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Big Brother 23- Season Recap (Part 3)

September 29, 2021 | 13 Comments
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Author: Mel

Good afternoon everyone!  It’s time to wrap this up and since I did a morning recap already, I’m just going to get right into it.  Recapping the remaining weeks will go faster since 2 of them were double evictions.

I left off yesterday with the eviction of DX and the CO ready to get rid of SB. Here’s a few other things that were happening around this point in the game:

  • DX & Claire had been set on taking out X but Ky, Hannah and Tiffany kept saying they could work with X instead. Basically, if they couldn’t get them off of taking out X, they at least had to get them to postpone it until they could get rid of DX and Claire.
  •  There was some frustration towards X from Tiffany and Hannah around this time because in order to get DX off of targeting him, they got DX to talk to him and try work with him. DX kept doing it, X wouldn’t give him anything, DX kept going back to them and telling them he didn’t think X wanted to work with him. This happened (I think) 3 times.
  •  Tiffany and Hannah had a solid F2, had been debating who should be their 3rd, they preferred Azah but because Azah and Tiffany speak practically different languages, they couldn’t make it happen.
  •  Hannah was putting in more time with X and felt good about him being the 3rd. Tiffany had temporarily dropped Ky and sort of replaced him with X but this was starting to change again.  With SB leaving soon, it was time to bring Ky back in. Tiffany set out to convince Hannah that X wouldn’t make a good 3rd. This is around the time all the talk about “no one can beat X in a F2” was happening. In less than a week, Hannah was on board with dropping X and picking up Ky. Hannah still hoped they could end up in a F3 with Azah, even if Azah didn’t want it.
  • They kept telling Ky he couldn’t beat X in a F2, which eventually backfired on them.

Week 8-  Tiffany won the HOH and put SB and Ky otb. Because of X’s punishment the prior week for winning veto, he had to go up as the 3rd nom.  Claire won the power to take over the HOH but Hannah and Tiffany convinced her to leave the noms alone even tho she wanted to put up Derek and X. Hannah came up with the plan to make sure Claire won so she wouldn’t be able to compete for the hoh the following week. Hannah won veto, said she wanted to use it on X but Ky wanted it used on him. It was his person otb so the CO was upset with him. Hannah took X off the block and SB was evicted.

Week 9-  Heading into this week, the CO felt Azah or Derek should win this HOH. They were positioned to take out either Claire or Alyssa. In spite of the way X and Derek retell it now, it wasn’t decided by the group that Claire would be the next to go. All 3 women in the CO wanted Alyssa out and the 3 men wanted Claire out. It was also discussed that Ky could be a last resort option for the HOH. There was some reluctance based on the way he’d behaved the week before over wanting the veto used on him. Tiffany, deciding she wanted to win back-to-back hoh’s, combined with wanting to save Claire, won the hoh. This pissed off everyone in the CO.

Ky felt Tiffany didn’t trust him and that was why she wouldn’t let him have it. Along with this, seeds had already been planted by Hannah and Tiffany that Ky couldn’t beat X. Whether it was stubbornness or stupidity, this backfired. He decided he wanted to go to the end with X and prove everyone wrong.

Azah’s irritation over Tiffanys win didn’t last long for 2 reasons. She preferred Claire stay over Alyssa but mostly, she couldn’t stand Ky and didn’t want him to be the HOH. This can’t be said for X and Derek so the Tiffany bashing, which had mainly come from Derek before, ramped up alot. Conversations started to revolve around who was loyal to the CO, who played selfishly and who deserved to make it to the end. Derek kept pushing to take Tiffany out next and not let her get to F6. KY immediately pushed back on this but X talked in both directions. His was mostly out of anger over losing Alyssa and Tiffany “betraying them” but Derek was serious. The work Tiffany had put into making sure X and Ky targeted each other, once they got to 6, began to crumble.

X wasn’t going to try and take out Tiffany prior to 6 but he did want to punish her. He planned to try and throw the veto to Alyssa so Tiffany would be forced to put up Claire. At first, Derek thought this was great until he realized, if Tiffany didn’t stick with the 6, he’d go otb.

X and Ky compared notes, Ky said he wanted to take X to the end because everyone said he shouldn’t. Naturally, X agreed but didn’t intend to do it.

Karma came around and bit Tiffany in the ass, Alyssa won the veto and she was forced to take out Claire. X spent the week saying Tiffany better not burn them but she’d immediately said she’d take Claire out. She said this to X and Derek but they continued to pretend they didn’t know what she’d do. X insisted they not tell Claire about their alliance.

X was motivated by not wanting to face Alyssa with this, while she was still in the house. Derek wanted this because he couldn’t stand Tiffany. Azah actually didn’t agree and argued with both X and Derek. She said it was stupid and should just be honest at this point in the game. Claire was evicted.

(DE)-  All the arguing over who got to stay longer was for nothing because Alyssa stayed approximately 30 minutes longer than Claire.  Hannah won the HOH and put Alyssa and X otb. X won the veto, saved himself and with almost no time, Tiffany tried to get Hannah to keep Ky off the block but Hannah didn’t agree. Ky went up and Alyssa was evicted. Ky was mad over going otb and Derek was mad because he didn’t get to give Alyssa a sympathy vote.

Week 10-  The CO celebrated making it to the final 6 and celebrated being the 1st alliance in Big Brother history to get all of its alliance to the end, without losing any of them. Ky made a F2 called the Gentlemen with X. Ky put Tiffany and Hannah otb and made a deal with Azah to keep her off the block. Ky won the veto, declared “Tiffany didn’t deserve to be there” and Tiffany was evicted.

(DE)- Azah won the hoh, put X and Hannah otb.  She told Hannah she’d made a deal with Ky not to put him up which was true. She also told Hannah at worst, it would be a split vote and she she’d break the tie to keep Hannah. She’d already told X and Derek she wanted to win this HOH to keep both of them safe and keep X eligible to play in the following HOH. Ky won the veto and pissed off Azah by using it on X, which forced her to put Derek up. Hannah was evicted.

Week 11- X won the hoh and put up Azah and Ky.  He also won the veto, pretended Ky would be safe while convincing Derek to evict Ky and Ky was evicted.

That’s mostly how we got where we are now. It’s been harder to gauge the players this season on their individual games because of the Cookout. I’ve tried to look at each player and ask a couple of things. How would they have done without the Cookout? How many other paths did they have to move around in the game?


His biggest move this season was getting Derek to vote out Kyland at F4.  If Azah wins the hoh tonight and cuts him, this will have been a mistake. He was guaranteed F2 with Ky. In X’s defense, I can’t blame him for not being certain Ky would stick with it since Ky is unpredictable. X also didn’t put in any work to get Ky to offer him a F2 and that’s probably why he doubted it. Had he done the work, he could’ve actually had more faith in it.  I’d feel better about him as a winner if he knew the game he played. It’s obvious he doesn’t when you listen to him describe it. He didn’t run the house, wasn’t a power player through most of the game and many of the people he thinks were loyal to him were actually loyal to Tiffany.  He wasn’t a very active player. If Azah wins and takes X, it won’t be because of what X did, it will be because of what Derek did.  I think X could have easily gone home early if not for the CO.  Although he says he was never a target, I’ve gone over the weeks and looked at how many times people wanted to target him. Not only was it other people stepping in to save him, he doesn’t even seem aware he was in trouble. It’s also possible he would’ve saved himself some of those times because maybe without the CO, he wouldn’t have thrown so many comps. Then again, if he wasn’t aware he was in danger, he may have thrown them because he said coming into the house, he planned to lay low and throw comps.  At least half the house wanted to target him this season.

There’s times I’ve given X credit for being better towards the women in the CO than Derek. X has said some nasty things too but he looks so much better when comparing him to Derek and the things he’s said. That’s basically how I see his game. Is he that good of a player or do Azah and Derek just make him look better than he is by comparison?

X was able to benefit from other peoples mistakes more than he was capable of  creating situations where people would make mistakes. If I’m measuring players as great, good and bad, I guess I’d put him at the bottom of the good stack. If I isolate his game without comparing it to the other 2, I’m not really impressed.  He won’t be a terrible winner and with his intelligence, comp skills and charm, he could be a really good player.  I just didn’t see it very much this season.  The way Xavier seems as a person, I don’t think he’ll care how any one grades his game. He came to win and probably will. I’d say he could care less that people like me consider him an average player (barely) because he’ll be laughing all the way to the bank.


Azah was fairly active in the game the first couple of weeks and I didn’t remembered it that way until I recapped the season. She was in several of the first alliances that were formed, other than the CO and was in alot of the planning. She got off to a good start but a combination of being a Joker with Frenchie and getting too wrapped up in the teams got her off track.

She found herself without any power early on and realized she wouldn’t be playing a Jun kind of game. She’s simply too honest and too loyal to play like Jun. Maybe she already knew this about herself or maybe she discovered it while she was there.  She had to sit back, nod and agree with the people in her alliance, who were the ones in power. She wasn’t always successful and at times, played too emotionally. She let her dislike of Hannah keep her from being included in things that could’ve benefited her game.

On my scale of great, good and bad, unfortunately, I’d have to place Azah as a bad player. Sure, she didn’t control very much but she didn’t make moves when she could’ve either. If winning the game wasn’t her priority, I’m sure she’d grade herself higher. Unfortunately, having the desire to win the game is kind of the lowest bar to meet when I’m grading a player.  If she can’t even meet that bar, how can I think she’s anything other than a bad player?  I also think without the CO, she could’ve gone home very early. She wasn’t socializing enough and making enough connections to make her valuable to people. She was making things personal and playing too emotionally. People were wanting to target her simply because they didn’t want someone that emotional in the jury. She didn’t seem like a threat so maybe she could’ve floated by for a while. I could also see her as a player who went up as a pawn but accidentally had to go because the actual target won the veto.  I could see her being used as a pawn the way Britini was this season, if not for the CO.  She seems like a great person, just not a good BB player.

Derek F

His biggest move this season, all jokes aside, was talking himself out of a guaranteed spot in the F2.  The only other time I remember him having any influence was during Christians HOH. He went so overboard trying to make Whitney the target, Christian & Alyssa decided to make Hannah the target. They said if the Jokers wanted Whitney out so bad, why should they do it for them?

I don’t think he’d have ever been anything other than someone to drag to the end but even without the CO, I could see him ending up exactly where he is now. He was discussed as someone to get him out so I could also see him leaving in the same way Azah could’ve, as a pawn they decided to take out for an easy boot.  He began the game talking constantly about wanting to get rid of all the women.  When he loses the game, if it’s against Azah, he’ll say it’s because the jury is mostly made up of women. The first part of the game, he had lots of suggestions for targets with everyone ignoring them.  The first week Frenchie and Christian discussed separating themselves from Derek some because they felt he was too negative. (Frenchie, the person Derek still thinks was his BFF!) No one ever listened to him or ever took him seriously.  Even the people who kept him, privately made jokes about how delusional he was over his game. They see it, we see it, everyone sees it.

I used to want Derek to find out how truly bad he is at this game after the season ends. I’ve realized, I felt that way because he offends me. He’s repeatedly made nasty comments about the women in the house, mostly the women in the CO. (the ones who helped drag his ass there) Since he has no chance of winning this game, what does it matter?  That’s just me wanting someone to be punished for bad behavior. The reason I want Xavier to see the game he really played is because he’s probably going to win. Derek is going to lose so I have to accept that it doesn’t matter. Derek’s delusions don’t affect my life or future Big Brother seasons for me.  For me, the only relevance he’ll have related to BB is taking over as the worst player to ever play the game.  He tops Victoria, Raven and the others because I can’t see any of them screwing up this last week so badly.

See ya back her soon!


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