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Big Brother 23 – Sunday Night Feed Updates

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Good evening, everyone!


Alright, let’s talk a little about the CBS episode tonight because it was finally a good one. It’s nice to see players actually trying to compete and work against each other rather than this summer camp attitude we typically have week to week. First, you had Tiffany and Derek X making it obvious they were working against Britini which was great TV. Sure, not great if you’re a Britini fan, but great to see actual strategy. It’s also a big embarrassing she could have wiped out DX but choked counting the numbers, but she’s safe anyway so I can joke about that.

But then the key part of the episode was one that shocked even me, and that’s mostly because the house has been pretty quiet about the reward that Tiffany passed up. Sure, maybe they mentioned it but I’ve also had my hands tied up dealing with website issues because I’m a moron and decided to update the site during the weekend when all this stuff is going on. Anyway, I didn’t know what Tiffany actually passed up. I assumed it was garbage because they typically just pass up garbage. But she had the chance to not only save herself but two random people from the house. Yet she turned it down! Holy shit that took some balls and dedication to your alliance to do that.


Hear me out.  Doing what Tiffany did was so much harder than what it looked like. She had the opportunity for safety, and even though she knew she was safe under X, she also had the chance to just save 2 other people with no negative consequences. It’s similar to week 1 when Christian just had to spin the wheel for teammate safety. No reason not to which puts a huge spotlight on Tiffany for saying no. She was basically telling the entire house that there is so much more going on that they don’t know about because she was willing to sacrifice her own safety to make sure the Aces and Jokers remain vulnerable.  No wonder why Azah and Britini were so pissed when the feeds returned from the WC competition.

Anyway, that episode tonight just reminded me of an episode of Survivor where they actually make bold moves that could hurt their game for the long-term success of alliances. Like when they use hidden immunities on people to throw off other plans. I’m very critical of CBS when they give us shitty episodes, competitions, and fluff, but tonight was actually a good one. So kudos to them.

All right, I basically wanted to start a new thread so I can say all that.  I’ll start the live feeds now:

  • 6:40 pm – DerekX and Tiffany are on the hammock talking
    • They are talking about how they need to split up certain members of the Kings like Alyssa/Christian
    • Tiffany says the only person willing to take the shot at the Kings is Big D but DX doesn’t think Big D can win the HoH without it being thrown to him
    • She asks who he’d want to keep from the Kings.
    • Brent joins and kills the conversation
  • 7:00 pm – Ugh, Britini whining to Azah about being on the block some more
  • Meanwhile, upstairs Whit is putting toilet paper all over X

  • Xavier comes outside to Big D and Kyland talking.  They ask who did that to him and he sounds so sad while telling them Tiffany and Whitney.
    • D starts cracking up because X has a tone like he’s being punished by his mother lol
    • Kyland goes over to a group of people and yells “who hurt him???” Pretty funny stuff
  • Oh boy, Christian and Alyssa crying in the bathroom how they’re not in a showmance. Between these two and Britini they complain enough for everyone
    • Here is the reason – DX came to them with the camera and did what he did to X and Whit. He asked them about each other implying they were in a showmance.  X and Whit brushed it off but Alyssa and Christian got butthurt because they’re still pretending they’re not together even though they’ve been kissing.
    • But they still cry about the showmance while Christian clips his toenails so I’m out. I can’t stand that sound
  • Outside, Big D talking to Whit about X

    • D is pumping her up like saying ‘if I were a straight man I’d be all over you with the way you dress’ (in a flirty way not in a controlling way. I realized how that sounded after I typed it)
    • He then tells her how he went upstairs earlier and X had the kitchen camera on and Whitney was in the kitchen
    • D tells her how X denied it and said “D, D, come on bro, I’m not in the house for that”
    • Remember how Whit looked at X….

    • She tells D about a flirt session she had with X earlier
    • D tells her how X is just shy and stuff. Derek explaining how he also went into the house pretending he wasn’t going to drool over the guys, flirt with them, etc.  Then he saw the cast and he hasn’t been around anyone else in a while.  He sees someone like Kyland who is a snack, and X looks good too. But when he looks at X he sees himself so he’s all set with that.  He also looked at Frenchie and .. .(feeds cut)… are we still protecting Frenchie?
    • Now they’re talking about wanking it and how guys have it easier because they have the shower etc so I’m out
  • 8:00 pm – We have another meeting in the HoH room.
    • This time it appears to be the Kings and Jokers
    • I can’t with all these meetings
    • X starts with an apology to Britini for putting her in that situation and stress he put on her
    • Really quick meeting just to basically apologize to Brit
    • Now it’s time to meet with the Aces

    • Xavier explains to Brent that he picked him for the veto competition because Brit was out and Brent was dying
    • Let me explain more – The veto competition was a knock-out competition. Xavier picked Brent to compete early which is something you do to people you want to keep playing and lose. Brent assumed this meant he was the target but he was also in really rough shape outside after a round of spinning. So X said he no longer needed him in the comp and wanted to help get him out so he can rest. Pretty smooth.
    • Brent seems to be buying all this and thinks the 8 person alliance is still strong

Check back for updates




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