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Big Brother 23 – Sunday Feed Updates

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Good afternoon, Junkies!


It’s Sunday in the Big Brother house and that means plenty of sun, relaxing, and Whitney desperately flirting with Xavier. I half kid, but it’s probably a good thing she’s leaving this week because I don’t think she’ll be able to handle all summer in the house with Xavier without blowing up. What term do the kids use these days? That girl is thirsty!

There probably won’t be a ton of campaigning for the veto tomorrow because Christian won and they all know he’s either backdooring someone or not using it. There is no convincing Alyssa to change his mind. And yes, I said Alyssa because we all know who’s running the HoH this week. If you’re a religious reader of my words, you’ll be like ‘Umm, last night you said Alyssa doesn’t have a chance against Christian just like Holly couldn’t beat Jackson’ and you’re right, I did say that and stand by it. As of now, Christian would easily beat Alyssa in the finals. However, that doesn’t change the fact that she’s the brains of their operation.  It’s just when the final 2 votes come out, people will be looking at his insane comp win % rather than care that she influenced his HoH.


Before I begin – I am debating on re-adding the advanced profiles, friends system, messaging, etc but if I do, your avatars will change to the old ones and you’ll need to update them.  Should I update all that or just leave things the way they are?

I’ll just get into the feeds because there isn’t a whole lot to talk about before them…

  • 1:00 pm – The house is outside tanning, working out, etc
    • Whitney pulls up next to Big D so she can try to pry any info/advice about Xavier

    • They then both turn their chairs around to face the people working out so she can watch Xavier lol.
    • Christian comes over and jokes about how Big D is checking him out.  D says he’s watching Kyland work out, he’s the snack lol
    • Cheat sheet is updated

    • DerekX is me after going up a flight of stairs (he just did an intense workout)
  • 2:45 pm – Kyland in the storage room did some interesting cam talk
    • Kyland points out how bringing all the Kings to jury almost guarantees 3 votes for a person.  He does love the flush.  Don’t worry, Ky.  You can break that up next week
    • Kyland says Tiffany wants to win but she wants to go after a person who would vote for him (likely SB)
    • He says he does crossfit and sees DX doing it but he can’t do that. He doesn’t want to look too athletic. Xavier won’t either.
    • It’s an ego thing. He wants to do it so people can know he’s athletic but he needs to keep his ego in check
    • He says he needs to make sure SB and Alyssa don’t win this week because they’ll put up people he doesn’t want up like Azah and Hannah
    • SB enters to join the cam talk

    • She says she’s disappointed because it’s not going the best for her game. There are two people in the house who say they’d put her up and that’s Whit and Hannah.
    • He denies that Hannah would put up SB by saying she would only put SB up if he told her to.  She asks why he thinks he has her and it’s concerning X and Christian also think they have her
    • Kyland says everyone thinks they have someone except nobody has Whitney.  SB points out that’s perfect because she can be put up easily in the future.  He tries to mention Victoria (floater BB16) but that also helps prove SB’s point.  Victoria helped Derrick win by being so expendable
  • 3:30 pm – Pool pool pool

  • 4:20 pm – Azah is teaching some pageantry in the kitchen

  • 7:40 pm – Sorry for the lack of updates today guys. Not feeling great. Sleeping all day and have fever. Not good
  • 8:45 pm – Quick update on the house.  Most of the talk is already beginning for next week. X, Big D, and Kyland all agree Alyssa should be the one to go
    • Oh and the girls in the house are getting all pretty

Check back for updates


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