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Big Brother 23- Thursday Recap for 9/16/21

September 17, 2021 | 60 Comments
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Author: Mel

Good morning BB Junkies! We survived watching the 2nd double eviction last night (barely) and I’m afraid we’re heading towards a slow crawl to the end. After losing Tiffany and Hannah in one night, it should just be a matter of who sits beside Xavier in those F2 chairs….will it be Derek or Kyland?

Before doing my recap, I want to give a big thank you to Michelle for your donation!! I didn’t know I wouldn’t have a recap yesterday or I would’ve been able to thank you before now.

Here’s my rundown of the DE and some questions too:

  • Tiffany FINALLY got some credit from production for the work she put into the Cook Out.  I really wish the dude trio could’ve heard what Julie said….
  • ….but it was just a parting gift as she was sent packing anyway. Where was Murray this week and his big gloved arm?
  • Tiffany is the only person not receive a sympathy vote this season. (That’s not a judgement on anyone, just trivia)
  • It’s obvious that even tho the hg’s knew something was up, (because everything was done earlier in the week) they didn’t know about another double eviction. (Please don’t keep this fantasy going that Azha was caught off guard and didn’t know what she was doing when she won hoh tho)
  • Azha, with her first comp win of the season, put Xavier and Hannah otb. I did like this comp set up. 2 rounds was dumb but I like the comps where I can actually see what’s going on and tell who’s ahead.
  • Question: Did Xavier throw the hoh comp to Azha? I think he did and if so, it was a smart move.  He’d have never done that in the 1st round because of not knowing how Hannah was doing in it. Having a 2nd round gave him the ability to throw it. Having a two round HOH during a double eviction is pretty dumb. It took away time from listening to the hg’s try to quickly strategize.
  • My own Veto comp do-over:  The new question is….did Hannah do WAY more than Derek ever thought about doing strategically in the game? Your answers please….
  • Kyland didn’t think so and he told us that when he voted out Hannah. I guess he thought he could gaslight us like he did SARAH Beth.
  • Kyland used the veto on Xavier. (dumbass)
  • Speaking of Sarah Beth, the jury has finally put the pieces together.  Derek X reacted to Sarah Beth coming to jury exactly as I’d predicted. He wanted her out but he thought it was the wrong game move. He was also a little pissed that Tiffany took out Claire but sorry tv viewers, the jury isn’t bitter about the CO’s existence. (You’ll have to find something new to bitch about) Sarah Beth seemed the most upset but it was clear, she was upset that Ky took things too far with all the lies he told her. (It wasn’t necessary and most of us predicted she’d react this way) I did enjoy their shocked expressions and I enjoyed a longer jury segment too. I’d also forgotten how annoyingly loud Britini is when she’s excited. (Could production possibly lower the volume on her mic on finale night….pleeease?)
  • Question:  Why were so many fans shocked that Azha wanted to take out Hannah? This was the plan she’d discussed ALL WEEK.  She specifically told Xavier that if possible, she should win the next HOH, take out Hannah to protect the guys and give Xavier the ability to play in the next HOH.
  • Hannah’s such a cutie pie, even with the “I’m fucked” expression.
  • However, Azha WAS pissed Kyland used the veto on Xavier without discussing it with her first.  Apparently,  Azha was sincere in being happy to be 3rd or 4th…. she just wanted it to happen in a specific way.  She can’t even take credit for taking Hannah out now, since the vote wasn’t split, not that she’ll be there at the end to take credit for anything.
  • Congratulations Azha, unless you win the next veto AND the next hoh, you WILL be 4th. (insert some 4th place confetti here)
  • Question: What do you think 4th place confetti looks like?  Instead of a variety of bright colors with some glitter, is it just someone’s shredded up junk mail that works on the production staff?
  •  Hannah told Julie she thought she was “collateral damage” after she was evicted. She thought Azha miscalculated and didn’t know she’d get voted out. Wrong and this also shows Hannah’s biggest game flaw all season.  Hannah has always worked off logic without factoring in individual personalities.  She’s looked at scenarios, assessed what would make the most sense from a logical standpoint and then proceeded as if her assumptions were fact.  It was logical for Azha to take out Xavier or Kyland so therefore, that’s what Azha was going to do, except it wasn’t.  I love the way Hannah’s played the game. She’s easily been the least emotionally driven player in the Cook Out.  She’s just always made the mistake of thinking everyone would play that way. I’m not saying she could have done anything to change it without winning that veto. I’m only talking about the perception she had when she left the house being incorrect.

Ya’ll know, I was pissed this week listening to the guys trash the womens games and talking about them like they didn’t contribute anything.  There was also a lot of talk last night online, blaming the guys for having huge egos and cutting the women.  I got tired of listening to the guys this week too because they were wrong and only trying to pump up their egos but I want to be clear about something. (This is obviously just my opinion and you may not share it)  Yes, guys like Kyland, Xavier and Derek don’t think the women “deserve” to be in the F3 and yes, Big Brother has a track record of the guys teaming up and knocking off the women. If you go back over all the seasons when this has happened, they usually have one thing in common. There’s a woman somewhere in the mix, who propels the mens’ games forward and sacrifices their own in the process. It’s usually someone who just doesn’t want to work with the women, thinks they can win without them,  convinces themselves this time the guys won’t betray me or they don’t even care if they win.

My point is, can we really just blame the men for doing this if Azha is standing there helping them do it? If you wanted the women to work together, who’s really to blame? Is it the men or is it Azha for saying repeatedly, she wanted to help Derek and Xavier get to the F3 and then she’d bow out and be happy with them winning?  Is it Tiffany for not spending more time working on her relationship with Azha to prevent this from happening?  Is it Hannah’s fault too? Yes, Azha’s had an irrational dislike for Hannah all season but Hannah didn’t talk much game to Azha either to try and change it.

I only cared about the men vs the women (and only recently) because I wanted Tiffany or Hannah to win the game. For me, it’s not about a woman winning or an all girls alliance or any of that stuff. I don’t know if I should but I simply don’t care. It just boiled down to the fact that the people I wanted to win happened to be women.  If Derek X had managed to stick around longer, I’d have been rooting for him too. I’m also rooting for Xavier now, not Azha. I was kind of still rooting for Kyland (back and forth on that one) since he makes nutty moves but that ended completely last night.  The only thing I’m really hoping for regarding Kyland at this point is how he gets evicted. I desperately want Xavier to be the one to take him out.  I just don’t think I’ll be satisfied with Ky losing to X in a F2. For some reason, I need him to know he made a stupid decision and I need him to know it very clearly. On the other hand, that would probably put Derek in a F2 chair so…nevermind.

Anyway, back to Azha.  It seemed like she was having a bit of buyers remorse last night.  (Suck it up buttercup, this is what you said you wanted and now you’ve got it)

As for recapping the activity on the feeds after they came back last night, there wasn’t really alot. They were preparing some food, laying around and planned to go to bed early. I think the activity over the past couple days had them feeling wiped out. Here’s what little I do have:

  • Xavier won the HOH so it’s done. He WILL be in the F3. (This is based on him being in the hoh bed and talk of the veto)
  • He put Ky and Azha otb.  (Again, not directly said but easy to figure out)  Azha was singing the “I’m on the block again” song and Xavier pointed out, this was the 1st time she’d been on the block.  (Lol)
  • As mentioned, Azha wasn’t very happy last night. She told Derek she was upset because Ky just took X off the block and didn’t ask her if he should first. She also had a bad conversation with Derek.
  • Derek was stressed but also happy. He said he made it and said he “deserved to be at the end” (F2) but he “definitely deserved top 3.” (too easy, so I’ll leave it be)
  • Derek was freaking out and worried he’d pissed off Azha. This is from a convo Derek had with X so I don’t know if this is what actually happened or if it’s Derek’s spin on it:

Derek told X that Azha asked Derek if he had a F3 with Ky and X. He said he didn’t but said he told her he did have seperate deals with both of them. (She’d already asked him this earlier in the week, he’d said no and he got mad at her for even asking, so this isn’t really new) He said Azha got upset and asked if she’d have to win the veto now or she’d be the one leaving. (no shit)  Derek said he told her “yeah.” Derek said, he was afraid if Azha won the veto, she wouldn’t keep him now. Apparently, while talking to Azha, he’d said he was torn over the decision he’d have to make if he won the veto.  I guess he was letting her know she may leave at 4. (Not sure) Derek kept spiraling and Xavier told him to stop talking about it and told him he was only going to make it worse for himself. Xavier also told him he didn’t see Azha getting rid of Derek. (me either)  There was definitely some conversation between Azha and Derek but I don’t know if this is really how it went or if this is Derek’s usual paranoia the minute after anyone wins hoh this season. Derek told Xavier that Azha said she didn’t make a deal for a F3 that included Kyland. He said she told him, she made a F3 with Derek and Xavier only.  (Hhmmmmm, I wonder what Azha could’ve done to make sure Ky wasn’t in the house to be included in a F3?)

While talking to Kyland and Xavier, Derek said Azha was mad because Derek had considered sending Azha home. Ky said Derek switched back so she shouldn’t be upset. (??)

I don’t think Azha was regretting getting rid of Hannah but I could be wrong. I think she’s upset that Kyland staying longer than her is even an option. (It’s funny how that works when you keep someone in the house) The best I could make out of this is that she’s still fine losing to Derek or Xavier, she just doesn’t want to lose to Kyland.  When Hannah left, there was also that moment of the guys congratulating each other with Azha standing off to the side. Maybe that was a wake up call too. Hopefully, we’ll learn more today and during the episode tonight.


Sorry guys, sometimes I miss some things so after watching more, I’m just going to add this at the end. It seems Derek is in his own reality again.  I think it’s mostly his guilt amplifying Azha’s reactions to things because he knows he’s planning on kicking her out next. Xavier had a talk with Derek about getting rid of Ky this week, if possible. Derek isn’t on board with this plan at all. I think he’s also freaking out because it just hit him that he may have to be the vote to do it. He’s fine screwing over Azha but he’s having a hard time knowing he’ll have to possibly go against either Ky or X. Derek wants to keep the guy who doesn’t want to take him to F2 and get rid of the person who does want to go with him. If Ky wins the vetos it won’t matter anyway. If X wins it, will he take Azha off the block and put Derek up? She’s very willing to evict Ky and Derek isn’t. Maybe this week won’t be too boring after all.

Have a great Friday and weekend!


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