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Big Brother 23- Season Recap (Part 2)

September 28, 2021 | 67 Comments
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Author: Mel

Good afternoon BB junkies. Since I already posted a recap of the feeds for yesterday, I’m just going to dive into part 2 and get this going. I left off yesterday with Brents eviction, the Kings becoming targets and Tiffany & Ky weighing their options moving forward. I’m just going to pick it back up from there.

Week 4-  This was one of the most pivotal weeks this season for a couple of reasons. This was the first time the CO was either going to have to expose their alliance or lose one of it members, unless they could manipulate the votes. Like most weeks, this one began already having a plan. (get out Whitney) The week before, X had accidentally put a target on Ky with Christian. In order to undo this, a target was briefly put on Azha. This wasn’t all Xavier’s fault tho. Azha had already made too much of a fuss over Frenchie leaving in week 2, tried to go otb in week 3 so Britini didn’t have to and was mad at almost everyone in the CO because she wasn’t let in on the plan to throw the wild card comp to Tiffany. She wanted Brent out too but was upset they didn’t get rid of him over Frenchie the week before.

This is also where the problems between she and Tiffany really began. She’d wanted to discuss with Tiffany, the possibility of keeping Frenchie in week 2 and Tiffany said no, rather than humoring Azha. Azha had started building a friendship with DX too and didn’t want him gone.  After that WC comp, all that changed. She mostly blamed DX and Tiffany because DX knocked Britini out of the comp and Tiffany was working to make Hannah a full member of the CO by then too.  Derek F was equally annoyed, he’d lost Frenchie and he felt too many men were leaving. Derek brought up the need to have their 1st CO meeting. When he said “all 6 of them” needed to meet, Azha corrected him and said “no, it’s 5, plus Hannah.” (This would continue with her through much of the season) The meeting never happened, in part because Derek also told Azha he wanted to have the meeting so they could agree to start evicting all the women. (idiot)

Christian won this hoh and almost targeted Ky because X had told him Ky had said he’d use a King as a pawn. Alyssa brought up targeting Azha because she felt she was playing emotionally and didn’t want Azha in jury. (Remember, Azha was mad and letting it show) In order to get the target off Azha and directed towards Whitney, X suggested using Hannah as a pawn. Christian & Alyssa agreed.  SB joined then, wondered why Hannah would only be a pawn and Christian & Alyssa agreed with this too. Every time X would get the target back on Whitney, SB would get it moved back to Hannah.

X gave Hannah advice on how to campaign to Christian. She didn’t take it as it wasn’t good advice. With some advice from Ky and Tiffany, mixed with her own, Hannah went to work on Christian even before noms.  While X was busy telling Tiffany they’d probably have to cut Hannah, Hannah was busy working to save herself.  She couldn’t keep herself off the block but by the time he made his noms, the target was Whitney. X actually didn’t even know this yet but Tiffany did because Christian and Alyssa had a F4 with her.

During this time, Claire and DX were talking more about targeting X.  Claire mentioned Derek F a bit too. She was concerned, if they didn’t take him out soon, someone would drag him to the end. (imagine that happening?)

The other reason this week was so pivotal is because it’s the week Tiffany went all in on the CO.  Prior to this, they had an agreement to look out for each other but they were trying to play their own games too. After a sleepless night with the chess pieces, she brought “the plan” to Ky. She knew going with the CO would be harder path for her and Ky personally. (They were covered much better than the others) The day before this talk with Ky, she’d planned to stick with Claire, DX and Hannah with Ky and SB on the outskirts working with them.  She had a seperate F2 with Ky and a F4 with Claire, Christian & Alyssa. She presented her buddy system and what I referred to all season as “the side people.” The plan involved getting 11 specific people to the end. It would leave 2 CO members in the F2 with a jury of 9 that they’d have heavy influence on, insuring the first black winner of BB.  The plan wasn’t just to stick together or just to make jury anymore. It new plan was to get all 6 people in the CO to the end.

Everyone except Derek would need to go otb with their person and they needed to make their duos obvious to the rest of the house to ensure it would happen that way. As long as they could get rid of the right people first, they would always have the votes to keep the CO safe when they went otb. The only other problem remaining was Tiffany and Ky undoing some damage with Chaire, SB and DX. Tiffany mostly, had been putting a target on X and she needed to get it off him.

Christian won the veto too and Whitney was evicted. Even tho Azha wasn’t feeling Hannah, Britini suggested they flip the vote prior to the eviction. Azha told her no, in order to protect Hannah.  Because Christian and Alyssa had been teetering anyway, I don’t think it would’ve taken much for Britini to convince them to go back to targeting Hannah.

Side note:  I can’t possibly correct everything the F3 has wrong this week when they’re going over the game but I’ll point out a few things here and there as they come to me.  Xavier is claiming he took Azha’s side during the Tiffany/Azha issue which is absolutely untrue. At the time, X thought Azha was being unreasonable. X and Derek are also claiming they’ve always made the CO the priority. During Christians HOH, X talked to Tiffany about his preference that week. Tiffany was willing to expose the CO to keep the 6 together but Xavier was not. He wanted to let Hannah go that week. Here’s another one:  For all Derek’s claims that he is solely responsible for forming the CO, his version of it didn’t even include Hannah initially. Tiffany, (mostly) X and Ky were the ones who kept insisting Hannah was a full member until it finally stuck. (except with Azha)

Week 5-  Derek X won the hoh and Tiffany had spent alot of time making SB the next target. Azha wasn’t on board with it because she liked SB. Derek F was fine with it because it was another woman going and X was good with it because by now, Tiffany had planted enough seeds to cause X to doubt Ky. He wanted Ky weaker in the game.

DX was looking to target X and maybe SB. Ky went against Tiffany and worked to convince DX he should target Christian over SB. Just like X wanted Ky weaker, Tiffany was telling Ky that X needed to take a hit too. DX, who was already worried about Christian, agreed with Ky.

Tensions were still a bit high between Tiffany and Azha but they’d agreed to disagree.  They knew they’d never come after each other in the game but had practically stopped talking any game. By this time, Tiffany’s real F2 had switched from Ky to Hannah and she wanted Hannah to know Azha  didn’t really include her in the CO. Hannah, hoping to change this, went to Azha with the info that Christian and Alyssa were talking about targeting her soon. (This was true but in spite of Azha telling Christian during his hoh she planned to target him, she didn’t believe Hannah)

DX put SB and Britini otb with a backdoor plan in mind for Christian. He did a much better job with Britini than any hoh prior and Britini was fine with it. Britini had made a secret F2 with Christian but she felt important being included and was ready to backdoor him. SB was another story and she was backed into corner. DX told her his real plan too but told SB if she told, he’d tell Christian that he’d put up Alyssa as a replacement nom to prevent him from using a veto on SB. SB decided to keep quiet and save herself. (You know, the row, row, row your boat week)

Britini won the veto in one of the most entertaining veto performances I’ve ever seen. Christian goes up in her place and vote-gate began. The Jokers knew Christian was leaving,  didn’t want to come clean about their vote, Tiffany was being pressured by Christian and told she was the swing vote, she knew she wasn’t and wanted the Jokers to tell the truth to Christian. They basically said ‘suck it’ and Tiffany and Azha were at odds once again. (Sorry Tiff, you don’t get to decide they HAVE to make your week easier)  Derek said he was done with the CO and Azha had to talk him into staying with it. (Always for the CO, right Big D?  There was actually another week Derek was “done with the CO” because Ky pissed him off and he wanted to evict him too. Either X or Azha talked him down from that one but I’m not remembering which) While I’m on this, remember the week X went to Tiffany and suggested taking Ky out before 6? She said no. He went to Derek with it and he said no too.

Around the time Azha decided to go ahead and tell Christian she wasn’t voting to keep him, Tiffany decided she wanted Christian to stay. (Haha, so messy)  She knew it was better for her personal game, didn’t feel it hurt the CO because SB would still be going and felt she could repair things with DX after. She brought this to X who was naturally on board with it.

Side note: X has been telling Azha this week that he threw the wall comp HOH to DX in order for them to take out Christian. (He was pointing out how unselfish he is) This isn’t true because at the time, X had no idea Christian would be the target and he thought it was SB. (Remember, he even asked after the comp was over to keep all the Kings safe and not just himself.) At this time, X knew Tiffany had a good relationship with Christian but he had no idea Christian and Alyssa were actually more loyal to Tiffany.

Tiffany told X she thought she could get Britini’s vote because she liked Christian, sent Christian downstairs to fetch Britini so they could talk, Christian was too obvious about it and all the Jokers came upstairs. This became the standoff between Derek and Tiffany over her being allowed to speak to Britini alone. Once that failed, X said he could get Derek to vote to keep Christian. Ummm, X got a big no from Big D. X and Tiffany agreed they were outnumbered and didn’t want to rock the boat. (I guess shaking the shit out of the boat was ok but rocking it would just be going too far) Ky won this round and Christian was evicted. Another important thing that happened was Xavier being too obvious about wanting to keep Christian and get rid of SB because SB was also on the Kings team. (The Kings were the only group still hung up on teams)

X remained upset that Christian even became a target. He spoke to Tiffany and said it wasn’t fair. Tiffany reminded X that he had 2 people (Christian & Alyssa) and they were each only supposed to have one. He argued and said Ky had 2 people. (SB and DX)  Tiffany reminded X that DX was Hannah’s person but X felt Ky had more influence over him. Soon after, Tiffany gave Hannah the mission of convincing X,  she had more influence over DX than Ky did. She did. Christian was evicted.

Week 6- The plan for the CO was already in place to take out SB this week. Azha had finally gotten on board with it too. Ky wasn’t supposed to win the hoh.  After being asked by Azha to throw it to her and Ky ignoring her, he tried to throw it to Tiffany. She got the question wrong and Ky won the hoh anyway. Ky took Tiffany’s place for the person Azha would start butting heads with most often. In spite of what X wanted to happen this week and in spite of what he thought was going to happen, Ky was planning to target Alyssa. He nominated Claire and Derek.

Side note:  One of the things Derek talks about and obviously still burns his ass is that Tiffany never had to sit otb with Claire. Derek volunteered to go otb this week, when he was trying to buddy up to Ky. No one ever knew what Ky would do so Tiffany, Derek or Azha could’ve been the pawn during this week.

The powers came into play this week too and this changed the plan a bit. Britini became the new target because she got a 100 BB bucks and most of the CO was in agreement she’d have to go. They wanted the people gone who may get more buck from the fans. Azha and Hannah were the only two who still wanted Alyssa out and this was the week they started to talk a bit more. Alyssa won the veto which ended the debate within the CO over who would go. Well, Ky threw it to Alyssa while Azha was busy trying to throw it to Britini. Alyssa took Claire down and Britini went up. Derek hoped they could get DX otb instead but Azha said it would never happen and they had to get rid of Britini.

The CO started to worry more about Claire and DX catching on to the alliance, Hannah started working on X more, X was shocked that DX got 100 BB bucks (Hannah told him) and talk heated up with Derek F about taking out Tiffany before they reached the 6.

Side note: This was also the week X mediated a convo between Tiffany and Azha.  It did help and Xavier definitely has skills as a peacemaker. Was it good for his game tho?  In the end, it didn’t matter but let’s assume for a second, Azha didn’t have such a big crush on X. Tiffany and Azha were never going to target each other so why would he want them to get along so well?  If Azha had a different personality, this could’ve completely backfired. Think back to Cody last season when he played into the issues between Danielle and Nicole. He didn’t want things to go so far that it would cause problems in their alliance but he fed into it to make sure they would each be more loyal to him than to each other. This is the stuff that goes over X’s head as far as strategy.

Week 7- Sara Beth barely beats out DX for the hoh.  She spoke to the cameras and said she planned to put X and Alyssa otb to take one of them out. She felt they were a strong duo and she hadn’t gotten over how hard X tried to keep Christian when they were otb together. She began the evening she won the comp wanting to target X and Alyssa and wanting to get back in better with Tiffany Claire again and their Jackpot alliance.  Ky kept her up most of the night doing some kind of Sarah Beth whisperer stuff and the next day, the target was DX, along with thinking it was a good idea to use Claire, someone she had an alliance with, as a pawn. Hannah and Ky convinced DX he shouldn’t compete in the high roller comp and SB repeated Ky’s previous noms by putting Derek and Claire otb.

Alyssa won the roulette thing, she took Derek off the block and X went up. (X claims this is the first week anyone ever thought about targeting him. X would be wrong) X won the veto, took himself down and DX went up in his place. Azha, who’d been wanting DX out since she was worried he’d figure out the CO, changed her mind. She’d gotten close to him again and beleived him when he said he just wanted to help get people he cared about further in the game. She and Tiffany tried to push to keep DX a little longer but X and Hannah wouldn’t get on board so DX was backdoored.

By now, Azha had been offered a F3 with Hannah and Tiffany which she didn’t think was the way for her to go. Instead, she’d asked Derek if she could tag along and join the F2 Derek and X had together.  (Derek says this F2 happened on day 1 but it really happened in week 3, during Xavier’s HOH)

I’ll pick this back up tomorrow to finish off the season. This is assuming there isn’t a need for a regular recap again. With this F3, I have no idea what will happen! Yeah, I know none of my images match up to what the hell I’m talking about….again.  Scold me tomorrow because it’s the best I could do with the time I had. I am sorry tho.

Have a great evening!


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