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Big Brother 23- Thursday Recap for 9/23/21

September 24, 2021 | 53 Comments
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Author: Mel

Good morning BBJ fam, Wow, what an episode last night!  I went into it thinking the only 2 things of interest would be trying to figure out if they told Kyland he’d be leaving and how Tiffany would handle telling the jury about the Cook Out. It’s as if Ky could hear us complaining of boredom and said ‘oh yeah?  Hold my beer or in this case, hold my tortilla!’  (By the way, apparantly Ky smells the food because it gets washed before coming into the house and he told Azha, sometimes he can still smell soap on some items. Mystery solved)

Except for the half hour they devoted to Derek F, this was a great episode. Other than having that to talk about, we have the results for part 1 of the final HOH.  I’ll tell you now, that’s going to be it for this recap since the feeds were down all day yesterday.

Before I get started, I want to say a big thank you to Judd! Thank you for the donation and your very nice comment.

Hoh results (part 1):

Part one was played last night and no shocker, Xavier won it.

When the feeds came back up, X was doing some pacing and still pumped up.  He was talking to himself a bit and saying “just one more comp.” He also wasn’t over Ky’s remarks. He talked to himself about being a good role model to his nephew by winning the game and mumbled something like “kiss my ass Kyland.”

I haven’t gotten into the episodes this season during my recaps, other than mentioning a couple of standout moments here and there but last nights was great!  They did the whole setup for Derek’s big decision and tried to make that a thing. The only suspense was whether or not Derek would actually “vote to evict” and he did.

I guess, I’ll take this moment to give him his props for evicting Ky clearly. Since he left out some of the petty comments he’d originally planned on saying, I’ll give him credit for that too. (Look, he’s desperate to take credit for things and this is all I can offer)  For someone who stressed all week over having to place the vote, he sure seemed to enjoy the spotlight when he did.

People commented on Julie latching onto one part of Azha’s speech but Azha gave a great speech in it’s entirety.  I know the speeches don’t change anyone’s minds but it got me to imagining a F2 between Azha and Derek. No matter how little she did this season, she’d wipe the floor with him talking to the jury. Unlike Derek, she can actually name the things that she did to help herself in the game, small as they may be. She looked beautiful too and I’ve said all season, yellow is her color.

As for Kyland, it became clear, he hadn’t been told in advance. Although most were shocked at the way kyland handled his exit, should we have been? I mean, he’s been harping on this all week to the cameras so it wasn’t a surprise this was at the forefront of his mind. What was shocking, was that he brought it up on national tv.  I said a couple recaps back, I didn’t like the way Ky camera talked to the relatives of the hg’s. He did this about Tiffany’s family and her son too. He spent this week talking about X’s nephew.

I don’t know if this is pure arrogance or perhaps it’s a lack of understanding and social awareness. Ky said at the start of the season, he had a hard time communicating his thoughts sometimes.  I’m not judging him for that but he was quite clear what he was communicating to X last night. He was telling X that by evicting Ky, X had no honor, was a coward and wouldn’t be a good role model for his nephew.

Going by Kylands own standards, he also failed. He said he wanted the best players to get to the end and fight it out. He also said Hannah and Tiffany were better players than Derek and Azha.  Remember when he cast his vote to evict Hannah?  He made sure to work into his vote to Julie that Derek F had done alot of work people didn’t know about so therefore, he was evicting Hannah. What he was actually saying was ‘I’ve got it in my head that we can be Derrick and Cody 2.0, I want to go to the end with X, the bullshit I’ve been saying doesn’t line up but I’m never wrong about anything. Therefore, I need to make it sound like Derek is worthy so people don’t think I’m a hypocrite.’ Azha knew this and she’s commented on it several times.

Kylands exit will go down with other poor sport exits on BB. I think it may end up remembered as the worst.  I don’t think Howie knocking off Boogie’s hat, Cody walking across the table or Cornbread saying “fuck ya’ll” can top this one.

As for Xavier, he handled it well but he didn’t just take it either. I watched it back just to see the body language. It’s X that stepped closer to Ky and he did it a couple of times. (That’s an observation, I’m not insinuating X was wrong by any means) The first time was when he asked “are you talking about my nephew?” The second time was when he told Ky to stop talking about his nephew. You have to remember, this isn’t just Ky talking about someone’s relative. Xavier only recently lost his brother and to Xavier, he’ll be the man his nephew will have as a role model.  Honestly, I couldn’t decide if this was exciting drama or icky. I feel like it was both.

On a lighter note, watching Derek think this moment was about him and his own explanations was too funny. If X planned for Derek to take the blame, that was a big fail. Even the way they were standing said it all.  Ky and X were facing off with Derek standing waaayyy off to the side. Derek was irrelevant to them both in that moment.

However, I do think, like Azha, Derek was trying to distract Ky from the situation that was happening so I’ll give him credit for that too. (It just didn’t help because he was sooooo irrelevant)

Even with that beautiful yellow dress on, Azha was ready to get between them.

I thought Julie was going to have a panic attack trying to get Ky to leave the house.  Was this the moment Kyland asked if he could come back for another season? Haha

You all know, I hated to see Tiffany evicted and lose her shot to win the game. Last night made me realize, I think it was meant to be this way in the BB universe. I think it was always meant for Tiffany to be the one to tell the jury about the Cook Out. I’m not saying the others couldn’t have done it but no one could have done it better.

Production’s done a shitty job of explaining to the viewers WHY the Cook Out was so important to the players. (In order to really explain it, they’d have to own their own part in it) This was always going to create a negative reaction with some viewers but production could’ve lessened that somewhat by explaining it better earlier on.

The way Tiffany explained it last night was heartfelt and also accurate. She took credit for coming up with the plan without making it all about herself.  She also took the time to let the evicted hg’s know individually, the people they considered their friends felt the same way about them too. In spite of Derek joking about them all being chess pieces, people feel better when you acknowledge their feelings and their importance.

I’m not about to debate the issue of the CO again for the millionth time this season so please find something else to comment on, regarding my recap today.  If you don’t get it by now, you probably arn’t going to and I’m not getting into it anymore. We can simply agree to disagree. Maybe if you’re someone who can’t understand the mission of the CO, perhaps you’re willing to accept something else. Maybe you can acknowledge, although you didn’t see a need for this, this was something incredibly important to them and they did. They found it important enough to put this 1st and their individual games 2nd. Perhaps you’re own life experiences makes this feel confusing or somehow wrong.  It’s ok to not understand something that you can’t personally relate to or haven’t experienced in your own life. I just think we can all realize that not experiencing something personally, doesn’t mean it isn’t important.

That’s it for me today. I’ll probably do some kind of game recap for each of the F3 on Mon, Tues, and Wed. (They shouldn’t be long ones)

Have a great weekend!


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