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Big Brother 23 – Saturday Feed Updates

July 24, 2021 | 50 Comments
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Author: Steve Beans

Good afternoon, everyone!

It’s Saturday in the Big Brother house which means it’s time for the veto competition and getting a better understanding of who will be sitting on the block come Thursday.

I typically can go over scenarios if soandso wins veto, but today just boils down to this – Brent needs to win the veto or he’s gone on Thursday.  It’s that simple.  If Brent wins, it will most likely be Whitney going out the door but that isn’t a guarantee.  It’s likely, but not a guarantee yet.

Other than that, the house is quickly falling into showmance land as it typically does. That part got off to a slow start because Frenchie made the house terrified of even admitting they were crushing on someone, but now that he’s gone, the cats will play I guess. Christian and Alyssa running around kissing on Xavier’s bed. Hannah and DX getting close but not quite in showmance territory yet. Whitney has been flirting with everyone. I mean look at the way she looked at X while he was talking with her:

Regarding alliances, you mostly have the Royal Flush (kings, queens, and DX) and the Cookout (X, Big D, Azah, Tiffany, Hannah, Kyland).  X, Tiffany, and Kyland overlap the two alliances so unless they get exposed, they’re probably in the best spots right now.  But that’s about it for the house right now. Still slowly developing it’s place among Big Brother seasons but I will say production is making it very hard on that because of their unnecessary censorship of the feeds. They go out of their way to protect houseguests from themselves which really does more harm than good as I pointed out last night.  A great example of that was the girl talk last night. The group began talking about Brent and someone said ‘Last night when you bent over..’ and the feeds cut. Which means we’re left to fill in the void.  What happened when someone bent over? Did he assault someone?  Or check out someone’s butt?    Obviously, he likely didn’t assault anyone as he’d be out of the house, but the point is we’re left guessing and that’s just dumb. They signed up to the show knowing they’d be on feeds 24/7, let’s stop trying to protect their image.

Sorry, during straightforward weeks like this one, I run out of actual in-game stuff to talk about so I rant on other stuff, so I’ll move on…

  • 10:30 am – Veto players have been picked already. Christian, Big D, and Whitney will join X, Brent, and Britini in the comp.
    • No clue when the veto competition will actually begin so I’m going to do my usual and take the afternoon off and run errands while I can.  Hopefully I’m back before the feeds return!
  • 5:430 pm – Feeds back!
    • Looks like the house is suffering. Everyone sitting there with ice packs or cold towels on their heads.

    • But…. Christian won the PoV.  This means Brent is gonzo
    • Ohh, they’re wearing the tutu things which means it was likely the spinning comp where they bowl and these guys are all super dizzy

    • Sounds like we had some pukers this comp

Note – There is a good chance tonight or tomorrow I am going to be implementing some changes to the site. Nothing drastic on the user end other than hopefully slight speed increase. I tried to keep most things looking and feeling the same.  I just modernized the code behind it which allows me to do more stuff.  However, you may see bugs so if you do, please contact me and let me know the details on them.  I understand there are issues with the profile images. That’s because the place I did use did a switcharoo on me and added a ton of features including a broken sign-up page so I had to disable it.  But i’ll figure something out.

  • 6:15 pm – Oh here we go. Britini already whining about wanting to come off the block now that Christian won because she doesn’t want to sit next to Brent because he’s been mean to her.
    • Brit… you’re a pawn.  That’s the life of a pawn.  Does it suck? Yes. But that’s the card you drew when you floated through the first 2 weeks without securing an alliance. Sarah Beth has the same curse and she will likely be the house pawn once you’re gone. That’s Big Brother. Welcome to the game
  • In the HoH room, X and Christian confirming the veto won’t be used. Brit just has to accept it
    • X asks Christian if he’s nervous about dealing with one-on-ones with people and he says ‘yea, kinda’. So X just tells him not to do them lol.  Stick with team meetings for backup

Well, that did not go as planned at all

I had a site ready to go on the staging area, then when I imported it, it became an absolute disaster. I had shit from BB13 popping up for god knows what reason. Crazy looks. Then it crashed for a bit. Needless to say, that was a rough few hours. BUT, I think it has mostly converted over.  There are still little weird things like the footer is a disaster plus I need to touch up some pages but I have the avatars back, the look is close to what I want, etc, etc.  Fortunately, this turned out to be a very slow night in the house with facemask parties and shit so this ended up being a good time to do it but it was incredibly stupid of me to do it on a Saturday when there could have been drama.   I was basically the Frenchie of bloggers tonight and rushed my update at the worst time because I was impatient.

Check back soon

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