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Big Brother 23 – Sunday Feed Updates; Sat Recap

August 8, 2021 | 37 Comments
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Author: Steve Beans

Good afternoon, everyone!

It was a late one in the Big Brother house yesterday as the feeds did not return until roughly 3 am est! Sometime around then, I was half asleep and still unsure if what I saw was a dream or not. That was Britini wearing the veto necklace when the feeds returned. What this means is that DX may have somehow found himself in a situation that was even worse than the one he was setting himself up for. Especially if things don’t go his way this week.

Right now, DX is telling people he plans on nominating someone like Big D as Britini’s replacement tomorrow. However, his real plan is still to nominate Christian which will definitely create a bit of drama in the house so long as it remains a secret until then. Why this is worse than the situation he was already being set up for is that he’s guaranteed to have someone pissed off at him still in the house on Thursday night. The way it was originally planned was that Britini would be the pawn and she was actually okay with it this week. So SB gets removed and Christian goes home. DX looks good to SB by keeping his word and everyone but Alyssa is happy.

Now, there is a very real possibility that Christian gets a big surprise tomorrow, and SB still goes home on Thursday night which leaves a very angry Christian and Alyssa remaining in the house.  Why would SB go home over Christian? Because Tiffany has been pushing for her to go and last night, SB gave her a huge reason to turn the house against her. I don’t know the exact details because they’re always fuzzy after a comp like this, but it sounds like SB had a chance to choose the $5k prize or the veto and she chose the prize.  This is almost always the kiss of death because players on the block during the ‘Yankee Swap’ style veto competition are almost always required to take the veto even though there is a zero chance at them holding it until the end.  It’s weird the way it works, but I’ve seen people really irrationally upset at noms over this competition and this season should be the same.

Before I explain, I’ll briefly explain this style of competition.  It’s a knock-out style veto competition where the last-place finisher picks the reward first.  Then 5th place picks a ‘reward’ and either gets to keep it or swap with anyone who has already picked. This continues until the 1st place finisher can essentially take whatever prize they want from anyone holding it. Typically, that 1st place finisher almost always picks the veto prize which kind of makes it silly for someone finishing 4th or 5th to take the veto because they know they won’t hold it, but they are pressured to do it anyway otherwise it ‘looks’ like they don’t want to win.

Now, from what I understand, SB finished fairly early so she took the $5k prize instead of the veto.  This means the house is upset at her for picking the money rather than the veto she knows she would have lost because as I said, it’s an unwritten rule that noms are supposed to pick the veto even if they know they’ll lose it. It’s stupid.

Anyway, because of all that, Tiffany may still try to rally the house against SB which will create a situation of DX trying to backdoor Christian but it failing and him remaining in the house with DX powerless next week. Yikes.

Also, the veto players were all given punishments or rewards. They didn’t talk much about them last night because they were too busy bitching about SB so I’ll try to get a better understanding of who got what when they wake up today.

  • 11:00 am – Azah and Big D Talking

    • They are talking about the way Alyssa was acting last night
    • This is about when the feeds returned, Alyssa was complaining how the helmet didn’t fit her right and the entire competition was unfair because of that
    • They are both calling her a baby for acting that way. Apparently, she was whining during the competition as well and Azah almost said something
    • Azah says that Britini won fair and square and Alyssa crying about it doesn’t change it
  • Regarding punishments and rewards, here is the list so far:
    • Veto – Britini
    • $5k – Sarah Beth
    • Punishment – DX (He has to unlock the bathroom door for anyone who needs it for 24h)
    • Punishment – Claire
    • Unknown – Alyssa
    • Unknown – Kyland
  • 12:00 pm – FX just quizzing Tiffany on her multiplication tables. He’s been teaching her it this season
  • 12:45 pm – X and Azah talking in the living room

    • She is a bit nervous that DX may put her up tomorrow
    • They talk about how Alyssa was whining about the comp being unfair. They point out how the wall competition was unfair to taller people and stuff but they didn’t complain
  • 2:00 pm – Everyone sitting around in the kitchen and living room. I think they want to be the first outside the house as soon as the door unlocks. It’s been a long week for them inside
    • Alyssa sums up this afternoon

  • 6:30 pm – Alright, back from watching the episode. Looking back to see if anything happened this afternoon. If it did, I’ll post it. If not, I’ll continue with the feeds

    • The house has the backyard open and Azah is enjoying it

    • Oh and DX got his punishment outfit.  For 24h he has to unlock the bathroom door for everyone
    • Everyone is super chill tonight. Alyssa has the camera
  • 7:00 pm – DX talking with Azah
    • She is fine going after Christian
    • DX tells Azah he will keep it secret and say nobody else knew. Nice of him to fall on the sword for the house that will stab him soon enough
    • Big D joins the talk and they talk about how Frenchie nearly self evicted. Big D mentions how the DR said ‘tell your friend to stay’ something along those lines. Surprised they didn’t cut the feeds talking about this
  • 7:40 pm – Azah giving SB a pep talk in the bedroom as she (SB) cries
  • 8:05 pm – DF talking with X about the reality of the situation
    • X pretends to care about Christian leaving but the both of them really don’t care. They are happy DX is doing the dirty work as they should be
    • They’re already making plans on who to go next and it’ll be SB or Alyssa
  • 11:00 pm – Fairly slow night but a few tidbits
    • Hannah wants to tell Alyssa about the backdoor Christian plan before the veto ceremony for some strange ass reason. Is she a killer of fun?
    • Tiffany pointed out how Alysssa told her that she wants to tell Hannah just before eviction that they’re voting out SB. Obviously irrelevant because Christian will be the target but weird how they suddenly want to tell each other stuff
    • Tiffany has been pushing DX to have a conversation with X about tomorrow.  He (X) knows about the plan and Tiff wants DX to hopefully strike a deal or something
    • Tiffany also says she may need to go after Alyssa next and hold off on SB because Alyssa is going to really gun for DX and she can’t have that yet. She knows DX has to go but she wants to keep him in the game longer
  • I know people are growing to dislike Tiffany for some reason but she’s playing an excellent game so far. Maybe that’s why? And the Cookout is also playing well together. Reminds me of how solid Level 6 was until the very end. That said, Xavier and Tiff are the reason it’s solid. If they get evicted at some point, cookout falls right apart.  That would be like Level 6 losing Tyler.  They could handle Rachel and even Brett going but Tyler/Kaycee/Angela were the core.

Check back for updates

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