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Big Brother 23- Thursday Recap for 8/19/21

August 20, 2021 | 17 Comments
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Author: Mel

Good morning BB Junkies! We have a couple of firsts for the season. The first juror was evicted and we also have the first female HOH of the season. We’re so used to yelling at our screens to watch out for the strong guys alliance every year but this year has been different. So many guys have been evicted and with only guys as HOH.

Britini should be proud of her game.  She never wanted to be seen as a pawn and when she left last night, she wasn’t.  She isn’t the threat she seems to see herself as but she was at least evicted because she was a threat. She was unpredictable, could win comps and had the fans on her side.  I hope knowing all that will make her feel better.

Sarah Beth became the new HOH last night and honestly, I don’t think I’d really factored her into my thoughts about what may happen this week. She’s more of a wildcard this season.  I think it’s because she’s been determined to play a floater game so I didn’t see her wanting to win yet. (or maybe I just forgot she was there) Sure, you could assume this will be a Kyland 2.0 HOH but I’m not so sure. Remember the SB who tried to take out Hannah? (she’s stubborn) The ‘row, row, row your boat’ SB? This SB:

I don’t think it’s a given she does what Kyland wants this week.

The biggest problem will be that SB doesn’t know what’s best for her game because she doesn’t have all the information.  If she helps her own game, I think it could happen by accident.

DX was so close to winning it himself and if he hadn’t tried the skinny bar first, I think he would’ve won it.  (Oh well, spoiled milk and all) Alyssa did a great job too and she had to be soooo disappointed her foot touched the ground. Big D did a ton of complaining over how unfair the comp was last night and said it wasn’t meant for a heavy guy but he did a respectable job too.  I thought his performance last night was really good.

Azha was upset over the HOH comp but tried to pass it off as being upset about Britini leaving. (It could have been both)

Most of it was faked because she and Tiffany were talking a little game at the time.  (They’ve used this strategy since the start of the game, back when Tiffany pretended to cry over missing her son) I don’t think anyone’s ever caught on to it.

They were talking, heard someone coming and Azha laid down and began to fake cry. (Pretty funny)

They were talking about asking Ky what SB would do and him saying he didn’t know. Tiffany said she knew exactly what Claire would do if she’d won and what was the point of all Ky cuddling with SB if he didn’t have the information? (Haha, good point)

Tiffany also warned DX they were probably going to try to flush out his money this week and she told him she trusted him more than anyone else in the house. She asked him not to say anything to anyone about the things they discuss and said not to let anyone, not even Hannah  know how much BB bucks he got. Ky must have said something about volunteering to be a have not this week. (which I didn’t hear)  Tiffany and DX were talking about volunteering if Ky did, so the 3 of them could be in the room together all week.

Alyssa told Xavier that she noticed Tiffany getting upset when DX lost and SB won. She told him she planned on pointing that information out to SB.

DX and Azha got ‘caught’ cuddling:

Tiffany got on to them and said she couldn’t share him with Hannah and now Azha too! (obviously, they were playing around)

I think this week could be interesting because I have no idea what SB will do and that’s always fun. I think she’s the most unpredictable player in the game and she has legit reasons to go after multiple people. DX recently put her otb AND trapped her in a way that prevented her from sharing info with her team. On the flip side, he let her keep the 5k and followed through with what he said he’d do that week.

She also has to remember when Tiffany tried to flip the vote to save Christian, SHE was the person who would’ve gone home if Tiffant had succeeded. She also knows Alyssa was part of the group who wanted to flip the house and keep Big D over her, if DX  had put him up against her instead of Christian. Along with those possibilities, Azha has been open about the fact that had she won, she would’ve put Ky and SB otb….ummmm, she was open about this TO Sarah Beth! (Haha) Lets not forget Hannah, who SB knows already found out she was a target for SB.

Nominations are supposed to happen earlier again today so SB held her meetings last night.

Oh yeah, I almost forgot. SB and Ky did the traditional storage room celebration and there was alot of room in there for Ky to lift her up and spin her around…’s because there wasn’t anyone else in the house who felt like celebrating.

Almost everyone was worried last night. Azha assumed she was going up but so did Big D. He talked to X and Ky both about it. (He’s so annoying to me anymore)  I’m not getting into all of it, simply because he DOES annoy me. Short version: He feels the women need to “step up” and do their part and he shouldn’t have to be a pawn again.  He also said referring to SB, “This fucking bitch is gonna put me right back on the block.” Tiffany said she could see them going up but thought there was a greater chance it would be Hannah and herself.  She also thought they would try to take a shot at DX.

SB got her hoh room and a letter from Shelley. (Sorry Tiff, Shelley does indeed exist so you gotta let that one go)  Shelleys letter mentioned being jealous over the other hg’s getting to cuddle with SB. (taking a dig at Ky?)

Ky didn’t waste any time trying to push his own agenda onto SB. He’d like to see DX leave this week but at the very least, he wants the noms to be people who will force DX to spend his BB bucks.

Alyssa told SB the stuff about Tiffany but later, SB told Claire she didn’t really believe it. She acknowledged that Tiffany  didn’t seem as happy as Claire with her win but said said she trusted Tiffany more than she trusted Alyssa. She said she knows Alyssa has lied to her in the past. SB also asked DX about it and he covered it well.  He said Tiffany knows she’s good with DX so he could see her being happy for him to win but thinks she’s happy with SB winning it too.

I’m not going to get into too much detail with all the individual meetings from last night because nothing seemed like an actual plan. Most of it was just tossing out possible scenarios. Here’s my summary for the rest of the talks:

  • SB started with maybe wanting to put up Azha and Big D.  I don’t know if this was for a potential DX backdoor or if one of those 2 would’ve been her target.  I couldn’t even tell if it was true or just something she was saying.
  • Ky tried to steer SB towards targeting and backdooring DX with Claire and only one cook out member on the block. However, he did seem ok with the possibility of Tiffany and Claire on the block as pawns. SB didn’t think DX would blow his BB bucks unless he was otb himself.
  • Alyssa told SB if she went after Big D, he’d have to use up his BB bucks. SB said she worried he might be a wasted hoh week. (Why is it Claire is the only one who seems to understand this? SB is playing a floater game.  Her best shot to get to the end, other than winning comps, is having someone take her who thinks she couldn’t possibly win the game…similar to Big D’s game. When you’re playing that kind of game, you need to take out the other people who are playing the same kind of game. It’s eliminating your competition! It’s not a waste.)
  • Big D tried to convince SB he only got 50 BB bucks last week.
  • SB told Ky she didn’t want to put Tiffany and Claire up, said she had the jackpot alliance connection with them and more importantly, felt if she involved them in her HOH this week, it could build more trust with the 3 of them.
  • When SB talked to Tiffany, Tiffany pretended to be happy for her win and asked if she would give her a heads up if she needed to use her as a pawn. SB said she was hoping to get through the week without needing to use either Claire or Tiffany as pawns.
  • Claire was discussed with Ky as maybe going up as a pawn with somebody like Big D, if they were going to try for a back door. She said if she went that direction, she would want to put up 2 people who weren’t working together because they would be less apt to talk. (I think this is so she can tell both people they’re pawns) She had a problem doing Claire and Hannah together for this reason because she knew they would talk. She also said she felt like she could continue to repair things with Hannah if Hannah didn’t see the block this week.
  • Other than Ky, SB was the most open with Claire during the meetings. (that’s how I saw it)  They both joked about hating Ky and DX’s HOH meeting style and they both agreed Ky’s hugs were too long and awkward. (Lol) SB told Claire what Alyssa said about Tiffany. She said she thinks Alyssa was telling Hannah and SB both the same story before, that they were both going after the other one. Now, she’s doubting how much of that information was true. SB also told her she didn’t want a F2 with Ky and that she’d rather work with Tiffany and Claire.
  • SB was trying to decide who she can trust more between Alyssa/X and DX.
  • Ky has it in his head that he should go otb as a pawn.  He thinks just about everyone will take him down with the Veto.  (I’m sorry, I was a little lost for this part. I’m guessing it has something to do with the twist this week but I have no idea why he thinks this is a good plan.) SB said she didn’t want him to accidentally go home on her hoh. She said it was cocky to assume he’d be taken down and he laughed and said he was feeling cocky. (Please, do it!)

Today is a bit different from the usual Friday recap. Occasionally, we get surprised but I can usually narrow it down to a couple of people who I think will be targeted. I can honestly say, I have no idea what the hell is about to happen. I don’t know who will go on the block, if the people on the block will only be pawns or targets and if Kyland will be one of them.  The only prediction I’m making is that the Jackpot alliance (the one that’s never mentioned anymore) will be making a huge comeback.  I’m betting Claire and Tiffany will be all about the Jackpot this week! At least noms are supposed to be early so we shouldn’t have to wait long to find out.

Have a great weekend!


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