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Big Brother 23 – Saturday Feeds And Stuff

August 14, 2021 | 38 Comments
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Author: Steve Beans

Good afternoon, everyone!

Yesterday was a pretty weird day for the live feeds as they were down for most of it due to the High Roller thing. I have no idea what could have taken that long because it doesn’t even sound like they played any games. Perhaps they just called someone up one by one every like 30 minutes and rather than cut the feeds every time, they cut them all day. That makes no logical sense because they get called into the DR one by one all the time and never cut the feeds all day, but production typically doesn’t make any sense.

It was hard to find out who was telling the truth and not, but it sounds like the prizes were:

  • DX – 100
  • Britini – 100
  • Big D – 100
  • Hannah – 75
  • Xavier – 75
  • Tiffany – 75
  • Everyone else – 50

None of that is a surprise considering all 6 of them get a considerable amount of diary room segments during the CBS episodes other than maybe Alyssa but it could have a significant impact on the results of the week because the target quickly shifted once word got around who got what prizes.

For some reason, Britini told people she won a prize.  So once word circulated about that and people had time to think on it, they realized that could put a wrench in their plans over the next 3 weeks.  There are 11 people remaining in the house, and should Britini accumulate all her money and have $300 by the end, she could land a pretty big power and eliminate someone like Xavier (who is now leading the push to get her out).  So does this keep Claire safe another week in the house? Ironically, people pushed for her to get the BB Bucks, but her not winning may have ended up saving her.

What we do know for week 1 is that it’s like a ‘horse race’ style challenge.  Players bet their money on veto competitors and whoever picks the winner gets a veto themselves.  I doubt they allowed multiple people to bid on the same player seeing as there was this table set up during the veto announcement:

It’s hard to make out how that works, but it looks like the chip in the middle says ‘Kyland’ which I assume means he is betting on whoever is in the #4 position.


  • 10:30 am – Feeds resume from players being picked for the veto
    • They also found out they’re playing OTEV tonight which means it’s going to be a long one.  It’s weird they told the house the comp before, but perhaps it’s only fair considering players have to bet on it so it’d be nice to know what they’re actually betting on.
    • It sounds like Britini, Azah, and Alyssa will be joining Claire, Kyland, and Big D
    • The Jokers gather to talk and Britini says if she is in the final round with either of the two (Azah or Big D) to throw it to her. Azah says she already knows while Big D says ‘I’m just here to take out Kyland’.  Big D really trying hard to push this narrative that he’s pissed at Kyland about the nomination.  It’s also telling he deflected what Britini said because he agreed she probably has to go because of the BB Bucks thing.

Thank you to Kimeida for your very generous donation!!!  I really appreciate it!  You are amazing

  • Tiffany is upstairs talking about the house
    • She is nudging Kyland away from Claire and agreeing someone like Britini should go home (but she is also nudging toward SB but carefully because she knows how close Kyland is to her)
  • 12:00 pm – I’m going to head out to do my Saturday errands.  I’ll be back likely before the veto is done
  • 6:30 pm – Feeds return!
    • Kyland has the veto but they’re also talking about Alyssa having a veto. So I don’t know who won but it was likely Kyland with Alyssa winning the betting comp
    • Yup, Alyssa comes in the room after being called to the DR and DX tells her they called her. He joked they probably want their money
    • Or maybe it’s vice versa. Either way, Kyland and Alyssa have the veto this week
    • Tiffany doesn’t think Kyland will use the veto. And yes, Tiffany just confirmed that Alyssa won the veto and Kyland bet on her
    • Tiffany thinks Alyssa may use it to save Claire but she’s also doubtful it’ll happen
    • Something apparently happened which makes them think Ky and SB are working with X and Alyssa.  DX says if that’s the case, he’s going to tell Alyssa that Kyland told him to take out Christian last week
    • Tiffany asks if she’ll believe him, and DX says it’s true. Kyland was the first one to bring up the idea.
  • Claire heads up to talk to Kyland

    • Kyland says she can trust him. She doesn’t look like she’s trusting him too much
    • Kyland says his veto will indeed be used on her. He promises.  I can’t see Kyland lying this much especially considering it is jury management at this point. So maybe he’s actually telling the truth.  I mean he should be considering they’re planning on swaying toward Britini
  • I ran to get a coffee so I’m catching up.  Claire leaves and we’ll see what Kyland tells Big D
    • He says Big D is safe the only thing he’s not sure who he’ll be sitting next to him yet so it does sound like Kyland will keep his word which is great.  I mean I don’t care if he keeps noms the same, even as a fan of Claire, but I’d hate to see Kyland start killing his game by making promises and then lying
    • Sounds like Kyland looked obvious about throwing it to Kyland.  He tells Big D that he actually didn’t know the answer but he was throwing it
  • Downstairs, Alyssa talking to Claire who is in the shower

    • Alyssa says ‘Imagine if Kyland won the veto, he’d have two vetoes around his neck.  Oh wait, he wouldn’t.  Who would have? Derek X?  Oh wait you.  You bet on Kyland”  Ouch.  I know not intentional, but way to rub salt in that wound
    • Claire re-tells the conversation with Kyland about how he said “Big D is my target”.  I wonder if D is the only person in the house who thinks he’s convincing people with his ‘I’m the target’ act. Nobody believes Kyland is targeting him.  Here is Alyssa’s reaction when Claire re-told that

    • I mean it’s a good effort on D’s side to try and fool people but it’s not working lol
  • 7:15 pm – Alright, X and Azah talk
    • Azah explains why she threw the comp because SB bet on her.  Azah’s off in her own world while the game is being played.
  • 7:45 pm – DX talking with SB pretending he’s going home.  Seriously, who is buying this?
  • Meanwhile, Hannah and X are in the bathroom talking about Kyland
    • Hannah is saying how sketchy Kyland looked during the competition.  X is annoyed because it puts his buddy (Alyssa) in jeopardy because it looks like they had a deal that paints a target on her back
    • X says ‘I know they don’t have a deal because Alyssa would have told me’ and even Hannah says ‘are you sure??’  so yea, Kyland oddly throwing it to Alyssa really sketched people out
    • Hannah talking to X about possibly sending DX home next week. If she actually goes through on a plan to get him out, that’s some cutthroat behavior and I’m all in.  While I think they’d be a really cute showmance, I love ruthless gameplay.
    • And I know, I literally just said I hope Kyland doesn’t lie to Claire, does that make me a hypocrite?  I don’t want Kyland to lie to Claire and give false promises but I didn’t mind DX doing it to Christian. Shit, I think I am a fan of Claire.  I gotta cut that out. I can’t be a fanboy of anyone because it clouds my blogging.
  • Kyland, SB, and Alyssa in the kitchen talking about OTEV.  They were surprised he really did swear. They knew he did because it shows it on CBS but it’s bleeped out so you never actually hear it. I guess it’s weird actually hearing him drop the f bomb
  • Alyssa heads up to the HoH room to talk to Kyland. Kyland, on his way up, says to himself ‘okay don’t be scared’

    • Alyssa says as long as SB and X are good, she’ll do whatever
    • Basically, Alyssa doesn’t really want to know what he’s doing so she can legitimately tell people that. She just wants to guarantee X is safe and SB as well. She said since Christian has left, those two were the only people to talk game to her at all.
    • Alyssa basically wants to tell people “where were you last week” when they ask for help regarding the veto. She won’t, but she wants to
    • Kyland awkwardly hints at asking who her general targets are in the house.  She said ‘obviously you know my top’ (DX) but her second is Britini she’d be fine going out.  She said the bottom of the list, like those she’d least worry about, are the people he has up.
  • 8:30 pm – X is up in the HoH room
    • X re-tells his conversation with Azah why she threw the comp
    • Kyland tells X how he was throwing it but he didn’t mean for it to look so obvious because he was really stumped on the question. X tells him it definitely looked bad
  • 9:25 pm – Kyland just chatting in the HoH room with SB.  He’s rambling about final 2 things and bitter jury.  He clearly has a much harder time trying to make a coherent statement when he’s misleading someone or lying.
  • DX enters and Kyland re-tells his throwing but not throwing situation
    • They talk about the comp and trust with Claire.  Get this, Kyland says he threw the comp so he can prove his loyalty to Claire.  DX points out that by winning, he also would have proven loyalty because she’d be safe (Claire bet on him. She would have won veto).  Kyland says by him losing, He now is going to prove it by doing something he doesn’t have to do by taking her down.  DX says ‘you actively made sure she doesn’t have the veto (to prove loyalty)’ and Kyland agrees and somehow feels proud of it?
    • SB points out she’d still be mad if he decided to ‘prove’ his loyalty that way
    • Kyland says “Ok, I won. She automatically comes down. How does that rebuild trust”. I see his point, but it’s still ridiculous.  DX asks this week with Claire, net positive or net negative trust. Kyland says net positive.


Check back for updates


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