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Big Brother 23 – Sunday Feed Updates

August 29, 2021 | 33 Comments
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Author: Steve Beans

Good evening, everyone!

I’m a bit late on the post today as I had some errands this afternoon, but I’m here now and ready to go!

Inside the house, it’s been a bit slow, so I’ll just note how weird it is we’ve yet to see a real fight this season. Sure, Tiff had little tense conversations with Big D, and there was something that happened on day 2 which production refused to show us involving Frenchie and DX, but this has been such a drama-free season that I’m almost concerned they went too ‘safe’ with the crew this year. I’m mostly worried because I hope it’s not the norm. While I enjoy good gameplay, it’s always fun to cover someone bleeding because she bit her cheek while screaming at another person.

There was very little drama on BB22 as well, but you kind of expected that with all returning players. This wasn’t their first rodeo so they knew every little thing they did and said would be analyzed by fans and potentially ‘cancel them’ if they did something like shit on a fan favorite such as Janelle. But for all new players to remain this drama-free for so long is just crazy.  Let’s be real here, when someone like Sarah Beth is the ‘villain’ of the season, it’s a pretty tame season. SB may be a lot of things, but she’s no villain. The worst thing she did was tell America they can wipe their butts with the BB Bucks which was actually pretty funny to me.

Just something I noticed really and allowed me to fill in some space during a super slow day in the house!

And finally, thoughts to anyone in the path of Ida. That looks nasty and please stay safe!


  • 3:30 pm – Most are outside tanning and relaxing, while Hannah, Azah, and Big D are in the back room talking

    • Hannah is making a huge mistake by speaking here. What she is talking about is how she doesn’t want to keep the cookout a secret until finale night. She especially wants to tell people in their good-bye messages because if nobody really knows what Hannah has really contributed (which isn’t a whole lot tbh), they will see her as someone who just floated along and only won one comp.
    • While she hasn’t done a whole lot for the cookout herself (she didn’t even know the name of the alliance for the first like 3 weeks), the mistake she is making is telling those two her thoughts.
    • The fact that she hasn’t done a whole lot means she had a perfect opportunity to steal a lot of credit and hype up her game to the jury members as the rest of her alliance has just been remaining diplomatic and secretive.
    • She is telling them after the battle back, they should start telling people but she should know better.  Why?
      a) There won’t be a battle back – While she can’t be 100% sure there won’t be, there is a huge chance there were never any plans for it due to covid. That is the same as last year. They’re not going to risk someone leaving and coming back to end up somehow picking up covid and bringing it into the house and canceling the rest of the season. Just not happening.
      b) There won’t be anyone left to tell at that point – The battle back would happen next week. That leaves just two non cookout members to hype your game up at that point.
    • She should have been telling people as soon as they started the jury and acted like the mastermind behind the alliance. What’s the worst that can happen?  They come back and know about the cookout?  This is going to be the result of anyone returning to the house:

    • So in summary, Hannah is right. They need to start telling people. But she’s wrong about telling her alliance the same thing and she should have already been doing it.
  • Strategy talk drops and they talk about Azah
    • Azah is part of a bike club and Big D said she thought she meant like a motorcycle gang lol.
  • 5:00 pm – All cams outside as they relax. I’m going to watch the CBS episode.
  • 7:00 pm – Kyland having a long talk with Hannah.
    • And by long talk I mean a normal talk except because it’s Kyland, it turns into a long talk
    • Hannah mentions how SB hasn’t spoken to her about the veto. Kyland tells her it’s because she wants Kyland to talk to her instead.
    • Kyland tells Hannah to speak with Claire and see if it’d be okay to remove him from the block. Pretty sure this is just one of those conversations they both know has to happen but nothing will come of it. I wouldn’t be shocked if production told them to have these conversations just for the footage
    • X finally gets a chance to talk to Hannah and says Kyland held up their conversation for 2 hours.
    • X points out how Kyland only wants to get off the block so he can vote for SB (pity vote)
    • Hannah telling X how Kyland basically feels he’s far superior to X in almost every comp lol.  This dude is crazy
    • Hannah confirms she’s using the veto on X tomorrow and the talk ends

Check back for updates

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