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Big Brother 23 – Thursday Afternoon Feed Updates

July 8, 2021 | 31 Comments
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Author: Steve Beans

Good afternoon, everyone!

It’s the first full day inside the Big Brother house, and we’re kind of in unprecedented times while watching the feeds. This is the first time they’ve had opening night feeds of new houseguests since BB Over the Top so I’m not really sure what to expect these first few days.  Yes, we had similar feeds last year, but that was All-Stars who already knew each other so the ‘getting to know you’ period was different than normal. They could race into strategy because they already knew who they could generally trust or distrust.

I expect a fairly dull day of just casual chat so let’s get into what we do know now…

  • Frenchie won the HoH.  He spent all night playing pretty hard for day 1.  He was forming little alliances, ‘handshake’ type of deals, etc.
  • He did talk about who he intends on targeting and that is the ‘jocks’ or showmance potentials.  He also said he isn’t going after a girl, so this leads me to think his options this week are: Travis, Brent, Christian, and maybe Xavier.  He wants to backdoor someone in the process which should make for a fun week.
  • My early pick to go home was my boy Xavier, but I am easing on that a bit after watching more of the feeds.  I think out of the four listed above, he’s the least likely to go.  Christian may be the most likely because he won his first comp, nearly won his second, and then finished last which gives the house their ‘excuse’ to get him out. They love having ridiculous excuses the first few weeks of the season so merely finishing last in a competition is good enough to go home.
  • That said, I can’t shake the feeling that Brent may be a high-priority target mostly because he looks like the stereotypical jock.

Early impressions of this cast are great right now. I am getting a real vibe that they’re there to play and win. With Julie bumping up the prize to $750k, that could motivate potential floaters into playing harder than they anticipated heading into the season. It’s just an overall strong cast with a fantastic female group and a balanced male group that isn’t going to just bond and peg everyone off one by one.

Before I begin, I want to thank Kari and Amareels for your donations!  You guys are so incredible. Thank you!

Also, be sure to get your live feeds here!

  • 11:oo am – Frenchie has been having people up in his HoH room
    • He had a long conversation with Kyland which went good. But I want to jump right to his conversation with Britini because she’s asking quite a bit of questions
    • She asks who he’s going after this week and we get a name – Brent. He doesn’t know who he’d use as pawns yet though
    • Britini and Frenchie talk about a secret duo. Of course, he’s basically been talking about the same with everyone.
    • Although they’re also talking about an alliance of their team (Frenchie, Big D, Asah, and Brit) but they also want a guy to protect Frenchie.  She is thinking Kyland.
    • She also wants Whit and Tiffany in the alliance.  Getting bigger
    • Hannah scares Britini
  • 11:40 am – Brent and Frenchie are talking
    • Brent tells Frenchie he gave him space last night because he wanted him to have some time alone with his photos and stuff
    • Frenchie tells Brent that his name came up as a target (by him lol).  I don’t know where Frenchie is going with this. Is he falling for it?
    • Feeds cut to… a tv show?  Weird.  Not sure if that’s what we’ll be seeing during comps now
    • Anyway, feeds return and back to the weird conversation between these two
    • Frenchie hints that Christian was the person who dropped Brent’s name and now they talk about how he (C) wants to be alpha and that’s probably why
    • The two hug and the feeds go to pets. I assume noms?
  • 1:00 pm – Feeds still down. I’m surprised noms this quickly.  Or maybe it’s the WildCard thing Julie mentioned?
    • Noms are usually this quick on normal weeks but I’ll just be surprised if they do it this quick on the first week
  • 1:30 pm – Feeds back
    • Doesn’t seem to be noms
    • Whitney and Brent are talking about Christian and Travis possibly having an alliance
    • It sounds like they were told about the Wildcard Competition during the break
    • It looks like Brent and Whit are getting close.  I called her to have a showmance with Travis so I guess I’m wrong boo. Still time
    • … and feeds may be down again.  Possibly for noms. Possibly for the comp. Possibly because they are just down and they haven’t switched it back to fish yet
  • If you’re wondering what I mean, during comps and planned downtime, the feeds cut to the animal shelter feeds.  When they are just down briefly they are on fish with the ‘Be Right Back’ text. Right now they’re still on the shelter
  • 1:45 pm – Still down.  It’s either the comp or noms now.
  • 2:30 pm – Feeds are still down. I’m going to wait to see what happened, report on it, then close this thread and start an evening one soon
  • 4:00 pm – Feeds are still down. I’m going to assume it’s the competition because noms would be done by now.
  • 6:00 pm – Still down!
  • 6:55 pm – Feeds back!
    • Right now the backyard is open and Frenchie talking game with Azah on the hammock.
    • Everyone else just hanging around outside.
    • Frenchie mentioned something about drama today.  Sweet, more missed drama.
    • Frenchie is also mentioning Derek X and throwing names around.  Weird, maybe the conversation with Brent was real and Little D is the real target.

Alright, there is nothing noticeable going on so I’m going to just end this thread here and start a new one right away to blog the night.  Check back in a few minutes to give me time to ramble on the opening

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