany hug because SB is going to follow DX to the jury and they’re happy about that
  • 6:30 pm – Big D half joking half serious complaining to Azah I believe about the movie thing
    • He was giving Hannah shit about not taking him when the feeds returned so I assume he’s still pissy about that.  I think he’s actually legit annoyed that Hannah didn’t take him to the movie thing but he’s trying to pass it off as he’s only half annoyed.
    • SB complaining to Kyland how he picked Hannah and she beat SB.  Not like mad at Kyland because obviously he didn’t know but she’s frustrated because she knows she’s gone

    • Reality is setting in for SB
  • In the bedroom, Tiff and X talking
    • Tiffany talking with X and says she knows he’s not a bartender. He’s in bed at 10 pm. His discipline, maturity, intelligence, etc says he’s more than what he lets on.
    • X asks if he can stop pouting but she says no. Apparently, his sulking in the back room is an act Tiffany told him to do.
    • Also, as part of that conversation before SB walks in, Tiffany says “You’re a bartender, but you don’t know any drinks” lol.
  • 7:15 pm – Feeds drop. I doubt they’ll shut the feeds off for the entire movie. Likely just getting them set up outside
  • Feeds were not down long but now the house is mostly empty and people just hanging around the kitchen. The four are gone watching the movie
  • 9:00 pm – Slow night in the house so I’m taking the rest of the night off!

Check back tomorrow!


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