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Big Brother 23 – Saturday Updates

August 28, 2021 | 45 Comments
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Author: Steve Beans

Good afternoon, everyone!

First, I want to give a huge belated happy birthday to the one and only Mel! Her birthday was a few days ago, and I swear every single year I wake up, get my notification on it, and then by the time I’m ready to post, my mind completely forgets to wish her a happy birthday!  I always feel like shit because of it so I am not missing it this year even though I’m late.  Oh, and while I’m at it, Happy Birthday to Mel for next year as well!  In the event that I miss it again, this time I’ll just be about 360ish days early!

Also, I wanted to clear up some email issues.  If you received an email from BBJ recently, no, I wasn’t hacked.  I upgraded my email notification system and it pulled in all the user emails from registered accounts. I spent the last 3 days manually moving about 20k emails from ‘subscribed’ to ‘unsubscribed as we do a double opt-in system here.  That means if you subscribe to the email list here, you also have to confirm your e-mail before it’ll start sending you notifications of posts.  So, after moving the emails to unsubscribed, I pushed out the confirmation email to that list.  If you receive the confirmation email with the subject “Confirm Your E-Mail From Big Brother Junkies”, click on the link in the email and you’ll start receiving notifications any time we post something new here.

Note – these notifications are only for new posts and if I ever get around to it, a Big Brother type of weekly newsletter. None of the emails will ever contain ads nor will they ever be shared, sold, and whatever else scummy sites do with emails. Just new posts, and maybe an occasional newsletter. Maybe (but probably not this season).

Alright, that was the longest non-game-related intro I’ve done all season so let’s get into the actual house.  Saturday is typically a good time to ramble as there is almost never anything going on before the veto and the house is typically too exhausted after the veto to really be entertaining.

Claire, Hannah, and of course Alyssa were picked to play in the veto today (pretty sure Alyssa is picked every week). They will play with the 3 noms (SB, Kyland, and X) and there will be no HoH this week because of the coin of destiny.

Wait, what? Did you say no HoH?  Yes.  I’ll leave Tiffany up there on the header, but technically there isn’t an official HoH this week as it’s ‘anonymous’. The winner of the coin of destiny does an anonymous takeover of the HoH which even booted Tiffany from her room. If you’re wondering, that anonymous HoH is Claire.  There is no word on if she’ll be treated like a real HoH (basket, unable to play in next HoH), but one thing is sure – Tiffany is no longer HoH.  This also means Tiffany will be able to play in the next HoH competition.  It’s all really irrelevant as Claire left noms the same. The only difference will be that it’ll be her decision on who to nominate should SB win the veto today. I’m sure she’ll just listen to Tiffany and nominate Alyssa as that replacement which will send her home, but it’d be funny if she were to nominate someone like Big D, Azah, or Hannah which guarantees the cookout lose a member.

Honestly, that twist will go down as a dud because of the way it worked out, but I liked it and think it would be much better to play earlier in the season when there are typically two divided sides to the house.  I enjoyed the whole BB Buck thing and feel that should have been the original twist from week 1 and took place throughout the first 6 or so evictions.

Alright, that’s enough rambling for now.  This veto comp is huge for one person, and that is Sarah Beth.  If she wins, Alyssa is probably leaving. If she loses, she’s gone.  If Kyland comes down, Alyssa will probably go up.  If X comes down, he isn’t being replaced as he’s the third nom.

So there you have it, this week in a nutshell.  SB will likely go home, but if she doesn’t, Alyssa will.  Sorry, jury not home.  I keep messing that up.

Check back for updates

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