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Big Brother 23 – Saturday Recap

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Good afternoon, everyone!


It’s Sunday in the Big Brother house which is a notoriously slow day in general, so I assume it’ll be even slower with just the 6 hanging around. For that reason, I’m just going to do a recap of yesterday and then another thread later on after the CBS episode.

Yesterday was a huge day for Tiffany as she absolutely needed to win the veto to secure her spot in the final 5, and well, that didn’t go so well. The veto competition was the comic book one and it sounds like she did really, really bad.  In fact, when the feeds returned, she was still trying to figure out where she was wrong in matching the comics so that’s not a good sign.  In a more surprising development, it sounds like Big D actually finished second so good on him for hustling. I’m sure that wasn’t easy for him so he should feel proud for beating out most of the house.


Sticking with D, his natural paranoia hung around last night as he worried Kyland was going to put him on the block this week which is just D being D. I said yesterday he worries more than anyone I’ve ever seen for being in a position as good as he is. But, I’m not shitting on him because it’s better to be worried and prepared than .. well… Alyssa.  Who, btw, still believes Xavier was the target and probably will until she actually leaves the jury house.

Back to Tiffany, she doesn’t plan on giving up but she knows she’s in a bad position.  She is going to really push to get X out this week because she’ll try to convince Kyland he doesn’t have the votes even if he wins his way to the final 2. While partially true, I will say Kyland is definitely building up his resume with all these wins which completely changed the outcome of BB20. Tyler was virtually a lock – despite him pissing off the jury – until Kaycee went on that incredible streak of comp wins and it was hard to deny her a victory because of it. If he manages another 2+ wins before the final 3 and then wins the final 3 HoH competitions, he may win with ease regardless of who he’s sitting next to.

I’m not really sure what the best move for Kyland is this week, but until I see otherwise, it seems like he’s making the right choice. Xavier is a big threat to him, but right now Tiffany has 2 non-cookout locks in the jury and the other two (Alyssa and Brit) may be neutral so they may just default to Tiffany to have a female winner.  He may really just roll with the guys and see what happens in the final 3 if it’s him, X, and D. In that situation, I’d take D but right now he’s hinting he wants to take X for some strange reason.


I guess we’ll see if he even has that choice, but with X emerging as a big target to someone like Hannah, Kyland may actually slip by and land a spot in the final 3. And you know what, I’m fine with that. Kyland has a weird reputation of not being very well-liked, but other than him being extremely long-winded, he seems like a good guy. Maybe I’m missing something, but I’ve never seen him really even be mean to anyone.  Perhaps he is just shit on mostly by his own alliance because he didn’t display a certain level of loyalty they wanted from him? Because he became good friends with SB who is the enemy of Tiff? None of that ended up mattering because he let SB go without a fight which can’t even be said by Tiffany with Claire.

Tiff is the one who went more rogue and won the HoH she really shouldn’t have won which put her entire alliance in a terrible position. She is the only one who basically told their partner about the cookout (without using the actual name) and managed to really finesse some jury love before Claire left. She also stole Hannah’s person (DX) and ended up becoming his #1 so he may even vote for her over Hannah if they were in the final 2.   I’m not shitting on Tiffany, I still think her game was great until she fell on the sword, but she was clearly a lot less loyal to her alliance yet Kyland gets the bad rep.  Perhaps it’s because Tiffany was also the only one who actually did nominate their partner when push came to shove so she does have that going for her.

Anyway, that’s my Saturday recap.  I’ll pop in after the CBS episode and maybe do some live blogging but today will just be a recap afternoon for me.  Enjoy NFL Sunday!


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