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Big Brother 23 – Sunday Feed Updates

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Good afternoon, everyone!


It’s the first Sunday in the Big Brother house and there is finally nothing going on and the backyard should be open, so we should actually get some decent conversations going (assuming production lets us hear them).  I believe they are doing their photoshoot today so the feeds may be down in the afternoon but after that, it should be good.

I hate to keep talking about Frenchie, but even Azah calls the house “Frenchie’s Fun House” this season because that’s all it has been. Frenchie’s world and we’re all just living in it.


I think one of the most underrated hilarious things this week is how Frenchie keeps hammering home the point that Brent was his target this week – in front of Brent. Listen, I know many here try to be on the show every year, and hopefully one day some of you are successful.  But if you are, just remember this, don’t do the things Frenchie is doing.  Here is a ‘Steve’s Survival Tip’ for the BB house – Don’t keep reminding people that you were trying to get them out of the house.

Remember, they are all playing for (now) $750,000 which is life-changing money (as if I need to state that obvious).  If you take your shot at getting someone out, do it discreetly and make sure you hit the target. Frenchie essentially told Brent, Christian, Alyssa, and DerekX this week that he single-handedly tried to eliminate their chance at earning this life-changing money. Four people who should still be in the house come Thursday night (assuming Alyssa stays). That is more than a quarter of the remaining house knowing that Frenchie tried to kill their dream, and Frenchie thinks it’s a good idea to keep reminding them about it.  That’s not even counting Kyland who was floated up there as a pawn and risked being sent home if his buddy didn’t win PoV.

People don’t forget this stuff, and most certainly don’t forgive.  They’ll pretend they do, but it’ll always remain in the back of their head that Frenchie tried to kill their potential win in the first week of the season.  This is not even counting the number of other mistakes he made this week, like flipping his decision multiple times which showed the house he can easily be swayed which they will use to their advantage should he ever win a comp again.

While none of this is an attack on him as a person. He’s just a great example of all the things you don’t want to do in the house. He should seriously write a guide while he’s watching the feeds with the rest of us this summer.


Enough rambling, let’s get to the updates:

  • 10:30 am – as mentioned above, feeds down likely for photoshoot.  Hard to promote all these good-looking people without proper photos, am I right??
  • 11:30 am – Feeds return
    • Frenchie already going. He’s chatting with Big D and X about his conversation with DerekX
    • He is telling them how he’s basically forcing DX to use the veto.  This is a reality now I guess.
    • And he then blames DX for playing too hard which caused him to play hard.  Derek made Frenchie/Brent and Frenchie/Christian go after each other.  This is indeed real life.

Thank you Pamela for your wonderful donation!  Wow.  I am humbled!

  • On a lighter note, Hannah, Whit, Kyland, and DX are enjoying the outside rather than Frenchie’s game talk sessions
    • DX tells Hannah she looks like Cardi G today.  They didn’t really correct him so maybe it’s an inside joke?
    • They said Cardi Grande so maybe it is an inside joke. I mean she kind of does look like a mesh between Ariana Grande and Cardi B
    • Oh and we also found out Brent’s tattoo meaning.  He has a 4 and 3 on the back of his arms.  Apparently, he wanted a 7 in football but that’s a QB number so he combined two numbers to form 7 and that was his new football number.  The house was very impressed by Brent’s ability to get creative as are all of us.  I mean he could have done 34, 61, 16, 25, or 52 but 43. Just genius.  I’m obviously sarcastic but it shows how fresh this house still is where they’re impressed by that.
    • I think he should have gone with a football number of (3+4)*2/2. He could have thrown in a bunch of fancy symbols on his jersey and his teammates would be so impressed by his knowledge of PEDMAS.  Okay, I’m rambling. I like making fun of stupid things.
  • Back in the room, the group is still talking strategy
    • Alyssa says “I should still campaign for votes to make it look like I’m in danger, right”.  Famous last words. Be prepared for her to get blindsided this week by feeling comfortable already.
  • Also, don’t forget that I have a new page this year where I’m tracking alliances and all that jazz. You can access it here or on the header. I’ll likely also put a link to it in the little box before my posts
    • Talk in the HoH room turns to the pranks last night so it looks like the game talk has died … for now.  Give a few minutes
  • 2:00 pm – Very chill afternoon as I expected. Here is Tiffany in the pool
  • In the other room, Kyland is teaching Alyssa how to play chess.  I hate watching this because it makes me wish I was in the house playing chess all day
    • Speaking of rappers, it’s crazy how much Big D sounds like Biggie Smalls.
    • Frenchie asks Tiffany if he thinks they cast them two for the live feed entertainment.  Poor Frenchie, he has certainly been entertaining on the feeds but I don’t think he has a clue as to the real reason.
    • He mentions last night’s pranks. Bro. Bro…. Pranks are fine and all but you have been entertaining because your HoH has been an absolute trainwreck and we love it.  Live feed viewers want drama and trainwrecks. The fact that he thinks we love him for his pranks and not his disaster is the reason we love his season so far. He’s been a disaster and completely unaware.
  • 4:30 pm – Slow afternoon continues. House is starting to make their way inside.  But on the bright side, new episode tonight in 30 minutes!

With that, going to take a break and watch the show. Not going to start a new thread because the afternoon was slow so I’ll just update this thread and post after the episode

  • 6:45 pm – Back from the show and everyone hanging around the pool table like weirdos
    • Regarding the episode, very disappointed. There was so much left out but I understand because there is only so much time.  They really focused on Frenchie promising girls safety but didn’t mention how much he wanted Brent out until he didn’t. Or how he was bffs with Christian until he wasn’t. or the issue with DerekX. Or how he promised all people of color safety, too.  I never really expected CBS to air the people of color part though
    • Meanwhile, big D tries to ride the float outside the pool without much success

Huge thank you to Mary Beth for your amazing donation! I don’t deserve you guys 🙂

  • They are playing pool and when people lose they have to do challenges
    • Right now Azah has to act like Brent
    • Meanwhile, Travis…
    • They move inside to re-create the nomination ceremony with Tiffany acting like Frenchie. Accent and everything lol
  • 10:30 pm – Frenchie talking with Sarah and Claire in the bedroom to let Claire know he is putting up Travis tomorrow and he’ll likely go home. He doesn’t want to blindside her as captain.



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